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I was making some experiments in vr (oculus quest 2) some of you might be interested
I got the 3d model from sfmlab and put together this thing...
you can download here:
I made the source available as well:
I'll probably add other models from sfmlab, I'll post updates on my twitter
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Wuxia/Chinese High Fantasy

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TGCF, MDZS, SVSSS, 2HA, etc, and all other ancient Asian gays.
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Mortal Kombat: Anticipating Battle of the Realms Edition

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Old thread maxed out: >>2864494
Post your MK daddies, or discuss the new movie
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Shingeki no Kyojin

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Previous: >>2849597
Even though Attack on Titan ended up sucking, these men I still want fucking.
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Share any speedo arts
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Proper Hades Thread

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Show us those sexy gods.
Small tops encouraged.

The "no small tops" fujo is back. Let's not have a derailed thread!
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Flaccid Dicks Thread

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Anything goes as long as it involves at least one (1) flaccid dick, hopefully somewhat in focus
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Bondage thread

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Here we go again, have fun!
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My gay art

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Would love to see if this appeals to anyone. This will show all my gay art. Would love to hear and ideas or stories to go along with the images