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Random/one time guys you would fuck like there's no tomorrow

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Can be from any cartoon/anime/video game/visual novel.
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Hi-fi rush chai

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I love with this dude since playing the game so post whatever you have of him
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Foreskin/Uncut dick thread

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They're just neat!

No arguments and please no Patrick Fillion shit.
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Bottom POV thread

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What is your husbando

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[Shiro] In the Company's Bathroom with a Married Non-Kelly Man

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Saw one of Shiro's panels in the 'Tops Showing Hole' gallery. Found the story and decided to translate it.

Loaded it up at E-Hentai and decided to put it here too.
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Nu: Carnival!!

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please do not fight about nothing in this thread, is just to post porn.
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tentacle thread
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Mask/Helm Thread

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>oh god not another one
you know the drill
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