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Apparently the Babylonians invented integral calculus.
>"It sounds minute for a layperson, but this geometry is of a very special kind that is not found anywhere else, for instance, in ancient Greek astronomy," Ossendrijver said. "It is an application in astronomy that was totally new. Thus far everybody thought Babylonian scholars only computed with numbers."

>The tablet has long been in the collection at the British Museum in London, and it was likely created in Babylon (located in modern-day Iraq) between 350 and 50 B.C. Ossendrijver recently deciphered the text, and he described his discovery in an article that's featured on the cover of the journal Science this week.

>From his office at Humboldt University here in Berlin, which is decorated with posters of both the Ishtar Gate and the Antikythera mechanism(thought to be the world's oldest known computer), he explained that the tablet plots the apparent decreasing velocity of Jupiter from the planet's first appearance along the horizon, to 60 days later, and then 120 days later. If drawn on a graph, this relationship is represented in the shape of two conjoined trapezoids. The area of each trapezoid describes Jupiter's total displacement (measured in degrees) along the ecliptic, or the path of the sun.

>Ancient Greek mathematicians and astronomers were using geometry around the same time, but only to make calculations involving real, 3D space, such as using circles torepresent the orbits of planets around Earth. Students of math might take it for granted today, but the abstract use of geometry was, until now, unheard of at the time.

>Current textbooks on the history of math say this invention took place around A.D. 1350.
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China virus

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It's just another nothingburger. We won't get millions of deaths.
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no iq thread is posted at the moment, came to start an iq thread.
>my iq feels 140+ today
>and i'm not even peaking.
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Naming Convention For Tree Like Structure

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I'm trying to find a naming convention for a tree like structure such that if you know the rule you can follow any node back to the source. Do u know of any? See pic for example structure
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>planet called Earth
>is 75% water
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You Are What You Eat.

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Sooner than later a biotech is going to sell yours or anyone's livers, biceps, testicles, tongue etc etc freshly cloned off stem cells.
Open your mouth wide for Angelina's lips and tits, Arnold's buttocks and Stacey's dick. Customization available.
"Daddy no! I don't want dick!"
"But hon, these are Michael Jackson's ten year old de-aged smart burgers, the doctor, said it'll aid in your transition... if you won't eat I'll not let you have another. of your brother's softened heart ice cream..."
"Eat your dick dad."

What a time to be alive.
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Probability help

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If for example you were to sporst bet on tennis, there are no draws. Would guessing mean you have a 50% chance? What about flipping a coin? How would this be different?
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>you'll never be the first guy to have novel ideas to invent AGI in a garage and eventually turn yourself into some form of transhumanist humankid emperor
Why even live, humankind nowadays is a joke. I don't want a pathetic normie life just playing by the rules and being content with being mediocre.
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How advanced do you expect first world cultures to be by 2040? Do you expect a technological singularity by then?
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