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I need a program that makes practice tests. Anki flashcards aren't doing it for me.
Ideally i'll be able to apply tags to questions in the program so that it can populate the test according to the tag weight
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Could the environment perpetually exist, if had humans never interfered?

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Lets say we don't account for the possibility that natural selecting brings forth a new human like species
>aliens can't be evolved that make civilizations ect.

How much longer would life on a pre-human world exist.
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Phosphene on Venus

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There is life on Venus. Life formed independently twice in the solar system. The universe is full of microbial life (at the very least).
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What's the answer to global warming?
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Reminder that God exists; He is a Rock (the Atheists lose).
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>Still no human-chimp hybrid
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/sci/ is for dudes who want to be "scientists" without doing any actual science.

How wrong am i?
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How do you get second degree in stem when someone has a liberal arts or business? Where can I go?
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Element 115 And other UFO shit

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Is there anything to element 115 at all? Or is the whole Bob Lazar thing full of shit?
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Is Astrophysics a good major?
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