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Danganronpa Thread

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Fuck it
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Bondage Thread Done Right

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If you're not going to put in the effort, you don't get the credit. So here's a bondage thread where the OP isn't expecting you guys to do all the work for him!
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Gae Request Thread

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Yo. I draw big, big gay butts. Drop character suggestions.
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Hank Connor yaoi (Detroit become human)

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Group Stuff

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Preferably cuter guys rather than big buff dudes
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Not sure if this should go on here or on one of the request boards but I thought I might as well try here first.
Does anyone know which character I'm describing and what show/VN/whatever he's from? He's shirtless, has pierced nipples, wears a black dog collar or something similar and maybe has orange hair. Extremely vague description I know but I saw a cosplay of this guy about a decade ago and the design always stuck with me. I'm pretty sure he was a BL or yaoi character.
I've spent the past hour googling trying to find out who this fucker is but I can't even find any fanart that'd fit the bill. Halp?
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Goblin Cave vol.2

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Sana is creating new animation of goblin cave.
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Thong Thread

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Let's start a thong thread, guys! Plus if they're showing butt
All type of men and boys please! Not just hunks ;)
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Ahegao Boys

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Pics of boys doing the ahegao face?
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