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Male Nudity

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Male nudity in official anime/manga/comics thread. No fan art/edit

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VisualNovels/Games Thread #1

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> Both Visual Novels and Games allowed
> Don't share stuff less than 1 month after release. Support the artists.
> Both English and Japanese stuff is allowed.

Guide to machine translating japanese
(any language actually) vns/games:

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Scooby-Doo thread 2

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Old one got archived so here is a new one with different pics from the old one!
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Disney Thread

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mortal kombat

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just watched the movie and my obsession has been reawakened

pls dont just fill with kano
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Bara Thread

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last one died awhile back.
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Cookie Run thread

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Cum filled pastries, I'll post what I have.
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Fucked Stupid

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Ahegao faces, gooned out expressions, etc!
Guys who are too horned out to realize how dumb they look.
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Golden Kamuy #2

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Animation Thread

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Send a bunch of gifs or mp4's.
Any kink is allowed.

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