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Mob Psycho 100

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no shota please (obviously)
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Monster thread #13

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Any monster welcome (not furry ofc)
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Super Smash Bros. Thread

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Post Smash Bros. fellas. Would personally prefer some images of Mii Brawler if you got any, but any fella will do. No shota or shit like that though, for the love of god.
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Evil/psychopathic Men simp thread

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Men with extremely large and lactating breasts leave their images here. And if he disowns you, then cry, that's all you have left.
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Pointless Clothing

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men that are too big for their clothes
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small cocks

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guys with undersized weiners. the smaller the better, but more average ones are OK too if the rest is hot
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Long Hair Thread

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Let's have another thread of hot guys with their luscious manes.
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Original Fantasy

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Post porn that's got a fantasy, medieval, or bronze-age aesthetic. Preferably original characters, or those from lesser-known IPs, rather than guys from well-known shows and video games.

Non-humans are welcome, but keep in mind we already have dedicated threads for:
>>2963503 elves
>>2907923 orcs
>>2958414 monsters
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