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Big Gay Lawyers

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Ace Attorney thread.
Because you know what they say about lawyers getting you off....
Any size top, who gives a shit.
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Rate thread

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Havent seen one of this in a while, rate the last pic and post a new
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Lets see those wrecked holes
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Haikyuu!! Thread

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High quality thread

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Good lighting, shading, details, lines etc.
Stuff that take time and talent to do right.
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Growing Muscles Sequence

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Bonus points for muscle AND cock growth
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Best friend/boyfriend with dad thread

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How do you think Mark's reaction would be to this?
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Even if sometimes his faces look uncanny, the rest is just so hot, good shit.
Also anyone has gotten anything new from him?
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Translating or Rewriting stuff

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I will be free for the next few days so I wanna do this. I am someone who understand Chinese and is willing to translate short one page or two page stuff. Anyone who understands (Other languages can help translate too)

Plus I also enjoy rewriting comic. I will send some example. I love changing up the story to make it more appealing to different fetishes. I just started so if I am sorry if I am not professional but I am willing to improve.
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Bara Packs

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