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Theory. Of. Everything.
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/sfg/ - Space Flight General

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Is Transhumanism the biggest meme ever?

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Why would you want to replace your already incredibly complex natural hardware with comparatively simple plastic and silicon designed by PoCs and women? The human brain and body is not deficient by any means; it is our understanding and control over it that is. We should be promoting natural "brain hacks" like training memory, mental math, etc, rather than relying on external technology.
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How will you cope?

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This THOT goes to Harvard and will be a better scientist with greater impact than any of you.
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Why aren't you vegan yet?

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> eating animal products is in most cases orders of magnitude worse for the environment than plant-based alternatives
> animal products depend on the exploitation of an underclass of meat processing workers
> healthy humans have no physiological need for animal products
> most industrially farmed animals live in the dark in their own feces and blood and never touch a blade of grass
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Who wore it better

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Which journal do you think had the better cover for announcing the first draft of the human genome
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Do Black Holes really exist?

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We know at least 2 things about black holes.
1) They evaporate in a finite time relative to an external observer via Hawking Radiation
2) There's infinite time dilation between in-falling matter near the event horizon and an external observer that is some finite distance away from the event horizon.

This means that the black hole will evaporate before any matter reaches the event horizon.
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could the "laws" of physics change in certain pockets of the universe, even if just for an instant of time? what ultimately governs these laws?
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is there a case for nuclear energy to be in the energy production industry in the future? is it too costly? is it too dangerous? is baseload power a meme?
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