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Which subject is more pure, math or philosophy?

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You usually see the meme that chemistry is more pure than biology, and that physics is more pure than chemistry, and that math is more pure than physics. But what about philosophy, where does philosophy stack up against math?
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Now that gateway is being set up by falcon heavy and the SLS green run has been delayed. Lets talk sbout the future of the artemis program.
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What is the scientific origin of homophobia?
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>Have been taking classes and TAing nonstop since 2019
>thought online classes would get smoother as professors got used to teaching online
>the wheels are falling off most of my classes, some professors have practically retired
>weeks behind getting material posted
>physics professor has posted like 3.5 hours of lectures for the whole semester
Holy shit, the past year has been trying but everyone has kept it together so far. This semester everyones' frustration and cabin fever is boiling over. How much longer is this charade gonna last, we are ruining an entire generation's education?
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/mg/ - maths general

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Formerly >>12715244

Yang-Mills edition.

Talk maths.
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Is gender reassignment surgery an ethical medical procedure?
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Upper echelons of academia are racist and try to control knowledge available to public.

Had my research stolen because I was brown and not white.

The ones who stole it dont even understand it, and any attempt they make to show it to people who know math better than them will recognize they have no idea what theyre talking about.

This is so fucking stupid.
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What is this fossil?

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Found this stuck to a rock in the Nullarbor plain of Australia. What is it?
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number theory

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redpill me on number theory
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