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Can anyone explain what this study is actually saying? A lot of it seems to fly in the face of how people generally think diseases like flu are spread.

>studies done during Spanish Flu where sick people coughed directly in the faces of healthy volunteers, none of them contracted flu
>supposedly there's no real evidence that sick individuals with flu spread the disease to others
>Cold and flu infection rates are closely related to Vitamin D levels in the population

What does it all mean?
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>*economy gets raped*
>*unemployment goes through the roof*
>*hundreds of thousands of people at risk of starvation*
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>Why yes, I am a pre-med student with a C in Ochem. How could you tell?
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How do we know that mass attracts and not that the absence of mass repels?
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about to get fucked by a hurricane and I've got tornado warnings going off, AMA
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hop edition

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Psychiatric Hospitals

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What do you think of the idea of mental asylums? Are they wholly outdated or can modern ones be sustained?

Here's a couple news stories about a local one. It was an inspiration for HP Lovecraft and later in Batman comics and films. They also filmed the indie movie Session 9 there.

One is about the hospital before it closed in 1992.
One is about former patients campaigning to restore the cemetery on the grounds.

I checked these out after seeing a video about another state hospital. It was one for children which had a number of abuse scandals.

There is also an infamous film about life in yet another local state hospital called Titcut Follies, named after a talent show at the hospital.
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Do you think there can be legitimately forbidden knowledge?

Are there things humanity was not meant to know?
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>31 years old
>fucked up my 20s
>only now want to become a status striver
>fucked up transcript that sprawls over a decade
>4 different institutions
>Fs everywhere
>>200 credit hours
>2.77 GPA
>still 2 years left of coursework before earning a bachelor's
Is it too late
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also Astra is launching and/or exploding soon
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