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Dark skinned

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Places post drawings of visibly dark skinned men
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Twunk/Reverse Bara thread

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Ripped guys with twink faces and maybe plump butts and unrealistically squishable pecs.
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My Hero Academia thread

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You know the rules: No small tops and no Mineta/shota!
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Resident Evil

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Let's start anew! NO SMALL TOPS!!
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Jojo #7

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Dirty Deeds Edition
Previous: >>2886421

Something something add Pizano#6160 for access to the Discord (They probably won't let you in)
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Ace Attorney Thread

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Big gay lawyer edition
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HOTD/House of the Dragon thread

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Deepthroat /blowjob

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Deep throat /blowjob thread
Throat bulge, cum swallow, anything :)
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Expressive Tops

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Tops going wild and feral with a stupid smile and tongue out, rutting like an affectionate idiot,
Sweaty brutes putting their weight onto their bottom while their eyes roll back with pleasure,
Evil tops with a cocky victory grin pumping themselves into the hero,
Fratboys being overstimulated from a blowjob and wincing,
or in other words: Top Ahegao Thread.

Focus on the top's face looking pleasured. Smaller tops are welcome. Solo pics are fine too if it's penetrative pleasure (jerking off, humping etc.)
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defeated human heroes getting fucked by big hulking monsters (Resident Evil Tyrants, Pyramid Head, etc)
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