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Can science explain fainting goats?? Whats the evolutionary advantage??
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I think this image speaks for itself
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Can /sci/ do probability yet?

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You are a biologist traveling through a rainforest when you are bitten by a venomous snake. Luckily the antidote to this venom is secreted on the back of the male of a certain species of frog native to this rainforest. You know females and males exist in equal proportion and appear indistinguishable aside from the fact that females croak randomly but males never croak. Amazingly, you see a frog of this species sitting silently in front of you. You then hear a croak and turn around to see a pair of these frogs where the croak came from. Knowing that you only have enough time to run to the lone frog to lick its back or to the pair to lick both their backs, which direction do you run and what is your chance of survival?
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whats it like to not exist
i just cant imagine it
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How do you say “four-eyed fraud” in your language?
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Porn bad

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Porn releases Dopamine which encourages new sources and causes "porn-induced erectile dysfunction" .

Thus is the "Coolidge effect":"A biological phenomenon seen in animals, whereby males exhibit renewed sexual interest whenever a new female is introduced to have sex with, even after cessation of sex with prior but still available sexual partners."

Needless to say this is terrible for society to have less marriage, more divorce, and more degeneracy.

Considering writing a paper on this for my Sociology class when regarding current societal issues, thoughts?

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The Universe is a fractal. Atoms are galaxies

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The Universe is fractal. Atoms are galaxies. Literally.

The Universe is infinite and scale is the 5th dimention.

Time changes at different scales based on the only constant, the speed of light.

Basically, our galaxy is an atom for larger scales, but its moving SUPER slow from our perspective, because it exists at a larger scale relative to us. Larger scales move slower, smaller scales move faster. What we think of as atoms are also galaxies, they have actual planets, stars and living creatures inside of them, but they are moving super fast through time because they exist as a smaller scale of reality.

This is why subatomic particles have spin measured at many times the speed of light (google it, it's true). Its because time is literally accellerated the smaller you go.

I not joke, btw.

This is absolutely be an established fact 100 to 200 years from now.

Just a few hundred years ago they would have called you a lunatic if you said that your skin is crawling with microorganism.

The universe is a fractal. Each atom is literally a galaxy, complete with civilizations, planets, stars, etc...
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WHY IS PI 3.14
I’m assuming there’s an actual mathematical reason for it. Don’t just give me a series, explain why that series is the same as circumfrence/diameter.
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TR-3B Anti-Gravity Just Spin to Win

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Is the TR-3B achieving anti-gravity effects by simply spinning mercury plasma at or over 50,000RPM's? Can you even get such a thing to happen?
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Watching pornography rewires the brain to a more juvenile state

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''The neuroscience department at the Université Laval in Canada has uncovered bad news for those with a porn addiction. The university's neuroscientific team has found that people who see pornography not only damage or damage a part of the brain: they actually erodes their brains seeing such lush entertainment.
Yes, porn erodes the prefrontal cortex, a region that only fully develops into adulthood. Rachel Anne Barr, PhD in Neuroscience and one of the researchers, said this area contributes to a person's learning and memory skills, for example, by compromising their ability to gain new knowledge and remember things.

As this area is never developed during adolescence, after being eroded it returns to a similar state of life, which ends up "infantilizing" the person's personality, who will less and less be able to cope with their emotions, compromising also the ability to make decisions and to relate.

In an interview, she said: "It is somewhat paradoxical to consider that what they call 'adult fun' causes the brain to become childish. And the biggest irony is that while pornography promises sexual satisfaction, it delivers just the opposite."

According to her, it is already quite clear that just watching pornography compromises a person's love life "at catastrophic levels." Depression and erectile dysfunction have already been proven to be effects of pornography, and now these are cited in that regard.

Someone's marriage can be compromised as well. The habit of viewing pornography damages the brain's dopamine distribution system. When a person wants, for example, to spend time with his partner, he will be driven, because of this damage, to see pornography instead, moving further and further away from him.
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