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Color Thread

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1. Say what colors you want; be specific
2. Use high quality images
3. No begging for your requests to be done; stop being greedy
4. Don't spam your requests (I'm looking at you, szadekfag)
5. Have fun.

Previous thread: >>2854661
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Patreon Thread

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You know the drill.
Ask for specific artists.
Post what you have.
Laugh at the poorfags.
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Jack-O Pose Thread

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Twitter loving the new trend so I'll just dump some photos here.
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Marvel boys. Bonus points for anything featuring Zemo or Bucky, but all the sexy superheros and baddies are welcome here.
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Edit Thread

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Post requests for edited screenshots and art. No furries.
Use high quality images; no blurry or small shit
Be patient and grateful for fills.
Be detailed on what you want.
Remember to always add nipples!
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In honor of Halloween I'm resurrecting this bitch.
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Solo thread

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Only one character in each pic and no more!
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indie game porn

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not for discussing indie games like the other thread. post sexy guys from indie titles
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Mustache thread

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Mustaches are so hot and underrated