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metalheads, punks, etc

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but for fuck's sake, keep the emo sissy shit out.

(Yeah, I don't have anything yet)
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Flaccid Dicks Thread

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Anything goes as long as it involves at least one (1) flaccid dick, hopefully somewhat in focus
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Promare Thread #3

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I guess it was the third.
All Configurations Welcome Edition.
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Show us the finest men you got. (No shota) Small tops are welcome.
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Older men

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Stumbled across a clip of this Boruto character flying around naked in the show and it got me in a mood.
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Japanese Yaoi

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No geicomi/bara, shota, traps, or western art; Japanese yaoi only
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One Piece thread

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I want some insight from those who do commissions, sorry in advance if this isn't the right place but not sure where else to ask.

I've been "into yaoi" for quite some time, have fawned over bishounen, and have wanted to make a career out of making yaoi illustrations, manga, and/or games/animations. Nothing crazy, but if I can make enough to move out of my family's house and get life my going, that'd be great.

Realistically, if my skills are decent, what are the chances of this?

I would have to start from scratch again so I don't have examples that I can show.
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