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Easter Thread

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That time of the year to post your bunny boys
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Halloween thread

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Let's get some spooky boys in here! No small tops!
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The last Fire Emblem thread maxed out. Starting a new one. Post whoever , just no shota. Small tops are welcome .
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DC characters

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Thread for anything and everything including any of the DC men! The freakier the better!
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Fate/stay night and all the rest. Small tops allowed of course!
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Yakuza/Ry? ga Gotoku thread

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Previous: >>2841003
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Proper Persona Thread

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Proper Persona and SMT Thread. The "no small tops" troll is back. Post who you want as long as it's not shota.
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Twunk/Reverse Bara thread

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Ripped guys with twink faces and maybe plump butts and unrealistically squishable pecs.
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Anonymous Guy Thread

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Drawings and poses of Anonymous men.
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Twink Thread

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