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Shy boys trying to cover up their boobies

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Nipple tweaking

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Boys getting their nipples tweaked.
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Size Difference

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It's cliche but its a favorite for a reason
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Sexual awakenings

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Post some moment or a character that sexually awakened you. It's a free-for-all, so post sfw or nsfw if you want.
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Resident evil

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I feel like I have most Leon pics that are floating around, but for the off chance that I'm missing some important ones, time for a new RE thread
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Male Nudity

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Male nudity in official anime/manga/comics thread.
>No fan art/edit
>Please use image searching, checking the previous thread, or looking in the archives first before asking for the source

Last thread: >>2904038
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jerking off, fingering, solo toy use, pillow humping/grinding - it all goes here.
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post characters from your favorite cartoons, video games, comics, etc.

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Our Flag Means Death

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Dad Thread

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No dad thread? Let's fix that
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