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Deepthroat /blowjob

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Deep throat /blowjob thread
Throat bulge, cum swallow, anything :)
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Athletic / Gym Wear

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Guys in outfits you'd work out in. No sports uniforms unless the thread starts dying.
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Here be some arts by @humanlouvre. Mostly lusty Koreans fucking each other.
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Baldur's Gate 3

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Genshin Impact Thread

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Prev >>3002240 hit the bump limit
Post any genshins you like seeing impacted
See >>3005339 for genshin bitches being put in their place
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Mature Men

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ITT post old man/grandpa bara like picrel
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good looking dicks

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well drawn or just especially delicious looking cocks
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Male Lactation (Daddy Milkers)

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Oh, these? My boobies? My massive fucking titties? My super stuffed milkies? My honker bonker doinky boinkies? My fucking fabric stretching wind flapping gravity welling sex mounds? You mean these super duper ultra hyper god damn motherfucking tits?

Artwork by oketan. Sauce:
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Boomer Shooter Thread

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Big, powerful dudes with guns and, uh, guns.
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CG Disney/Blue Sky/Pixar/Sony Pictures Animation/Illumination/DreamWorks

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Post CGI movies. NO SMALL TOPS!!
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