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defeated human heroes getting fucked by big hulking monsters (Resident Evil Tyrants, Pyramid Head, etc)
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Collared men

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Collars are sexy as fuck. I want to see naked men wearing collars and nothing else. Bonus points for pups/petplay, or anything resembling it.
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Bondage thread

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Have fun everyone!
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Group Sex/Threesome/Poly/Orgy

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anybody got his animations?
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Which male character do you want to fuck and why
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Stardew Valley

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seems like the old one died
Post who ever you want.
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Media lacking enough porn for its own thread

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If there's any series you have images of, but not enough to warrant making a thread, feel free to dump them here
Starting with some Hotel Dusk
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'Cause the old one's gone.
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Genshin Impact. Bitch edition.

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Post Genshin chads (Diluc, Childe, Kaeya etc) putting the bitches of Genshin (Aether, Xiao, Venti, etc) in a bitch's place. REMEMBER: ABSOLUTELY NO BITCHES TOPPING CHADS!
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