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Feet Thread

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You know the drill.
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Gif thread
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Yaoi/male focus in het hentai

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Has there ever been a thread for this? Let's prove that hentai ain't as straight as it is.
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Color thread

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Remember to:
1. Use high quality images
2. No begging or spamming, go jack off to something else in the meantime. This is a slow board as is
3. Have fun :D You're coloring after all! Feel free to even color already fulfilled requests!

Previous thread: >>2929394
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Blush Blush thread

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let's get those boys going
opinions on the fireman guy being a main guy now?
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Some pointy-eared yaoi
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Why isn't the internet flooded with lewds of this quiet boy?
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Manly Holes

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Masculine guys displaying their assholes.
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Dad Thread

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No dad thread? Let's fix that
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