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I didn't realize that stimulants would make a taser ineffective against someone, I guess because its enhancing the inhibitory parts of the brain and their ability to override the pain?

Maybe its something else like pain integrating into consciousness differently (e,g, in a non-debilitating way) while in psychosis?
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How do we improve the American Education system, /sci/? While their Tertiary education remains top-tier throughout the world, their Primary and Secondary Educations is lackluster. How do we fix it? What are our options?
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Wow, climate "scientists" have been trying to scam grant money for over a hundred years!
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I thought of this, but I know nothing of mathematics or programming.
I just had a gut feeling that noticing patterns in base 2 is far more easy.

Could you make a cool function to see what happens? It should take you 5 mins if you know python right? It's fairly easy.
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Climate change is fake. Prove me wrong.
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Evolution is not a scientific theory - problem of falsifiability (Catch 22)

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>x has y because its a trait acquired by evolution
>what is the proof that it is aquired by evolutioin and not full blown Kent Hovind YECrationist?
>because it has y

"Evolution is not scientific theory but a metaphisical research programme."

K. Popper
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/med/ Medicine general

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"Sexy skeletons"-edition
Last thread reached bump limit.

We discuss research, offer advice (Just see your family physician), make fun of premeds, discuss residency and different specialties but we mostly shitpost

If you want to discuss vaccines, please make your own thread because it takes a lot of replies and the discussion degenerates.

>What's the best specialty for research?
Path, clinical lab, onc, rad/onc, anesthesia

>What are the best specialties lifestyle wise?
Optho, derm, psych and rads
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>wahh wahhh give me electrons
God damn will this nigga ever shut up
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/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread

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Feel free to ask your stupid questions here.
Last thread: >>10634898
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Most lethal molecule

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Paracelsus said:
>the dose alone decides that something is no poison

Could he have been wrong? Could there be a molecule that would manage to kill an organism even if there was just one of it administered?

pic very related
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