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Spit, drool, facials

need a cute guy to spit in my mouth fr
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Gloryhole/Public Sex

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Anything is cool, western/eastern & bara/femboy idc post what you got :)
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Creampie Thread

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3d twinks

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>Does anyone know where I can find more pictures of that?
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uzuhou thread

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now i know this is a dead pairing from a dead fandom. but maybe there's some other person in here who happens to share the same passion for this as i do and wants to contribute
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Rate Thread #2

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Grade the pic before you, post a new pic, get a grade for it.

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giant man
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Where do you go to read yaoi doujins?

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Torrents or websites? Best sources?

Also a general yaoi doujin and mega-sharing thread.
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