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1 dimension has length (x)
2 dimensions has area (x*y)
3 dimensions has volume (x*y*z)
what does 4 dimensions have?
what does N dimensions have?

2 dimensions has perimeter
3 dimensions has surface area
4 dimensions has what?
N dimensions has what?
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Name a number that, multiplied by 2, does not equal 6.

Protip: You can't.
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Could creatures bigger than a blue whale be able to function on Earth or are they near the limit?
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SpaceX Launch Thread - Telstar 19 VANTAGE

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When: Sunday, July 22 at 1:50 a.m. EDT, or 5:50 UTC
Launch Window: Four hours
Where: Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Press Kit:
Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 block five; core B1047 (first launch of this core)
First Stage Landing?: Yes, on OCISLY, 8:29 after liftoff
Payload Destination: GTO, 63° West
Payload Information:

This is the second block 5 launch overall, and SpaceX's 13th launch of 2018. This launch marks the beginning of 100% block-5 missions going forward.

Current weather forecast: 60% GO

Space/SpaceX news:
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/engi/ engineering general

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Why didn't I go into business edition
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I've always had terrible ADHD. When talking to someone, I'd only hear bits and pieces of what they said because my mind would wonder and sometimes I would ask them to repeat it. Even simple tasks like making coffee would take huge effort because my brain was just not motivated and wanted to wander all the time.

Thankfully, I was prescribed Adderall XR 15mg. I only take about half of it when I need it, and it does wonders. I feel human again. The only thing is, I don't want to build up a tolerance and need more. If I take half every day, will it do that? Should I take it every other day instead? Or how often? I'd love to take it every day, but should I?
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What is your wishlist of breakthroughs you want to see before your untimely death?
>fusion power
>quantum computer
>man on mars
>man made object in another star system
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When are they actually going to build this meme rocket?
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Any actual evidence for IQ not being genetic?

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So many fucking retarded Liberal tier cock suckers on /sci/ claim IQ isn't genetic, yet they fail to reference their previously aforementioned assertion/s.