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what will be the consequences of rich people genetically modifying their children and how far are we away from this?
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How do you get accepted into these schools? High IQ?
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Is race realism real? I am black but I've never felt dumber than my peers/colleagues so obviously I find it hard to believe, without /pol/ clouding your judgement is there any merit to this at all? Or is just pseudoscience.
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Textbook recommendation for subject not on the /sci/ wikia

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Im a senior mat student at uni and I just started an undergraduate math class called "math modeling". It is an introductory course on Dynamical systems and chaos that will cover: 1 dimensional (non linear) ordinary differential equations. 2D non linear ODEs and chaos.

My professor has a list of 9 recommended texts and which ones he will pull from is to be determined. So I was wondering what /sci/ suggests for introductory textbooks on the subjects of dynamical systems and chaos
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Illegal Immigration in the United States

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I’d like to have a discussion on whether or not Illegal Immigration bring negative effects to America. I am biased in the sense that I believe Illegal Immigrants are burdens on both the economy and Americans in poverty, but what are your thoughts?
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/engi/ engineering general

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ITT: discuss engineering, engineering careers, and whatever engineering projects you're working on

>Should I go into engineering?
Well, it depends on what reasons you have for considering an engineering subfield.

GOOD reasons:
>I am looking for a challenge
>I already have lots of connections to industry
>I have a good support network that will help me during school/while finding a job

BAD reasons:
>I have delusions about becoming the next Elon Musk ("I want to change the world!")
>I want a high paying job
>I want a low stress work environment

>How do I get into R&D?
Generally speaking, you will need at least a master's degree if you want to do actual engineering. Though tread carefully: you can just as easily educate yourself out of a job by becoming overqualified. Make sure you have appropriate industry connections and experience before pursuing grad school.

>My GPA is below a 3.5 and I'm going to graduate without having had multiple internships, what should I do?
It is in your long term best interests to switch majors ASAP if you want to get a job, and the longer you put this off the worse it will get. Although this may feel like failure, consider that the number of engineering graduates greatly exceeds the number of entry level job openings, and you will find greener pastures elsewhere.

>X major is best because Y!
>X majors can work Z jobs because people who study Z are dumb!
>Studying X is going to make me rich!
>All people who don't study X are stupid!
These are typically posted by high school seniors and college freshman. It's best to disregard posts like this.
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Should I major in chem or bio? Currently am in Bio in freshman year and I plan on going to med school.
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Toby Hendy talking about race intelligence gap

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What habits are stopping you from reaching your full intellectual potential?

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I drink and watch too much porn and beat my meat furiously, the skin on my shaft is peeling
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Dum dum containment thread

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Studying so will be asking a lot of dum dums
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