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Also a Soyuz touched down
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Rigorous or simplified text for a first exposure?

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An example being deciding between reading Stewart's or Spivak, or reading Stewart's and then reading Spivak
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how come they do nothing with their lives if they are so smart?
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Flaws in the race theory

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If the race theory doesn't fit half of the world's population (the new world isn't depicted but most of it is mixed race), is it real?
You can't just push a theory that doesn't fit half of the people that are alive.
How can you say that races exist when Indians and arabs (2.5 billion people) don't have a race to belong to?
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I don't understand how this thing isn't going to kill all of us.

It mutates so fast and each mutation is deadlier and more transmissible and then also it evades existing antibodies.

Are we pretty much fucked?
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Alright let's get this out of the way once and for all
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What are your thoughts on SpaceX’s Starlink?

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How are evolution-denying Christians able to reject scientific consensus without their brains fucking exploding from contradictions with nature that their worldview asserts?
I've taken on a habit of watching fundamentalist sermons on youtube recently and this video is my latest watch. I'm not a Christian or anything, it's just something I enjoy doing, not sure why.

Are they just completely fucking ignorant of the science? Do they willfully ignore the evidence?
Please help me to understand this mindset.
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He did it. The crazy son of a bitch did it.

SpaceX win the bid for the NASA lunar lander.

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