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Chainsaw Man

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Now that Part 1 is done, let's look back on all the cute boys who suffered beautifully for our entertainment.

All pairings and configurations welcome.
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Bara Rant/Appreciation thread

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Hello I need more Bara in my life.
I like Yaoi but it keeps me unsatisfied and Bara always scratches my need for testosterone filled art. Give your fav Bara Artists if you know some so more people can support them. Or just share fav art <3
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Animation Thread

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Send a bunch of gifs or mp4's.
Any kink is allowed.
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Cum harvesting

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I have no idea what this fetish is called but basically when guys are used for cum harvesting
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Post edited screenshot and request in here!
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Cow Guys

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Happy Year of the Ox!
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Post a picture relating to the next letter of the Alphabet. For example, A is for Anal Beads.
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Absolutbleu Men

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Jojo Thread 4

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Last thread got archived, keep it going.

For Jojo Degeneracy related discussions, add cttnjo#2187 on discord to gain access for the main server.
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Dragonball thread

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