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Since the last one was archived

I'll star with Kankuro
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Bondage Thread Done Right

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If you're not going to put in the effort, you don't get the credit. So here's a bondage thread where the OP isn't expecting you guys to do all the work for him!
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Yaoi/Bara Bought Sharing

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So anons, since we're nearing Christmas and it seems a lot of "ban the porn" talk is going on, why don't we share a lot of bought content with one another?
Feel free to post and request what you're looking for.

I'll share Goblin's Cave Vol.1:

I'll request Seiyuu Danshi and Camp Buddy complete games with extras.
Also if you have updates by Redflash and their yaoi Mugen please share those too.

Thanks anons and let's see how long we can keep the thread going!
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Demonic strategy (FUNA/HANRANGEN)

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Funa released this game like a month ago. Does anyone have it?
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Chat Noir

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Let's post this cutie
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jojo thread

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last thread reached capacity, lets post more sexy bois
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Cockville animated scenes

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Does anyone have the cockville animated scenes
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Undertale / Undertail Thread

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Hey there, skeleton/flower/flamboyant robot fuckers.

Last thread was in May. Post away.
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Camp Buddy

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Continuation for Mikkoukun thread.
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High school boys thread

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Come on, you know you want to!
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