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Penis Size Comparisons

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old one: >>3036521
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What were they thinking with Clouds design in the remake?
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>How long can you fuck his buddy until you die

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How long you can clap the angel devil from csm.

In chapter 50, it cost's Aki 2-month's of his life span by touching angel devil's hand for a brief moment.

Let's assume that Aki only touches his hand for 3 second's, 3 second's of contacts cost 2 month's of the lifespans, so it will cost around a year of your total life spans just to be in psyhical contact with angel for 18 second's.

Average male life spans is around 72.75 worldwide, minus your current age.(average age of an anime fan is around 18-25 ) , which means you have around 47.75-54.75 year's of lifespan's to spare,

47.75*18 second's = 859.5 second's
859.5/60 = 14.325 minute's
54.75*18 second's = 985.5 second's
985.5/60 = 16.425 minutes

In conclusion, you get to pound that angel bussy for 14-16 minute's straight before losing your life,
Which is more than enough for me cause i wouldn't even last 0.1 second's in him.
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/Y/ Rape Thread

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Last one hit it's page limit. Post dudes getting fuck against their will.
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/airt/ - AI & Art Request

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"Snarky debut" edition
Art edit & generation requests go here! (Ex: Uncensoring/Inpainting, text2img, img2img, etc.)

**Screencap edits belong in a different thread**

1. USUAL BOARD/GLOBAL RULES APPLY - no yiff, cuntboy or other hardcore /d/, make sure they're legal, etc. *Use Catbox ( if you're worried a request/fill is too extreme. Contentless bump(s) are also not allowed.
2. NO THREAD DERAILMENT (spamming, begging, arguing etc.), simply report & hide filter(s) then move on. if you want to contact the jannys:
3. Show appreciation on delivery, not "in advance".
4. Be patient, your request won't be fulfilled right away.
5. Have fun! ^_^

>To make a new thread, wait for page 8 at bump limit in catalog. AND PLEASE DON'T FORGET THE ANCHORS.

>Openpose editor extension
>Online pose editor

>Optimize Stable Diffusion

>Learn to inpaint
>Train LORAs
>Stable Diffusion wikis
SD Akashic Records:
/g/ wiki:
>AI boorus
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Male Maids

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Cute twinks, traps, femboys, bara, musclemen and ikemen in maid attire, ready to serve their masters.
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Masked/Helmet Thread

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last one got filled up
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Screenshot Edit Thread #3

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#2 >>3010525
#1 >>2950563

This thread is for editing still frames from official 2D sources.
Let’s all be polite and stop saying some show is ruining the thread, or focusing hate in requesters, it just clutters the thread. If you think that someone is being a troll, just ignore and post edits/anything interesting to be edited.
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Baldur's Gate 3: Level 2

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The last thread reached its limit so lets continue here.
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Cody is cute
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