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>Spend 15 years building/growing your e-bike company.
>Reckless teen dies doing reckless things on bike
>Parents sue the e-bike company for millions
>Parents are already rich jew lawyers

Welcome to America
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Yaoi for beginners

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Can you recommend some yaois for total newbies? I recently became curious. I want the perv stuff to jerk off too, but some romance inbetween is ok too lol
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Athletic / Gym Wear

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Guys in outfits you'd work out in. No sports uniforms unless the thread starts dying.
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Sniffing / Smelling / Musk

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Guys getting sniffed or generally musky scenarios. Pits, balls, asses, whatever.
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body hair thread

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Few requests real quick

1. No fucking patrick fillion
2. no real people / celebrities
3. no overly large bodies

give me some hairy daddies please
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Male feet thread

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I feel like it's hard finding feet fetish Yaoi. If anyone has some feet fetish art, post it here!
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Sexy phone wallpapers?

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I wanna see something erotic when I unlock my phone.
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cartoon men

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