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Steven Universe

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Worst yaoi art EVER

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We had one thread eons ago which was hilarious, thought we could repeat it. Post the worst art you could find: horrible faces, impossible proportions yaoi hands and chins, or just plain bizarre, whatever, we're here to laugh, not to fap. Let's try to keep it to published art only, those are the real sinners.
So let's begin with a classic!
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Team fortress 2 thread?

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There was a tf2 thread a while back and haven't seen one sense so why not
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Post what really turns you on!
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Writethread thread

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Make or take requests!
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OC/original content thread 10

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This is the place to post your own OCs and even non OC art if you just want to show your skills and ask for help.

Constitutive criticism is encouraged,when asked for it.

>Feel free to talk about your OC's!
>CM art is welcomed
>Requests are for the draw thread,not here

Last thread
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Osomatsu Thread

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give me these bois
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Screenshot Edit thread

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Rules and Guidelines:
- Screenshots from cartoons and anime (OFFICIAL MATERIAL ONLY, NO FANART I FUCKING REPEAT: NO FAN ART). These have more chance to get edited.
- Ilustrations art and comics are also welcomed, as long as they are also official. Some comics are harder to edit so be patient.
- Game material can also be asked but preferably in 2D and preferably cellshade. Trickier stuff like 3D are up to editors.
- The better the quality of the image, the better the result.
- Preferably pics with fewer clothes, visible body contour and good ammount of crotch. Images cut from waist up will be ignored.
- Be nice to the editors and please be patient. Also, be nice to non-editors.
- Try not to get mad at people, this thread is just for fun.
- Requests about fanart or anything that does not involve nuding a character (like coloring or editing on photoshop) does not belong in this thread.
- Always add nipples to nippless pics
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Your Favorites

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For some people it's as simple as a favorite character. For others it's a body type. For still others, it's a particular fetish. We all have those little things that push our buttons like nothing else. Whether it's an artist, a position, or some undefinable quality you can't fully explain, use this thread to post something you love.
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DanziEngine (a.k.a. Shiba Yuuji) Thread

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A thread dedicated to this hot artist and to sharing and finding his leaked works.
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