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Promare Thread #3

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I guess it was the third.
All Configurations Welcome Edition.
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Catboy thread

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Bonus if they don't have the 4 ears cursed combo
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/LH/ Long Hair

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Old thread got archived. Thread for guys with long hair. Bonus points if said guys are in suits.
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Group Sex/Threesome/Poly/Orgy

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Color Thread

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1. Say what colors you want; be specific
2. Use high quality images
3. No begging for your requests to be done; stop being greedy
4. Don't spam your requests (I'm looking at you, szadekfag)
5. Have fun.

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Darkskin femboys thread

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Nipple Focus

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Twink Thread

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Jack-O Pose Thread

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Twitter loving the new trend so I'll just dump some photos here.
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Yakuza/Ry? ga Gotoku thread

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