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Fundoshi Thread

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Fundoshi thread

I'm also curious. Are we all cis gay/bi guys? Is there anyone that's not attracted to men irl but still like yaoi? Do trannies come here? Tell me about yourself!
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Solo thread

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Only one character in each pic and no more!
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Bottom pov

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Trying to make this thread. Seems to be super rare but maybe you all can help.
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Cartoon Network

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Yaoi or Lewd
Preferably no furry
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fingers in mouths.
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Chubfag thread #3

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Previous thread

Post them fat fucks you wanna fuck.
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Youtubers Thread... 4!

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last one hit bump limit. also, we've got a discord server! this link should last about 7 days:
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Im looking for ideas to draw, I also animate so

be sure to give good ideas
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Dont Starve Thread

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metalheads, punks, etc

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but for fuck's sake, keep the emo sissy shit out.

(Yeah, I don't have anything yet)
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