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Bleach thread

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Tite Kubo, thank you for giving me my earliest gay fantasies
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good boys deserve to be on top sometimes

it's pretty hard to find good pics of cute guys riding their man
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New Patreon thread
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Screenshot Edit Thread

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Post edited screenshot and request in here. No furries.

Old Thread: >>2802866
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Twink/Twunk thread

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Been a while since I've seen one
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One Piece thread

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Smaller tops

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Blush Blush Uncut - Easter's coming edition

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Continuation of >>2773324

Someone in previous thread is doing costumes and stuff on the characters and uploading them before. Dear anon hope you see the new thread.
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I'm making a list of popular bara characters basing on twitter to make a bara porn compilation and improving bara collections. Some bara characters are popular and hot but I've never heard of the anime they are from. Please help me. Post bara characters you know.
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