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Manly Holes #2

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Show masculine guys displaying their assholes.
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Bondage thread

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Have fun everyone!
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post guys taking two dicks at once
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Age difference / older x younger

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Post your best dilfs fucking younger boys, the older and more bearded the better. No incest cause there's already a thread
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/Y/ Rape Thread

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Last one hit it's page limit. Post dudes getting fuck against their will.
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Expressive Tops

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Tops going wild and feral with a stupid smile and tongue out, rutting like an affectionate idiot,
Sweaty brutes putting their weight onto their bottom while their eyes roll back with pleasure,
Evil tops with a cocky victory grin pumping themselves into the hero,
Fratboys being overstimulated from a blowjob and wincing,
or in other words: Top Ahegao Thread.

Focus on the top's face looking pleasured. Smaller tops are welcome. Solo pics are fine too if it's penetrative pleasure (jerking off, humping etc.)
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Wakfu/Dofus Thread

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Anything Krosmoz related counts
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Collared men

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Collars are sexy as fuck. I want to see naked men wearing collars and nothing else. Bonus points for pups/petplay, or anything resembling it.
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Yaoi bara game, I think is not that famous?
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