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Desert planet

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What would Earth's weather be like without oceans? Would a desert absorb more or less heat than a ocean?
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Why are intensive properties called intensive when they don't depend on what's IN the system?
Retarded nomenclature if you ask me.
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>Let set A = { a, b, c, … }
set B = {1, 2, 3, … }

>These 2 sets have the same cardinality as there exists a bijection between the two.

>Now let’s introduce the set C = {0, 1, 2, 3, …}.

>It also has the same cardinality as set A.

>Now let’s create a mapping between sets B and C, such that if x > 0, x ~ x.

>This mapping is not surjective, since there is no member in B such that 0 can be mapped to. Therefore the mapping isn’t bijective and these two sets are not equal, which is a contradiction, as two things equal to another must be equal to themselves.

>Therefore modern mathematics with its notion of infinite sets is retarded.

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How old is the earth? How did life on earth begin?
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Anything about writing & notetaking

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How to does /sci/ create and organize personal notes?
Which writing utensils do you use? Pen, Pencil, Fountain pens?
Do you finalize and typeset them using LaTeX? How do you create graphics?
How do you organize your files?
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Based on science, how do I forget my past? And how do i default my mind to a blank voluntary amnesiac state?
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you should be able to solve this...
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So question, are biocomputers a meme or can they actually do anything useful?
Like the more I read into this the more I can't figure out why this is a thing.
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In the event of another Carrington like event, how fucked is public infrastructure and private tech?
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Are the product of recent mixed unions less fertile than other more homogeneous group ? Also are there substantial differences in terms of fertility between human groups ? If yes which group is the most fertile and which one is the least fertile ?