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What were they thinking with Clouds design in the remake?
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Ace Attorney

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General thread for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney / ???? and all of the sequels.

Subby Edgeworth Edition

>Ignore and report shitposts/off-topic

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FF14 Final Fantasy 14 Thread

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14 only, no other final fantasy games
bara and traps are both welcome
ignore and report the shitposter if she derails
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/ydg/ Yaoi Diffusion General #2

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Previous Thread: >>3045583

Request Thread: >>>/y/airt




>LOCAL MODELS (hll+fluff) *OLD* (use wayback machine) *OLD*


Training: | |
Tags: |
IOPaint (LamaCleaner): |
4chanX Catbox/NAI prompt userscript:
NAI API/prompting in auto1111:
Pony-related: | |
Etc tutorials:
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Jojo #7

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Dirty Deeds Edition
Previous: >>2886421

Something something add Pizano#6160 for access to the Discord (They probably won't let you in)
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Pointless Clothing #3

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guys in skimpy clothing
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shark boys, octopus men, and other undersea creatures/monsters. Post whatever style of males as long as they fit the theme.

If the usual retarded cunt comes in and derails over le 'hentai' 'ugly baras' 'femboys' or whatever else, ignore and report her dumb shitposting ass.
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Maked/Helmet Thread

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last one: >>3018162
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BL Discussion Thread #106

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

> (NEEDS UPDATING - see below for details)

BL Licensers and How to Request from Them: >
Project JUNE Download: >
Tiermakers: >

Bonus challenge:
Which subgenre of BL would you like to become more popular?

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