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Hazbin Hotel

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Youtuber Thread 2
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Coloring thread #2 Gaylord Boogaloo

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Post pictures you want to be colored. Keep the following in mind:

-Please only use high res pictures and keep them /y/. If you're not sure if it's /y/, consult the sticky >>2565057
-Requests with the characters' names and series are more likely to be filled than those without. If you don't know, just say so. OP may intentionally color unlabeled things flagrantly incorrectly because OP is a pedantic faggot.
-If you're going to request something from the drawthread, ask the original drawfag if it's okay first and cross link the reply. They might already be coloring the pic.
-Be patient, don't rush the colorfags if your request doesn't get done. Not all requests will be filled.

Previous thread
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>No mortal kombat thread

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Fire Emblem Thread

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Last one was archived
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Not to be ~that guy~ but post pictures of cute boys pissing themselves
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Promare #5

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Star Wars

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Last thread got archived. Not on my watch >(

Toss in your fair share and post all of the smuts you have of the space boys. Bonus points for anything of Darth Vader, Boba, or the stormtroopers
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Demonic strategy (FUNA/HANRANGEN)

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Funa released this game like a month ago. Does anyone have it?
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Since the last one was archived

I'll star with Kankuro
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