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I'm stuck on this can any of y'all see the next step and lmk what technique you use?
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Seriously, how do you have a 50% surge of known in a 24-hour period? And what exactly are *any* of us in for?

>Chinese coronavirus infections, death toll soar as fifth case is confirmed in U.S.

>BEIJING -- The Chinese government struggled Sunday to cope with a worsening coronavirus epidemic as its official number of infections soared and the death toll rose to 80, while additional cases appeared in the United States.

>The government in Beijing broadened an extraordinary quarantine to more than 50 million people -- roughly equal to the population of Spain -- enforcing a travel ban on 16 cities in central Hubei province, where the lethal virus first appeared.

>In the United States, health officials confirmed three new cases -- one in Arizona and two in California -- bringing the total to five. The patients -- in Southern California, Chicago, Arizona and Washington state -- had traveled from Wuhan, officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. All are hospitalized.

>As of midafternoon Sunday, the CDC has been investigating 100 people in 26 states, including the five who were confirmed infected. Of those, 25 people have been tested and are not infected with the virus.

>Health officials expect more American cases, Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, told reporters. But the virus is not believed to be spreading from person to person in the United States, she said.

>"For this reason, we continue to believe that the immediate health risks from the 2019 coronavirus to the general American public is low at this time," Messonnier said. "But the threat is serious, and our public health response is aggressive, with the aim of helping protect Americans."
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what is "human dignity" even? bio-ethicists throw this term around whenever they don't like something. like with test tube babbies they will shriek this goes against le "human dignity" as if sticking a peepee in vagoo is dignified but bio-engineering isn't. i get the definition but their use of it is blatantly contradictory.
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Calc humor

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>he forgot to add an integration constant
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I came across this paper and it got me thinking:

What if the 'laws' of physics aren't constant, but changing, much like everything else?
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What is the /sci/ approved flu mask?
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are you a /sci/entist or a soientist?
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For my philosophical /sci/entists,
What happens to humanity after the inevitable environmental collapse? We only have 10 years left, right?
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What would Europe look like today if it still had hyenas, lions, mammoths, and rhinoceroses?