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Is shota allowed?
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Invincible thread

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Let's have it! Remember: NO SMALL TOPS! Disgusting to see Mark fuck his daddy.
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Ugly Art Thread

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Just like it says.
Post ugly art. Have a laugh at weirdly placed penises, yaoi hands and more!
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Collared men

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Collars are sexy as fuck. I want to see naked men wearing collars and nothing else. Bonus points for pups/petplay, or anything resembling it.
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Wuxia/Chinese High Fantasy

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TGCF, MDZS, SVSSS, 2HA, etc, and all other ancient Asian gays.
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Looking for more sexy Alucard!
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kabeshiri/Wall Mounted

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Stuck through wall thread
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Since it's the spooky season lets celebrate these winged warriors!
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Ichan thread
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uhhhhh I need emo yaoi twink stuffffff for self insert purposes
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