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Be honest now, has sociology EVER been positive for any society? Should soft sciences like these just be removed entirely?
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Master thesis question.

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I've a student of a law (political and legal doctrines) and i have a problem of finding easy to write topic for master thesis. I was trying to write thesis on syncretism of Nazism and renaissance utopias as an answers for modern problems, but apparently first one was too hard for me and when it comes to second i cannot find any literature on this subject. My promoter is garbage and don't help me at all with how MT is suppose to looks like. By myself, after couple of failures, I came to the conclusion that it should look more like a bible - little of text and a lot of annotations - since every time i read articles/books on the topic and then type something myself its wrong.Only thing she recommended me is researchgate but evey article on this shitty site is blocked and i need to ask for permission to access it.
Any examples of topics and tips on how to write this shit?
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Howcome not all women hit a wall

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So they still age and are basically no competition for younger girls, however many just crash around 30 or 40 or something whilst a minority actually ages gracefully.
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What happens when your x coordinate in space exceeds 2^32 - 1??

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At the edge of the universe do you just fall off?

Do you disappear?

Or is it like a modulo sort of deal and you wrap around at the other side of the universe?
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>then we can take x to be y without loss of generality
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The James Webb Space Telescope is a massive piece of shit.

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That link to the JWST status page isn't even worth looking at, they don't bother updating it more than twice a year and the change the work schedule before every update so that can announce everything is on time.
The James Webb Space Telescope project was first announced in 1995, at the time the proposed budget was $500 million and the launch was expected in 2007. They've now spent $15.4 billion dollars trying to build the thing and it needs to be ready to ship by June to make the next delayed launch schedule in October and they really don't have a shot at having it ready to ship before June 2022 or so, but they run out of money later on this year again. When they ran out of money last February, NASA found $400 million out of petty cash to keep the project going.
All of this to study dark matter which doesn't even exist.
The Hubble Space telescope has been orbiting for 30 years and the net benefit to anyone other than the people who get paid to operate the program has been zilch.

Shit thats getting done 16 year behind schedule is listed in green as "on time" at the link
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What are some serious online courses/certifications for math and in particular game theory and economics?

Mostly interested in the certifications, since information I can find myself. Most online-certifications I had to do were mostly masturbatory.

Pic unrelated. Hope my new pet will be nice to me and my family.
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>Vaccine developed in 8 months
>"Many more people tested because of the emergency"
>"Not as much bureaucracy this time"

How does that mean potential side-effects years down the line are mitigated? Aren't vaccines usually tested for like five years or some shit?
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There are three primary purposes for a vaccination program.
1) Behavior modification and selective intelligence reducton.
2) Population management. That is average lifespan, disease incidence, and fertiliity management.
3) Leverage and psychosocial control. Establish a pretext to inject everyone with whatever you want, essentially whenever you want. Apply the agricultural model to human beings to keep them within your control, and your domain. Clip their wings, band them, brand them, tag them, herd them, whatever it takes. Create solidarity by inducing and normalizing sickness. Nanomachines / RF sensitive gene insertion to use their bodies as storage devices, transceivers, computation devices. All in service of the central banker et al's war to end all wars.

There you go. Decide what path you want to go down. Submit to their script, ie get clamped, or find your own way. This may be your last chance.
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