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Indie Games

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Post the boys of indie games

Bonus points if the game is obscure and/or the character doesn't usually get a whole lot
I'll start with Wayne from Hylics
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post males showering - bonus points for flaccid cocks
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favorite artist thread

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for me its 8degrees. love his style and how he draws cocks
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Fairy Tail thread?
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does anyone know what this is from?
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Awkward situations, aroused in public, clothing malfunctions... a thread for sexual humiliation of all kinds
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Suyohara thread

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Banana Fish thread

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Remember no top Eiji. He's the uke, not the seme.
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Old thread >>2662305
KOF, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, SamSho and any other SNK series are welcome
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What about a thread for fine art?
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