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Im a math-let, but im intrigued by Gödel's incompleteness theorem and the fact that there might be correct mathematical statements that cannot be proven. But i also heard that he's often very misunderstood.
Can anyone explain what Gödel really proved and what the consequences of his theorems are?
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Will this man lead the next revolution?
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/sfg/ - Space Flight General - ASS Edition

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What's your favorite thing about the ASS?

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Does sci eat bread? Is there any scientific reasons not to consume bread daily?

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Being serious. I notice I eat a lot of bread lately and wondering if there's any reason to cut it
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How long until aging is curable?

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Will humans ever cure this shit?
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>But we think that for the majority of people the need for the power process is not fully satisfied.
What the fuck is the argument for that?
20% of people are depressed. That's not the majority.
20% of adolescents reported high levels of boredom. Again, not the majority.
This fucker is just making shit up, isn't he?
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Scientifically speaking, what is the best degree for job prospects, security, and wealth

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if the whole purpose of biological life is replicating genes, then why didn't evolution stop at bacteria?
they are much better than complex multicellular organism at replicating their genes in greater numbers
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Begining of life

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How and why did life begin on earth?
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What would happen of the lower hvac unit is at 90° and the upper one is at 20°?