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DC Comics thread

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last one archived thanks to racespammer. hopefully we can find some more underrated/hidden gems this time.
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Small top, Huge bottom

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Old thread died ages ago, we need a new one! Show me all the twink boy's with their dicks in big beefy men!
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And Twitch people, but long titles suck

Rules as usual
-No real pictures of people (It gets these threads removed)
-Try and stick to people who have said they're ok with porn of their personas (ie Game Grumps) or people who haven't said it but would most likely be fine with it

Lets see if we can find some fresh content this time around
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Food and Drink/Beverage Thread

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Let's get a tasty thread going.
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Terrible plot but good fap material
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ITT: Post a fictional character you're attracted to and write out a sexual fantasy about them.

I want Stunk from Ishuzoku Reviewers to hold me down in a mating press in the middle of the forest.
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RWBY thread

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This will be the day we've waited for! This will be the day we open up the door!
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Fate thread

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Since the last one got archived
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Any love for guys wearing briefs?

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No boxer briefs please!
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