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Fagtard Faces

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teary eyed boys screaming, slobbering, eyes rolling or full smile cumslut
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Fundoshi Thread

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Fundoshi thread

I'm also curious. Are we all cis gay/bi guys? Is there anyone that's not attracted to men irl but still like yaoi? Do trannies come here? Tell me about yourself!
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Dead by Daylight

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Share your gay dead by daylight porn, whether it be drawings, sfm or fanfic links. Additionally, post your preferred role, character, and rank.

Rank 1 Surv Main, Jeff
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Heroes Getting Fucked

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I’m looking for pics of the hero or a good guy getting fucked or just being very sexually submissive. Bonus points if it’s done by the villain and in a particularly humiliating way.
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Total Drama

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Who wants to be famous?!
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Sexy snek men and boys, solo and mating with each other and humans.
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Blue Exorcist thread

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I've been itching for my favorite demon
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Guilty Gear thread

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Love this game! Post the best you got, girls, boys, and nonbinaries!
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Touken Ranbu thread

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Let's get some sword boys in here. No shota shit!
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