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Genshin thread
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Guys Pissing

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Pictures of guys taking a piss. No watersports/people getting pissed on please.
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Body hair contrast thread

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Hairy men on smooth boys
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Full color doujin pages

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Post only hot pics from full color doujins or pics with many panels of sex positions only
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Marvel Boys

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Keep 'em coming (and cumming)
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Dark skinned

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Places post drawings of visibly dark skinned men
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Anyone into freaky gaming?

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30 yr old virgin, leeches off mommy and daddy for vbucks and twitch bucks for my obese twitch girlfriend shaymin1990 who has a kid. I do nothing all day but waste my life on gaming, hitting up women and jacking off to my disabled 27 year old sister.

Rate me? ;) i’m into some pretty freaky shit.
I get off to my exes getting pumped by a dude better than me. #Cucklife

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