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Porn where the guy's legs or thighs are being held

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Just something about is fucking hot.
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Tales Thread

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Awaiting Tales of Arise edition. Small tops? Sure.
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Zelda / Link Boys Thread

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Danganronpa Thread
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Voltron thread

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I say it's time for our fav space boys.
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Foot Fetish

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Anything to do with feet is allowed here. Bare Feet, socks, shoes, bondage, tickling, footjobs, macro, long as there are feet in the picture, it's allowed!

Humans and humanoids only, no furries please.
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Big Soft Muscly Man Titties. Lactation optional.
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Father-Son Incest

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Can we have a thread that only focuses on father-on-son or son-on-father action? Nothing like coital connection to strengthen that parental bond.
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Spanking thread
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Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts

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Looks like Small Top-chan kicked this off the board. Let's remember: Anyone on top. WHo cares? Just post the guys you love.
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