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I'm think I might be mathematically illiterate?

Let me explain. I'm a junior majoring in pure mathematics, and I've realized that I've gone through the vast vast majority of my "high maths" courses using little to no notation. For the more advanced but still application-based classes (math methods for x, etc) of course i use the calculus and algebra and all that. But for the abstract, proofs-based kinda stuff, I use virtually no notation. I verbally reason through almost the entirety of my problems wherever possible, only using basic algebra on occassion. I manage to do well enough, but this is probably my biggest road block. What's wrong with me? Why's my formalism so shit? It feels like I missed a class where I was supposed to learn all this symbolic bullshit but never did
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Why do I have a low attention span?
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Has anyone ever calculated the relationship between PCR cycle count and false positivity rate? Seems easy enough
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Proof that all lists contain only one distinct element

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First, the base case. For all lists of length 1 we have only 1 distinct element on it.

Let's now assume is it true for all lists of length n, then we shall also prove is true for all lists of length n+1:

Say we have a1, a2, ..., an, an+1. Notice that the sublist a1, a2, ..., an is of length n, therefore all elements in there are the same. Notice also that the sublist a2, a3,..., an, an+1 is also of length n, therefore all elements there are equal to a2 and therefore equal to all elements from the first sublist.

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What are the scientific benefits of returning to monke?
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Inner Voice

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Does anyone here have an inner voice? What's it like? What is it telling you?
I'm actually fascinated by this because I think I don't have it. I'm not even sure what it is. How would I test myself or someone else on whether they have an inner voice?
Is inner voice the same thing that schizophrenics report when they hear voices in their head?
Anyway, what's /sci/'s take on this.
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>Kinesthetic learning
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Would you rather take classes for 6 years or suck dick in an alley for 2?
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>too stupid to understand physics or mathematics
>makes shit up