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8º thread?

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I can't find it archived anywhere, but I remember there were a ton of translated pieces of his.
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Robots ver. 9.0

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Robot executable booting up.
previous version: >>2598924

whats your favorite type of robots?
robot OCs welcome
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Adachi Tohru

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang

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Can anyone create an MLBB thread please? Thank you! Artwork not mine tho
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Deeptrhoats/Cock serving

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Pictures of guys fully taking dicks with their mouths( can be rough, gentle, x-ray, cumming, etc). Or just with a cock on their face, preferably not minding/wanting it (but being forced to it is also good so it doesn't matter much lol). Also bonus if it's a facial lol
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Covered face thread

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Men wearing something that covers their face (almost) entirely - helmets, military masks, and so on.
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Goblin Cave vol.2

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Sana is creating new animation of goblin cave.
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Extreme stuff thread
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Hank Connor yaoi (Detroit become human)

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dead by daylight

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this game sucks but im still a slut for myers.
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