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League of Legends

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why it keeps being archived?
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General: No Small Tops Spam Cont.

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It is actually surprising that we are still having this issue 18 months after they first started spamming /y/.

Reminder that Thread are suppose to be condensed. Make a Thread for a show or game, not a Thread for a specific pairing. Additionally, you cannot demand only certain pairings be posted - you can leave your requests and preferences, but you cannot demand specific characters or the exclusion of them. Nor can you demand something like "only top [character]s".
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Bottom Ganondorf

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Rules: only images where Ganondorf is the bottom
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Rate thread

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Havent seen one of this in a while, rate the last pic and post a new
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Haikyuu!! Thread

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Where will you go once /y/ gets pruned?
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Youtubers Thread... 4!

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last one hit bump limit. also, we've got a discord server! this link should last about 7 days:
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German men thread

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Let's get those Krauts in here!
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Miritama thread

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Love this pairing so much! No top Tamaki
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