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Fan Club Guys Event

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New thread. Old one died
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More like this, more wholesome.. cute.
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Who is your favorite yaoi/bara artist

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For me its either Zelo Lee or Blitzturner.
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Total Drama Island Thread

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drop what you've got of these sexy guys
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Can we get some MGS boys?
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Small cock humiliation

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Guys who are embarassed about the size of their cocks

(Size comparison, small top big bottom, Size theft, extra)
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Tf2 daddys

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For all your team fortress 2 needs
I have alot from my last tf2 thread
I might repost some of it here to keep the thread alive
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How about some hot long hair guys?
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Indie Games

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Post the boys of indie games

Bonus points if the game is obscure and/or the character doesn't usually get a whole lot
I'll start with Wayne from Hylics
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post males showering - bonus points for flaccid cocks
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