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General: no small tops spam

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This is a discussion thread about all the 'no small tops' spam on /y/.

And don't worry, the thread I knocked off to make this one was one those anyway!

What am I complaining about?
A single user is maintaining 15 threads simultaneously on /y/, three of which have their 'no small tops' rule.

Why is this bad?
-/y/ has a 5 thread limit. This person is bypassing that limit, which is against the rules and is spam.
-The 'rule' is annoying but harmless since it can't be enforced. It causes trolling and drama in the threads, and likely puts people off from contributing.
-The threads are mostly unpopular with the OP being the only contributor. OP tries to bump them all before they get knocked off the board. This results in /y/ being constantly flooded with these unpopular threads.
-They often just remake an unpopular thread that gets knocked off the board.
-These threads are repetitive, mostly themed around outdated anime and containing subpar images. Which have their place, but not in so many threads at once.
-/y/ as a whole ends up looking sloppier and it gives the impression the mods aren't active (which they are).
-Did I mention how annoying it is?

The screenshot shows a couple examples of their many threads getting archived.

Here are their current (15!) threads:
>>2812425 (Christmas)
>>2799034 (Female-gaze)
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Huge cock thread

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Last one was archived
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Ancient Asian Gays/ Wuxia Thread

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Any eastern Wuxia guys is welcome
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Seth MacFarlane thread

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Family Guy/American Dad/the Cleveland Show. All that jazz.
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Cyberpunk 2077

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It's time.
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The World Ends With You

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Be pretty fuckin' hard having no small tops here.
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Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts

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Looks like Small Top-chan kicked this off the board. Let's remember: Anyone on top. WHo cares? Just post the guys you love.
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Foot Fetish

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Anything to do with feet is allowed here. Bare feet, socks, shoes, bondage, tickling, footjobs, long as there are feet in the picture, it's allowed!
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ITT: characters you find hot but everyone else finds him ugly
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Small dick bara boys/sph

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uhh drop the small dicks guys in here.
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