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>zhang et al.
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Forget about nuclear fusion. When will we see room temp superconductivity?
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Not racist, just curious.

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But why are all the famous scientists of the past, the game changers who really pushed forward human knowledge, white?

>Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, and all the Greek philosophers. The inventors of science.
>Newton and Leibniz started calculus and physics as a mathematical subject.
>Lagrange, Hamilton, and Gauss solidified classical mechanics in a rigorous and general fashion.
>Clausius, Boltzmann, and Gibbs founded modern thermodynamics and our understanding of heat transfer.
>Maxwell, Volta, and Faraday laid the foundation of electromagnetism.
>Fourier and Laplace created methods to solve the equations governing fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and electromagnetics.
>Schrodinger and Heisenberg built upon the previous works to describe the wave-like nature of particles at small scales, thus founding quantum mechanics.
>Planck, Bose, Einstein, Fermi, and Dirac applied methods of quantum mechanics to describe the behavior of various systems, thus further solidifying the field.

The basis of all physics is basically a bunch of white people. Why is this? Did any other ethnic group make contributions to classical mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, or quantum mechanics?
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is the happening canceled or not?
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Hello /sci/, what are some at home suicide methods one can use?
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Okay, serious question.
When genetic engineering of embryos becomes a thing, will it be possible to make all men chads?
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Scientifically speaking, why do people do drugs?
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Until what age does one grow in height?
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>people gave been getting dumber since the victorian era because of increasing birth defects evidenced by the fact people's faces are uglier
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