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Genshin Thread
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Pokemen: Saguaro Supremacy

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Last pokemon thread >>2955750
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Expressive Tops

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Tops going wild and feral with a stupid smile and tongue out, rutting like an affectionate idiot,
Sweaty brutes putting their weight onto their bottom while their eyes roll back with pleasure,
Evil tops with a cocky victory grin pumping themselves into the hero,
Fratboys being overstimulated from a blowjob and wincing,
or in other words: Top Ahegao Thread.

Focus on the top's face looking pleasured. Smaller tops are welcome. Solo pics are fine too if it's penetrative pleasure (jerking off, humping etc.)
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Super Smash Bros. Thread

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Post Smash Bros. fellas. Would personally prefer some images of Mii Brawler if you got any, but any fella will do. No shota or shit like that though, for the love of god.
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Butt bulge pose thread

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New art meme came out. Posting what I found.
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What yaoi to watch and where to watch them

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I'm kinda new to yaoi and I've been trying to find some good ones but all I've found are ones that aren't very satisfying. What are some good ones that aren't any of that "made by women, for women" bullshit? Also what are some good websites to watch them on?
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Hetalia thread

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Remember: NO SMALL TOPS!! No Italy topping Germany or Japan topping America!
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Wuxia/Chinese High Fantasy

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TGCF, MDZS, SVSSS, 2HA, etc, and all other ancient Asian gays.
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Youtubers/Streamers... again!

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Bonus points if you have some NitroRad smut.
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Animation thread

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Also, pls sauce. I don't know who the artist(s) are
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