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Alpha stink

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Ripe sweaty alphas, testosterone, used boxers and socks
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Manly Holes

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Masculine guys displaying their assholes.
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Guys Pissing

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Pictures of guys taking a piss. No watersports/people getting pissed on please.
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Gay Harem

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Gay Harem affection scenes thread.
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Wanna play this >game?

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tentacle thread
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Anonymous Guy Thread 2

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Last one hit it's page limit.
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cartoon men

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Male Lactation (Daddy Milkers)

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Oh, these? My boobies? My massive fucking titties? My super stuffed milkies? My honker bonker doinky boinkies? My fucking fabric stretching wind flapping gravity welling sex mounds? You mean these super duper ultra hyper god damn motherfucking tits?

Artwork by oketan. Sauce:
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Nu: Carnival!!

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please do not fight about nothing in this thread, is just to post porn.
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Screenshot Edit Thread

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1- This thread is for editing still frames from preferably official 2D sources. It includes cartoons, anime, comics, game art and concept. 3D is also welcome as long it's official, but it's up to the editors.
2- Things that does not go in this thread:
- Fanart (it includes youtube or amateur animations).
- Coloring requests
- Anything that goes agains the general rules of the board (like shota or furries)
3- Some quality guidelines for better results
- The higher the resolution, the better result. Big screenshots make the editor’s life easy on matching the dick with the screenshot.
- Try to get screenshots with fewer clothes or visible body contour. A good amount of crotch view is also recommendable.
- Put the desired details for the edit on the request (like pubes, soft or hard, veiny, cut or uncut). Asking for remakes after an editor delivers is rude and unpleasant.
- When you post a screenshot for editing all you can wait for is a penis. All other than this WILL BE UP FOR THE EDITOR. So, if you are polite enough, maybe you will get your average sized or floppy dick, try not to be too demanding.
- It’s ok if the resolution is not that great, mainly because some shows are hard to find in decent resolution, but don’t wait for it to be edited. Also don’t ask why is you screenshot untouched if you posted shit. And don’t resize a shitty screenshot, is easy to notice.
- Let’s try to have some variety, is nice to have different shows. Also, try no to ask for 9000 edits of the same animation.
- Let’s all be polite and stop saying some show is ruining the thread, or focusing hate in the usual requesters, it just clutters the thread. If you think that someone is being a troll, just ignore and POST ANYTHING INTERESTING TO BE EDITED.
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