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Genshin thread
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Guys Pissing

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Pictures of guys taking a piss. No watersports/people getting pissed on please.
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Hooni/suicide boy/parkgee

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Nu: Carnival!!

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please do not fight about nothing in this thread, is just to post porn.
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Patreon Thread

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I feel like these threads have always been productive.
You know the drill: Ask for some art, get some art.
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Why is there so few Yaoi Animation?

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There are maybe 10 titles in total and Bocu no Pico is still the best
What's the reason?
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Stardew Valley

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seems like the old one died
Post who ever you want.
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Body hair contrast thread

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Hairy men on smooth boys
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BL Discussion Thread #92

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

> (NEEDS UPDATING - see below for details)

BL Licensers and How to Request from Them:
Project JUNE Download:

Bonus questions:
>Do we still want bonus questions or topics?
>Let's get the chart discussion rolling again! Chart anon, how's it going?

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