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Let’s keep it alive
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Resident Evil

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KawoShin/ Evangelion Thread

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Bonus points for Kaworu or Kaji
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Hypnosis | Mind Control | Brainwashing #3

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Proper Fire Emblem Thread

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Old one died and the "no small tops " fujo is back. Small tops are more than welcome!
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Patrick Fillion

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The old thread was deleted i guess, does anyone have the file link?
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The last one was archived a couple days ago, so I’m getting another one started.
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Genshin Impact thread

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last one got derailed as shit
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Color thread

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/mha/ - My Hero Academia thread

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Small tops are still allowed edition

The state of this board, huh? Read 4chan's global rules, amd then read /y/'s rules. How hard can that be?

No shota. No new threads for individual ships or characters. Just stop being cunts, alright?
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