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Why am I me rather than someone else? Why is my consciousness in my body and not another?
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are you afraid of ending up like him?
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>the odds of getting heads three times in a row is 12.5%
>if you've gotten heads two times in a row the odds of getting heads again are 50%, not 12.5%
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Why is the distribution of gnats in my gnat trap not symmetrical?
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my doctor wants to put me on the stimulant jew, tell me everything i need to know about this shit.
Conners cpt-3 showed i am on the 63 percentile so its unlikely that i have adhd but he insists.
I've read some nasty things like you shouldnt take it as an adult if you did not have previous exposures to the drug when you were a kid, is it true? Apparently even a single administration significantly reduces dopamine receptors in a distinct area of the brain PERMANENTLY in some species of monkey, but not in rats. what am i risking here? Is it worse than alcohol? i can take the heart problems but the potentially irreversible neurotoxicity of this shit scares me to death
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/sfg/ - Space Flight General

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previous >>13285829

Shenzhou-12 docks with Tianhe space station module

SpaceX Falcon 9 - GPS III launch soon
launch thread >>13288364
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The hype surrounding him is completely disproportionate to the list of actual accomplishments he has under his belt. "The man who slightly refined rocketry, bought an EV company and built a regular car tunnel" doesn't have the same ring to it as "The man who is taking us to mars to build a space colony, and we are going to fly their using only our minds, with an AI super intelligence".

His popularity is purely based on things he claims we will do in the future, none of which are realistic and none of which will ever come into fruition. Frauds like Elon can only ever prosper in fiat monetary systems in which all valuations are subjective, without the backing of millions in government money fresh from the printer this snake oil sales man would be nothing.
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will anti-ballistic technology like the iron dome prevent nuclear warfare?
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