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Where did all the IQ threads go?
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Why haven't huge muscles been selected for?

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Why aren't all men muscular?
I thought it was an important selection pressure.
Isn't evolution real?
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itt: we deny the existence of the empty set.
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Flynn Effect reversing: IQ dropping

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>This establishes that the large changes in average cohort intelligence reflect environmental factors and not changing composition of parents, which in turn rules out several prominent hypotheses for retrograde Flynn effects.

>"This is the most convincing evidence yet of a reversal of the Flynn effect," psychologist Stuart Ritchie from the University of Edinburgh, who was not involved in the study, told The Times.

Was the Flynn effect just a mirage after all?
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Major Update? Is it over?

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>Two prominent and very well-regarded mathematicians have isolated a specific and serious error in Mochizuki’s proof of the abc conjecture

Is it over?
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Calculus 2

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i am currently ripping my hair out over this, i've checked every corner of the internet and of my book looking for how to do this. i can easily represent functions like 1/(1+x), 5/(1-4x2), 2/(3-x), 4/(2x+3), (x2)/(x4+16), etc, as power series. but i am completely stumped on this...


according to my book the answer is -1/2 sum(n=1 to inf) ((-1n)3xn)/(2n+1) where the interval of convergence "I" = (-2,2)

now ive got the interval by just looking at 1/(x+2) and for 1/(x+2) my equation for a power series representing that is sum(n=0 to inf) (-1)n * (xn) * 1/(2n+1).

any help would be greatly appreciated
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Are there any other liquids other than water that can support life in the universe?
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business case

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Can anyone help me with this business case? Been going to nowhere with it for like a week..I get that you have to calculate the capital requirement, but I don’t think the job is done with just calculating when you’re gonna reach the 1 million?
Any suggestions?
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Getting into robotics

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Hey /sci/, I've got a question for you.

Recently I started watching videos on robotics. Nothing very complicated or anything like that, but it interests me. I've always been a fan of robotics and programming (I program python and some other languages), but I haven't really had the motivation to do much until now. I really want to start building some simple robots, and since I've acquired a decent summer job I got some spare money to use at it aswell.

My question to you is what parts should I buy to begin building simple robots? I currently have:
- A raspbery Pi model B
- Hot glue gun and cartridges
- Soldering iron and solder, flux, etc
- Computer and software for raspberry pi
I'm thinking I'll need some 5V relays for the raspberry pi, as well as some female to female jumper cables to controll them. I'll also need some servos, but I don't know which, and some materials. I don't know what I should try making either, so suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated :)