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Long Hair Thread

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Let's have another thread of hot guys with their luscious manes.
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Bruised, Bloodied, Beaten up...

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I think i gay

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So when watching gay shit i cum super fast even without jerking off but when watching hetero porn i gotta jerk to get orgasm, am i gay anons?
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since I was little when I am playing Naruto games, it turns we one when I see characters gets punch near or somewhere in the crotch. I wonder is anyone else have this kinda attraction
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Instant Loss

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ITT anything like measurements/comparisons in pic related. Turns me on so fucking much. Not sure if there are ablot of pictures like this.
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Deepthroat /blowjob

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Deep throat /blowjob thread
Throat bulge, cum swallow, anything :)
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Cock Worship

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Guys sucking testicles, licking shafts, and smelling bulges, whether out of hazy cocklust or humiliating duress. Top and bottom POV both encouraged.
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Tops Showing Hole

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Pictures where the top/dominant partner's hole is visible.
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Alpha stink

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Ripe sweaty alphas, testosterone, used boxers and socks
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