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Death Note

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no bitching about pairings or character
no art that looks western cartoon style
bara and feminine are OK
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Artist: Aquarina/Lenbarboza
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shark boys, octopus men, and other undersea creatures/monsters. Post whatever style of males as long as they fit the theme.

If the usual retarded cunt comes in and derails over le 'hentai' 'ugly baras' 'femboys' or whatever else, ignore and report her dumb shitposting ass.
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DCU : Haven't seen a thread yet

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ITT: any images posted in 2024 and onward (JST)
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Axis Powers Hetalia

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Thread for Hetalia porn! bonus points for America x Japan
>All body types allowed
>Tops of all sizes allowed
>Ignore the troll
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Post dudes getting frisky with slimes/goo creatures.
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Previous; >>3030433
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Alex Thread

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Bara ONLY, no filthy femboys bishitnen or women report all femboys bishitnen and women!
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