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Growing Muscles Sequence

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Bonus points for muscle AND cock growth
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Abuse Bara

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X-men Thread

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Looking to get more Logan but all mutants are welcome.
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Hypnosis | Mind Control | Brainwashing #3

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VisualNovels/Games Thread #1

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> Both Visual Novels and Games allowed
> Don't share stuff less than 1 month after release. Support the artists.
> Both English and Japanese stuff is allowed.

Guide to machine translating japanese
(any language actually) vns/games:

Previous Thread
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Sniffing / Smelling / Musk

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Guys getting sniffed or generally musky scenarios. Pits, balls, asses, whatever.
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Genshin Impact thread

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Last one reached post limit. Remember no small tops!
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Tales Thread

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Awaiting Tales of Arise edition. Small tops? Sure.
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DC characters

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Thread for anything and everything including any of the DC men! The freakier the better!
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