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DC Comics Thread

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Anything with Nightwing on top would be a plus!
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Hazbin Hotel

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previous thread: >>2679216
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Ren Amamiya/Joker thread

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I need more pics of this wonderful boy
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Promare #5

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Previous thread: >>2673957
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Muscle Growth

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Images where the character begins as a weakling and ends as a mountain of muscles.
it doesn't matter how you get them.
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Western Live Action

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I'm mostly looking for Teen Wolf but SPN, etc. Are also welcome. With tumblrs porn ban it's hard to find.
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Spring break thread!

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It's spring break, boys and girls! Let's get some hot beach yaoi!
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New Fetishes

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Fetishes you only recently developed or which surprised you by how into them you've become.

For me, chastity. Definitely something I'd seen once or twice before but hadn't caught my attention, but for the past months or two its been the quickest way to get me from 0-100 real damn quick. Still a 'why boner' thing for me though.
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The Sims Thread

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How come there is no Sims thread!? Sims 4 has the best fucking mod any game could have for sex, not even Skyrim has better mods for that ant it has plenty.

Can't believe we have threads for other shitty games like Dragon Age or Super Smash but not for this.
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