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Masked Guys

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I don't remember when the thread got nuked last time, and I can't find a new thread of it, so might as well start one now.
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Rape thread

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Last thread hit reply limit

>General recommendations
>Fanfic recommendations
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Hypnosis/Mind Control/Brainwashing

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No Sakimichan thread?? It must be a cold day in hell.
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Men being milked.
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Total Drama Island Thread

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drop what you've got of these sexy guys
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Look Ik it’s rude to put only one image for a channel but I e got nothing for this so I’m coming on here looking to see what’s out there. And if u can find some of this boi “Bison” then that would be amazing!
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Canonically gay characters thread?

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I'll start;

Wiccan and Hulking (Young Avengers)
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Devil, monsters and others

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