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Wakfu/Dofus Thread

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Anything Krosmoz related counts
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League of Legends

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Bonus for garius and baras!
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Val Hallen Thread

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I need him so fucking bad
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Bara just bara

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I don't care just post bara
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small tops ENCOURAGED
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Lucas Lee from Scott Pilgrim

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The latest bara flavor of the month.
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Hypnosis | Mind Control | Brainwashing #5

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Christ it took over a year but the last thread hit it's limit y'all!
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Either normal-looking holes that can just stretch real wide or truly busted and ruined mancunts.
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vidya yaoi thread

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no bara
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Gyaku Ryona Thread

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Anything related to ryona. Kinky wrestling holds, punches, boxing, cbt, hot fighters, loser getting fucked by winner
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