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/ink/ Splatoon thread

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Old thread died a while back and im craving the ink
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New Fetishes

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Fetishes you only recently developed or which surprised you by how into them you've become.

For me, chastity. Definitely something I'd seen once or twice before but hadn't caught my attention, but for the past months or two its been the quickest way to get me from 0-100 real damn quick. Still a 'why boner' thing for me though.
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Buff skeleton thread
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Voltron thread

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Last thread >>2633512
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47 patreon

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new thread for patreon stuff.
As always, don't ask for hydraria, don"t spam the thread with request or bump and keep the drama to the minimum.
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Balls Sucking/Balljob

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just bois sucking on some balls.
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Good omens #5

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Thank you for my pornography!
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Hawaiian men thread

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Show some of that Aloha spirit!
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Hotcha Thread #2

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hoping i'm doing this right, pretty sure last thread hit it's post limit
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Can we try and get a cmnm thread going? Preferably bara
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