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any questions?
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Why does time dilate?
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How the fuck do holograms work?

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Not a STEMfag so saying shit like "when the beams react onto the surface it just records it bro" is meaningless. Yet 99% of the net just says more or less "it just records it" or gives some gay aids analogy. How the FUCK is it possible that I can cut the "image" in half and all of it may still project. Please explain
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Okay, so here's something to think about for you anons.
Let's make assumption that universe will eventually collapse which will be start for new big bang.

Your life is just brief blink of an existence, but in essence you are timeless when you die. If you die today, you will not know it or remember it as you are dead, but in that moment you become timeless. Concept of time has no meaning for you as there is no you. Universe can expand, collapse and start again over and over again in time frame that can be only understood as an almost infinite amount of time. But as you are timeless after dead, it doesn't matter. It's just blink of an eye for you. At some point all atoms will get arrenged in exact same way as they were in time when you died and you are reborn again although in your viewpoint you never really died. In your viewpoint you are immortal and timeless. You will be everything in universe, every living thing, part of stars, black holes and eventually your current self again repeating to be everything in never ending cycle. You have already died infinite amount of times, but in essence you will never be gone and you will always live your life again. See your loved ones again while repeating infinite cycle.
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Not sure if this is /biz/ or /sci/ or a bit of both. How will money and currency change if/when we spread out to the other planets? Suppose an interplanetary humanity spread up to the Jovians with some habs and industry throughout. Trying to determine if banking/currency/economics will function the same way when it's spread across multiple worlds.
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How do wild chimpanzees typically die?

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I have to learn finite element analysis soon. Is it difficult, b-b-bros?
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Are IQ differences between white and black people caused by genetics or environmental conditions?
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