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Castlevania thread

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More focused on Richter I guess?
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Translation request

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Anyone willing to translate these pics? Curious what the “plot” is.
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Share the Aenaluck

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Last thread archived
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Easter Thread

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No.2781690 ViewReplyLast 50OriginalReport came back a week ago, and sadly it was 90% of the art published, it is mediocre or shit made by "fujoshis", publish the ugliest drawing you've seen on that page in this thread, and let's laugh at it
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Okay, so I really need y'all help finding a certain image.
It's really NSFW, though, but I do apologize if any of you happen to be somewhat uncomfortable by this post here but I'll appreciate it if any of you can still be of assistance.
Please don't mind the image, it's just... certain proof. :(

1. So the image I'm requesting for here was created by someone named Freestersins on Tumblr whose name happens to be Jay or at least as far as I recall. He would happen to be an NSFW artist who would draw South Park characters most of the time but due to Tumblr addressing NSFW posts, his posts there would be booted
2. The content would include Stan, Butters, Token & Clyde all naked in a beach.
3. Stan would be shooting something white on Butters while he'd be right by a tree, can't actually specify it so I don't know what it was.
4. Clyde would be shown laying down on the floor of sand with Token laying on his ass; Clyde would turn his face at the camera while Token would have his tongue out (also, Token's nipples were shown too. I think semen must've also been shown from Clyde's ass which may indicate why Token's tongue was out.)
5. The art picture even had a caption on it that would say something like "beach butts" or "beach boys" -- either one, I don't know for sure, though.

However, if it's really nowhere to be found then at least I tried. Knowing there's still some of his other artwork out there, I'm still genuinely wondering where that exact picture there is. Like I said, I'd really appreciate if any of you might know if it's archived, screenshotted or just out there somewhere. I know it may be one damn picture but I'm still worried about it, to this day. Thanks for reading & understanding.
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General Overwatch thread bc the other two are boring

I'll drop everything I can find that I've had for a while, but I apologize for reposts, since I don't have a whole lot. (Just need a few mins because my collection is on my phone)
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Choose wisely, chubfags

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Who has the ugliest art style

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For me it’s Wolf con F
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Fullmetal Alchemist thread

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Masshiro na keshiki ni ima sasoware te
Boku ha iku yo mada mi nu sekai he

Maigo no mama tabi shi te ta
Nezumiiro no sora no shita
Higawari no chizu ikutsu mo no yume ga nijin de i ta

Itsuka ha sa
Chippoke na boku no kono hohaba demo
Ano kumo no mukou made ikeru ka na

Tsuyogatte kizu tsui ta
Kokoro sukashi ta you ni
Furidashi ta amatsubu tachi ga
Ranhansha kurikaesu

Massugu na hikari ga kousa shi te
Yukisaki mo tsuge nu mama
Doko made mo tsukinukeru
Awai zanzou ryoume ni yakitsuke te
Kono sora no shita
Donna toko ni i te mo
Todoku hazu na n da
Mada mi nu sekai he!
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