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This doesn't make any sense. The mass of an object clearly has an effect on how fast it falls towards another object due to gravity.

Gravity is a force acting between two objects. An object falling has gravity acting on it, but the body it's falling towards also has gravity acting on it and pulling it to the object (even if imperceptibly).

If I drop a lead ball on Earth, it will fall a lot faster than if I dropped it on the Moon. Consequently, the body it is falling towards (Earth/Moon) will also be affected differently by the object falling.

The "everything falls at the same rate" is simply a meme because we can't detect changes that small.
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Do the elites not want us to have cancer treaments?

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I had a unique, if cynical, Economics professor way back in the 1970s. One of his favorite whipping posts was the Medical Industry, his ire landing on cancer research and treatment in particular. I can still hear him railing, to wit:

“There is absolutely no intent to find a cure for cancer. If a man announced it tomorrow he’d be face down in the mud the next day. This is about money. This is about the growth of an industry and about jobs and empires.”
Most of us students thought he was a bit nuts. Perhaps, but also perhaps a bit prescient.

For the last 50 years, the same 3 treatments for cancer are used - Chemo/Radio/Surgery. What went wrong?
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Thoughts on Foundations Restored? It debunks evolution and physics. Trailer here:
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Your ancestor

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come home white man
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Look at the top of her head. If she's so smart why did she die from radioactive poisoning lmao
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I'm stuck on this can any of y'all see the next step and lmk what technique you use?
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So, I am staring at the wall and I keep seeing the last game I played projected on it I cannot stop the character from literally moving around, my head is spinning and I somehow feel like my body is moving with the motion of the visuals I am hallucinating. I am lucid enough to make this thread, but I feel like I am in another dimension right now and going to sleep is scary because it won't stop. I feel really good too, without pain which is weird. I feel a pressure in my head.

I have no taken any drugs.

What the fuck is happening to me?
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Is schizophrenia the next stage of humanity? Being able to see patterns where logic alone will not reveal them? Communicating with 4D entities? I mean, yeah, it isn't a great trait now but the first people with blue eyes probably looked ugly as fuck. What is the scientific thought on this?
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string gas cosmology

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anybody else think string gas cosmology is pretty awesome? Brandenberger is pretty smart and his theory gets like absolutely no publicity even though his review papers inevitably show that it is as good a model as the standard boring "muh singularity and then 6 of 11 dimensions compactified for no reason" crap