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oral fixation

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anime art only, no western cartoons
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Vocaloid and Vtubers

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all artstyles and bodytypes welcome, ignore + report bullshit and unrelated imagery
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Yuri!!! on ICE

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All art styles are accepted!
Any pairing is poggers!
Small tops are fine!
Report off-topic images and complaining!
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>small tops encouraged
>report any trolling or off topic
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random yaoi thread

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thread for posting and discussing whatever you want
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Anime Rule 63

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Yaoi of previously female characters but as males.
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Touken Ranbu

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Post 'em bishie boiz..

Business as usual;
- no western art
- be civil
- don't argue
- don't feed the anti-trap/bara spammer if it posts
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Mob Pyscho

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Honestly another thread would be great.
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Amputee rape

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Post boys with their limbs amputated getting raped abused.

Hope this isn't too niche!
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