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Iron causes insanity by inverting the dopamine receptors - they "punish" the neurons when dopamine is absent, instead of when it's present, so people seek conflict, abhor cooperation, and learn to be as vicious as possible and they think it makes them good. When you "fortify" food with iron, you aten't making people smart and democratic, you're just making them insane and vicious. (but you like it, so they feel pleasant and funny to you when you are also poisoned)
One thing it inverts is that you seek stress instead of avoiding it. That makes people trying to be social by stressing the other person, and develop "social skills" to be as annoying and unpredictable as possible, so that people around them are stressed and seek their presence, and punish those they dislike by not allowing them to experience any stress. (i.e. silent treatment) A schizophrenic can be tortured in a silent white room, where they have no oppirtunity to experience stress, do they suffer as a normal person would if their house was burning, their children were being killed and their wife raped.
It also inverts the cognitive filters, so the most unimportant thing seems crucial, and critical parts seems unimportant. (known and widely noticed as variously the bike shed effect, or the elephant in the room)
It has an effect on speech and communication as well - you can notice the person talks at length about things vaguely relevant, briefly mentions what is important, or even conpletely lefts out the most crucial pieces of information. When the schozophrenic listens, he notices the details the most, and males up what was left out, what should be said and wasn't. So that schizophrenics (sort of, it's still highly unreliable) understand each other, as the effects mostly cancel out, but communicating with them is basically impossible, even when there is will on both sides.
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/sfg/ Spaceflight General

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>you will never see Venus terraformed into a tropical island paradise
Why even live as a earthoid at this point
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>You Should Be Able To Solve This
Mate in one
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how many years until pic related is a reality?

I really want to build myself a daughter robot but I don't know the first thing about robotics. I took algebra in hs. do you think that's enough maths for this kind of thing?
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Fields of Knowledge

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I quantify knowledge as a venn diagram.
>Science is empiricism, using the scientific method with falsifiability outlined by Popper
>Logic is not a science. Fields of logic use rigorous axioms upon which they construct their knowledge
>Phenomenology is neither science nor logic. It is heuristic, and often has an element of subjectivity since the findings are human-dependent
>Ring of bullshit are Fringe areas of Fields of Knowledge which are seen as bunk
Thoughts? I don't claim to have perfectly labeled everything nor have even provided an exhaustive list. Open to suggestions.
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White privilege—who can pass as white?

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0. White privilege is categorized as advantaged afforded to you by virtue of being white. If you're "white-adjacent" you're technically not white but benefit from white privilege.

1. Do albinos pass as white? See pic related. We can see phenotypically that this is actually an ethnically black person without melanin. A black community would call this person talcum powder. A white community might call this person a snow nigger.

2. Are Ashkenazi Jews white passing? Anyone with a jewdar knows you can clock Jews simply by looking at then, regardless of their skin color. Jews have phenotypes that distinguish them from other ethnicities. A rightoid might say this person is obviously not white, and is part of the da juice. On the other hand a leftoid will say that this individual benefits from white privilege. The Jew says "oy vey, not again, I've already been persecuted".

3. Piecing these together implies that with white skin tone, you're not white because you're clockable as a different ethnicity. So how can we claim you benefit from white privilege if we already clock your ethnicity, and presumably treat you with your implicit or explicit racial biases?

4. What this suggests is a list of phenotypes one can use to ethnically sort people, and that white people are phenotypically clockable as white, and not any other ethnicity. So how can anyone truly pass as white if they aren't actually white?
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Is Ramanujan summation just a meme?

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What is it useful for?
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I'm 18. My twin brother mogs me in height by three inches and it pisses me off. People compare my small height to him and I can tell people respect him more because of it. I'm only 5'10" but is it possible to increase my height to 6'0" by the time I'm 21 through HGH? How else could I increase my height, at my age?
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