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Capcom whether you are or not has a roster of sexy men
This is place to post them
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Spiderman thread

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Anything related about spiderman.

Preferably cumming through spandex
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Rate thread

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Grade the pic before you, post a new pic, get a grade for it.
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My Hero Academia thread

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You know the rules: No small tops and no Mineta/shota!
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Wuxia/Chinese High Fantasy

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TGCF, MDZS, SVSSS, 2HA, etc, and all other ancient Asian gays.
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Dead by Daylight thread

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You know the rules: No small tops!
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Male sexy figures thread?
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Stranger things

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Let's get some fanart because that finale was brutal and there is way too much angst.

I couldn't find a ton of stuff, but hopefully people will create more as time goes on.
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Smaller Tops

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Old thread maxed out. Have a new one!
No shota obviously. Doesn't matter if the smaller top is submissive or dominant.
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