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Hawaiian men thread

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Show some of that Aloha spirit!
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Hotcha Thread #2

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hoping i'm doing this right, pretty sure last thread hit it's post limit
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Can we try and get a cmnm thread going? Preferably bara
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Patrick Fillion Thread #2

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new Patrick Fillion
old thread here: >>2540819
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New Class Comics

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Since the other thread was archived here is a new one to share on. Does anyone have Brigayde #6 or The Last Merman?
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Circumcised men

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DC Comics Thread

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Anything with Nightwing on top would be a plus!
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2019 and I'm still into ZaDr. Anyone else?
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My Hero Academia thread #4

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OP thought of a name edition

This is the 4th MHA thread that I have created on this board, with each one getting more popular than the one before it. Once again, please don't post separate threads for indiviual characters, and don't post any shotacon (I mean you should've read the rules of this board before even entering, but I digress)

Remember to keep it respectful in the replies, and have fun!
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excessive cum. i want to see cute guys being stained.
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