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Somebody knows what is this?

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I found it on a river
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By downplaying the Wuhan virus you are being complacent

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This is straight up denialism and you stop calling us retarded for warning you idiots that this is a big deal. Its the big one.
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So I keep hearing medical experts say that facemasks are useless for prevention of getting infected with Coronavirus and only useful for people who are already sick.

Are they bullshitting us or what?
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Supermassive Blackholes

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Black holes are just stars that have been crushed by gravity under their own weight and one key attribute of black holes is that they are smaller than their original size as a star.

Then was the super massive black hole at the centre of our galaxy a super massive star? If it was then it would stand to reason that there are other super massive stars, but where are they?

And I'm talking about stars the size of our galaxy, Because how else would you get a black hole as large as it is in the centre of the galaxy.
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I can intuit the truth of this by looking at it visually, but I'm unsure if this technically counts as a rigorous proof. In what sense are these kinds of visual "proofs" appreciated or taken seriously by mathematicians?
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>highest degree lvl completed
>your major/s
>what you think will happen after death
>what you want to happen after death
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Hello /sci/

I want to make a monument to myself which I want to last for as long as possible (hundreds of thousands of years, if possible), so that no matter what happens, this piece of my own creation will be there for as long as possible. It's sort of a life project, so money is only a relative problem.

I was thinking concrete, with metal bars in it, like most other constructions. Not sure tho.

The final monument needs to:
- last very very long
- be virtually immovable (so that no pesky future people can't remove it or even destroy it)
- be able to be get some sort of scripture in it so i can put my name there

Any ideas/tips?
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string gas cosmology

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anybody else think string gas cosmology is pretty awesome? Brandenberger is pretty smart and his theory gets like absolutely no publicity even though his review papers inevitably show that it is as good a model as the standard boring "muh singularity and then 6 of 11 dimensions compactified for no reason" crap
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Why are people so against cloning humans when twins are litrally just natural clones?

We debate their identity, even make dystopian movies about clones, while twins are commonplace.