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J&J Vax Updates

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I put it off as long as possible, but today had to get the J&J vax for work. I wasn't prepared to quit yet. ITT, I will post updates and let you know if it kills me. I will post semi-daily and definitely give you an update in a month, otherwise assume the canary is dead.

I also lift. I will update you if I experience any kind of change in strength.

So far, nothing at all. I got the shot 7 hours ago, then had burgers and beer for lunch. Went for a hike, then had burgers and beer for dinner.
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Primordial feelings.

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Scientifically speaking what is the reason that society allows people to call me an weak 1 inch incel. But i am not allowed to call a woman an ugly bitch?
In other worlds, if i get insulted at an basic primordial level why should i be allowed to do the same?
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Can any scientist explain to me how a nazi gas chamber works?

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Keep in mind that there were no plans, no order, no budget.
How does one gas 6 millions without any of those? Scientists, you know-it-all ought to put forth another one of your theories so we can all bask in your made up reality.
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Did you try to give your blood after being vaccinated?

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Did those organisations pretend to take your blood only to never use it due to it being garbage?
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>be you
>browses reddit and /sci/
>think you have above average IQ
Many such cases
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If you simulate a real species in sufficient detail, does it experience anything? Does it feel pain?

Pic related is a screenshot of the OpenWorm project, which simulates the roundworm C. elegans.
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Opinions about chinese rockets?
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What is the scientific reason for Insulin being unafordable? Why can't it be mass produced cheaply?
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I want to drop out

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I'm premed (i know, cringe) and I am pretty sure I failed my gen chem test today. There's only 3 tests in the class, I got an A on the first one.
I'm fucked. I didn't want this to happen, I wanted to get an A in gen chem this semester. I am done with college it's not fun if you're not a normie. I am alone and my room mates moved out. I have no friends, females aren't interested in me, i did bad on my chem exam today, i can't be a doctor now. This is fucking horrible.
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