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/sfg/ - Space Flight General.

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In memoriam to SN10 edition.

The previous thread: >>12787133
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How long until non-medical BCIs become viable?
Will they ever be as commonplace as the smartphone?
Are implants the future or will it all be extracranial?
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread

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previous thread: >>12753409

>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding math and science, plus related advice requests.
>where do I go for other questions and (advice) requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt >>>/adv/ etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

>where can I get:
>book recs?
>carreer advice?
>help with calculus?
>tables, properties and material selection?

General advice for asking questions here:
>attach an image (animal images are best. Grab them from >>>/an/)
>avoid replying to yourself
>ask anonymously
>remember to check the Latex with the Tex button on the posting box
>if someone replies to your question with a shitpost, ignore it
>avoid arguing with Yukarifag
>do not tell us you came from whatever the fuck board, /pol/ in particular
>do not mention how [other place] didn't answer your question so you're reposting it here
>If you use j for the complex unit, put a ¿ somewhere in your post or use emoticons I will automatically ignore your question. I don't actually know about everyone else, but you shouldn't assume they're too far off about whatever random things they dislike
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Are we nothing but a mere machine?
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Does "Chimerism" have any merit?

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Is there any genuine evidence in humans?

Please dont attack me on the basis of a "stupid question" or project some political affiliation onto this question.
I am genuinely curious
Thank you
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The future of Artemis

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Now that SpaceX has demonstrated a propulsive landing on a starship prototype how long do we have before they cancel SLS? Artemis can be achieved by contracting companies like ULA, Rocketlab and SpaceX so why not do so?
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I honestly believe that there is NOTHING wrong with believing the "experts". I'm not smart enough to question my surgeon while he's operating on me. The foundations of society are built upon trust. All civil functions rely on trust. If you cannot trust others, there is no community and you must do everything yourself.

>b-but fallacy of authority
>b-but questioning is good

No one is suggesting a rigorous proof of anything, whether a mathematical proof, scientific proof, or proof of efficacy in medicine can be demonstrated by authority. Questioning science IS in fact good. Ideally, anyone should be able to question science. However, questioning makes sense only when it is done by competent people. It is not the responsibility of scientists to entertain every single question - especially those raised by laymen. There are far too many important things to be done.

Trust the scientists because you aren't smart enough to question them (for 99.99% of the laymen who aren't scientists).
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From a scientific perspective, is toxic masculinity good or bad?
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/med/ - Medicine General

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Treat your patients with kindness and respect edition.

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