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Everyone is talking about colonising Mars but would it not make more sense to colonize the Moon first ?
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Caffeinated beverages

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What are the long term effects of Tea or Coffee on our body and mind? Does it cause depression or help get rid of it? And what are the differences between them? For example Teas are said to have more calming benefits which could in theory counteract the way caffeine stresses your body.
And arent all these sites claiming that coffee has so many health benefits just promoting a myth that was maybe created to sell this energy boosting drink. It would only make sense if your body would eventually have to pay a high price for constantly living off its boosting effects.
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Riemann hypothesis

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Am I the only one who can't go to sleep because he's too excited about Atiyah's presentation tomorrow morning?
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Do smart people really think we live in a simulation?
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>be math major
>not intelligent enough for pure math research
>want to contribute to the advancement of humanity
What field should I specialize in?
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"We are rapidly heading towards digital superintelligence that far exceeds any human," Musk said. "I think it's very obvious."

He added: "We have five years. I think digital superintelligence will happen in my lifetime, 100%."

Do you agree?
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Vaccine against Alzheimer

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Clinical trials expected to come next year
This is fucking amazing guys. Mei Mei Hu is my hero.
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The anarchist cookbook

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Am I the only one who thinks this book is just a bunch of barnacles ?
The book was released in the 70's by a 19 year old that never really tried to do any of the book's recipes.
I personally have never read the book, but I'm pretty sure most of its recipes are non functional.
Anyone here read the book? If so could you tell me if any of the recipes seen doable?
Inb4 no. I'm a not a chemist
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>tfw Spirit is up there dead while her brothers continue their never ending mission
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This book answers many questions regarding the rise of superintelligence and what types of AGI can emerge.

How we die