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prichal docking live stream
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How were they made?
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Vaccine escape. Literally fucking game over for free and prosperous societies. We're talking either fascist perma-lockdowns or death on a scale not seen in centuries. What the fuck should we do?
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Who does this kind of thing?
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How do you prevent yourself from getting burnt out on bullshit prerequisite courses while working towards a stem degree.

Pic related: its my homework
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>If you're so smart, why aren't you rich.
This question has always fascinated me. What are yall's answers
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/scg/ STEM Career General

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Welcome to the STEM Career General!
This thread exists to answer questions regarding careers in STEM.

>the ins and outs of academic career progression
>how to penetrate industry from academia
>anything else in relation to STEM employment or advancement within STEM academia!

Resources for protecting yourself from academic marxists:
>https://www.thefire.org/ (US)
>https://www.jccf.ca/ (Canada)

General information:
>*The Chad author is seeking additional input to expand the text so it discusses all STEM fields. Said author regularly views these /scg/ threads.

No one has answered your question? Consider posting it here:

An archive of all the previous editions of /scg/:

NOTE: Any useful resources relayed in this thread will be included in future /scg/ threads.

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/sfg/ - Space Flight Genera

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A spacer's life isn't for the soft edition.
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the ride never ends
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We LARP as 1940s doctors and psychologists and discuss the situations regarding negros, the vaccination hiveminds, homosexual agenda, pedophile elitism, etc.
However, we must discuss in a scientific, civil, and neutral matter, aka no spamming "NIGGER JEWS NIGGER JEWS NIGGER JEWS".
And attempt to find to a formula and solution regarding such issues.

Let's use proper sentence structuring and proper spelling for the records.
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