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Results Over Rhetoric Edition

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How likely is a total civilization collapse in the next 50 years?

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I'm starting to progressively become more anxious with the various problems our world currently face such as

>climate change
>rising sea levels
>ocean pollution and acidification
>more extreme weather
>crop failures
>gulf stream being affected by ice melting
>total uncontrolled hyper consumption
>no global plans to fight pollution by big corporations
>runaway greenhouse and positive feedback loop of carbon cycle
>permafrost thawing
>over fishing
>more infectious diseases
>rising cost of life with stagnant wages and less and less buying power
>housing more expensive
>invasive species
>rising wave of anti-intellectualism, nationalism and unstability world wide
>rising populations and the beginning of massive migrations of populations
>alternative green energies still pollute and requires lots of ressources

>almost no effort to fight any of the above

Will a societal collapse a la Mad Max/ Fallout / Children of men happen in our lifetime? What would be the most likely scenarios for the coming decades?
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Why do people always treat the observable universe as all that there is? Light from simply hasn't reached us yet so the universe could be infinite for all we know right?
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Fermi Paradox Opinions

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Since there are misconceptions about what the Fermi Paradox states, let me ask one specific version of the question that the paradox poses:

>Are humans the only technological civilization within our local cluster of galaxies (say 10 million light years)? If not, where are they?

What do YOU think the answer to this question is, and why?
Be civil, and avoid letting what you want to be true getting in the way of thinking critically.

Some crucial points:
Emphasis on "technological civilization" and "10 million light years".
For this question, we are not concerned with simpler life or intelligent life that doesn't have the technological means to communicate and/or colonize space, nor are we concerned with any civilizations on the other side of the observable universe. I chose 10 million light years somewhat arbitrarily to include a volume of space large enough to give civilizations plenty of opportunities to arise but also small enough to permit signals to be from the relatively recent past (e.g., a civilization at the edge of that sphere would be >=10 million years old, which is basically "now" on cosmological time scales).
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The Cure

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cure to cancer
>don't get cancer
I don't know why nobody has discovered this
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cut a hole through the whole earth and drop an object through it

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I found something kinda cool
What happens when you cut a hole through the entire earth and drop something in that hole? You should get a harmonic oscillator right? I first tried to solve this for when the hole goes through the center of the earth, and the differential equation that models this is easy to find: force of gravity is proportional to the inverse square of the distance between object and the center of the earth so y''+1/y^2=0 when you set all constants equal to 1. Couldn't find an analytic solution so i used a computer and it turned into a vertical line when it hit y=0. This makes sense because the force at that point becomes infinite.
So i made a little modification to the problem to make it better solvable (numerically)

part 1, there is more to this
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This. Cannot. Be. Solved. Period.
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about to get myself 2 monsters and begin cramming.
any advice?
i'm doing econ & math question banks
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>halfway through the semester
>already feeling the burnout
bros i fucking hate online classes
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