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Robots/Mechas Ver. 4.0

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Robots, Mechas, Machines Galore
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Let's get some cowboys in here
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We need an avatar thread
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Pokemen: Saguaro Supremacy

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Last pokemon thread >>2955750
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Last thread is dead and buried, but I have found more art of everyone's favorite blond ninja twink turned daddy. Post the hottest porn for the titular hero to /y/'s favorite Kiba and every guy in between.
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Old thread maxed out, continue here
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Visual Novels/Games Thread #3

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> Both Visual Novels and Games allowed
> Don't share stuff less than 1 month after release. Support the artists.
> Both English and Japanese stuff is allowed.

Guide to machine translating japanese
(any language actually) vns/games:
> [Embed] [Embed]

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guys who just got bred/or are getting bred
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Rate thread

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Grade the pic before you, post a new pic, get a grade for it.
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