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Where can I buy a thrembometer?
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theory: people who are able to perceive higher frames-per-second in videos experience time at a slower rate relative to others
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What Determines the Flavour of Sweat?

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What makes sweat taste the way it does? I'm curious because my wife's sweat tastes bitter and awful, but my daughter's sweat tastes rather sweet and pleasant. We all eat the same foods so diet can't be the explanation here.
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How would i remove metals from my body?

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Scientifically speaking, how can i remove metals from my body.

Pretty sure they fucking spray that shit everywhere in the clouds these days desu.

I can feel it being harder to focus and concentrate... also i can't be arsed anymore... my capacity for attentive work is waaay less than it used to be.

whether or not its metals sprayed, the amalgam offgassing in my teeth, spike proteins shed from all the "clever" vaccinated people or what, something is going on...

recently i had a day or two of physical pain in my body and after that im basically left like this.
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Hello brainlet here
A friend introduced me to a thought experiment recently and the fallout of this discovery is having unforeseen consequences on my psyche

It's a very simple thought experiment
>you're sat at a chair with a button
>upon pressing the button, there's a 50/50 chance that a spike pointed at the base of your neck will activate and kill you before you could conceive it
>no matter how many times that button is pressed, there is a small chance it will always result in 'live'
>the you that you are perceiving is the version of you that would have lived through all the button presses no matter how many times you press it
Help me comes to grips with quantum immortality
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/sci/ is missing. Fix it.
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How do you measure how good someone is at predicting binary outcomes? Let's say the person predicts what will happen (A or B) with a certain probability each time. An obvious measure is the average probability that he assigns to the outcomes that happen. But this is complicated by the fact that he might assign a lot of events a probability close to 1/2, therefore his total average will be very close to one half, even though on the events he was confident about he was mostly right.
Is there another measure to quantify his predictive ability?
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Brainlet algebra textbook recommendations? Can anybody recommend a good brainlet textbook for my brother in 9th grade doing algebra/precalc. he pretty retarded so the easier the better. he doesnt really have an affinity for math but im going to force him so he doesn't stay retarded. hes basically a wigger and all he does is listen to rap music. should i just get him algebra for dummies or do those books suck?

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