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What's the point of females being weak? Wouldn't it help survival of offspring if both parents could hunt and protect?
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Embryo selection for IQ is already happening underground. I personally know an elite who recently paid for this process. Here is what will happen. Most people will succeed in banning embryo selection, elites will simply evade the bans, and after a few generations the IQ gap between elites and nonelites will be so significant that your chances of joining the elite world as a non-embryo-selected person will be literally zero. The power differential will be greater than any in history. All because people moronically pushed to ban embryo selection without realizing how easy it is to evade laws if you have money.
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I like to read math books but skip all the proofs
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If a person has access to a good meal after several months of famine, his brain works at 100% capacity instantly?
If not, how long does it take for the brain to recover?
Let's take an example: a man eats between 300-700 calories a day for four months, it is obvious that during that time lapse his brain will function below its true capacities. Then the man has access to a nice dinner. How does this affect his brain?
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It is known within certain circles that China and Russia have far surpassed American military technology (Tic Tacs, microwave weapons, etc.) and are planning to decapitate the United States. My question is simple. Can America reverse its technological decline without fixing its dysgenic problems, in time to prevent its total physical annihilation? In other words, is America's sky-high mutational load, as referenced in the amerimutt meme, a permanent barrier to achieving any sort of military hegemony again?

Pic is Chengdu Future City
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>have to decide what to study when 18yo
>"smart kid"
>if I have to study something and since I won't be able to know everything (every piece of knowledge), I need to study an absolute science
>physics is the science most similar to this, the most general and also fundamental to the rest of sciences
>but wait, this is actually a philosophical question, I should study philosophy; furthermore there are parcels of reality that physics cannot comprehend and I also like to write poetry
How do I cope with the feeling of having wasted so many years?
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Considering the factors in overhauling our entire standard of living to stop climate change, should we put more money into mitigating the effects of climate change instead?
It definitely looks cheaper and more doable than literally stopping the ongoing global industrial revolution.
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Hey /sci/, my father is getting old and needs to use catheters. He's moving to a new province soon which won't cover the majority of the cost of the catheters like Alberta does (75%). Does anyone know where to get a knockoff or off-brand of the following catheter from somewhere online? If this is the wrong board please direct me elsewhere.
"Covidien Dover Vinyl Urethral Catheter"
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Which vaccine did /sci/ get?
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Can anybody tell me in brief what's actually the objective of CERN, how it was established and what has it achieved after years worth of heavy engineering, huge collaboration between hundreds of scientists experiments, research and funding.

Also why is CERN at centre of so many sci-fi paranormal conspiracy theories, books etc, why is the Vatican collaborating with CERN and why do they have an idol of some hindoo God on their premises?
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