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Evolution isn't real

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She raises some great points. No proof of evolution exists.
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can I learn python without knowing any other programming language

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What's more likely:
a) a fairly successful mathematician published a crank theory that he refuses to admit is wrong;
b) a Fields medalist failed to grasp his theory by not understanding the difference between 'or' and 'and'?
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/sfg/ - Space fleet edition
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Wouldn't my current consciousness disappear after having my atoms disassembled and the person being reassembled somewhere else be a separate consciousness? Sort of how a clone of me wouldn't be the me but it's own separate entity with It's own consciousness?

Why would I willingly step into a transporter knowing this? The me in the now would cease to exist.
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Why do girls make better grades in school?

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Boys tend to struggle in school compared to girls. Why are the most successful people men but least successful people (schoolwise) also men?
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/mg/ maths general: inter-universal edition

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talk maths, formerly >>11407699
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Daily reminder that String theory is maximally predictive, it predicts as much as can be predicted, and no more. This should be enough to make severe testable predictions, even for experiments strictly at low energies--- because the theory has no adjustable parameters. Unless we are extremely unfortunate, and a bazillion standard model vacua exist, with the right dark-matter and cosmological constant, we should be able to discriminate between all the possibilities by just going through them conceptually until we find the right one, or rule them all out.
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Pluto is a planet

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Deal with it.
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Terraforming Mars

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How could we deal with the toxicity of Martian soil?

>Martian soil is toxic, due to relatively high concentrations of perchlorate compounds containing chlorine. Elemental chlorine was first discovered during localised investigations by Mars rover Sojourner, and has been confirmed by Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity. The Mars Odyssey orbiter has also detected perchlorates across the surface of the planet.