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This study is the proof that Oumuamua is an alien maiden object

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As crazy as it sounds, Oumuamua would have pancake shape and it would be something between 0.3 and 0.9 mm thickness. The exactly lenght is unknown, but scientists think something from 250 to 800 meters.
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Has anyone here ever done a textbook cover to cover? Every section and every (or almost every) exercise?
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What is the best way to stop overpopulation?
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How to Study for Long Hours Effectively?

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6 - 9 hours maybe.
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State of CRISPR-Cas9

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Any biotech anons here to discuss the current state of this tech? I see progress has been made at drastically cutting down the number of off-targets and magnets can be used to direct it to specific tissues - so why is it not everywhere yet?

For disclosure of interest i have Crohn's disease and it barely responds to meds,i've read lots about the genes responsible and plan to have my genome sequenced soon. With that i eventually hope to go abroad and pay for some edits but it isn't available now.
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Where's my nobel math prize?
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Scientifically speaking, should you take cold showers?
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What is it like being really fucking smart?
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What the hell Bill!?
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