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Beautiful art

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Last thread got archived. Post artwork that you think are beautiful and not just regular porn. If you know the artist also share the @ so people can find them
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Puyo Puyo thread

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Postin some good gay Puyo lewds
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Ganondorf thread

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need more of this sexy daddy! comic once would be much appreciated
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Top view thread

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Gundam thread

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Post boys from the king of mecha anime. Remember: No small tops!
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Cow Guys

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Happy Year of the Ox!
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Cum harvesting

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I have no idea what this fetish is called but basically when guys are used for cum harvesting
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Ancient Asian Gays/ Wuxia Thread

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Any eastern Wuxia guys is welcome
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Patrick Fillion

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Does anyone know what happened to the last thread?
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Hyper cocks

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Larger than life cocks!
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