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Sick of waiting for an Omori thread to show up on here so I'm starting one. Post trauma twinks.
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Patrick Fillion

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A dedication thread to one of the greats.
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Snake boy/male lamia

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Bunny Boys Thread

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Breeding season is next month, so can we please get some bunny / rabbit boys please.

Can be actual bunny boys, boys in bunny suits, vieras, etc.
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Post guys in cock cages
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Granblue fantasy

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Sandalfag edition
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nu:carnival thread

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Missing artist/video name.

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I saw a video a while ago with a trap character Rin, 21 years, male, japenese and 163 cm. working as a porstitute.
There is a info screen in the start displaying his name of a few characters (got a screenshot).

Anyone know where this video is from or could be found + the name of the artist?

Thanks in advance.
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>How long can you fuck his buddy until you die

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How long you can clap the angel devil from csm.

In chapter 50, it cost's Aki 2-month's of his life span by touching angel devil's hand for a brief moment.

Let's assume that Aki only touches his hand for 3 second's, 3 second's of contacts cost 2 month's of the lifespans, so it will cost around a year of your total life spans just to be in psyhical contact with angel for 18 second's.

Average male life spans is around 72.75 worldwide, minus your current age.(average age of an anime fan is around 18-25 ) , which means you have around 47.75-54.75 year's of lifespan's to spare,

47.75*18 second's = 859.5 second's
859.5/60 = 14.325 minute's
54.75*18 second's = 985.5 second's
985.5/60 = 16.425 minutes

In conclusion, you get to pound that angel bussy for 14-16 minute's straight before losing your life,
Which is more than enough for me cause i wouldn't even last 0.1 second's in him.
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Small characters topping OK.
Bara, cds, and traps all OK.
Genderbends OK, as long as they are male.

No hyper, lactation, urination, gaped/prolapsed anuses, bitching/derailing, or female characters in any context (watching, background, etc).

Keep other gacha games in their own threads.
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