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Does reading really makes you smarter or is just a meme?
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Khazar Milkers

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Why were they so genetically blessed?
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You're so smart huh? A large ice cube is floating in a glass of water. after the ice cube melts, will the water level increase, decrease or stay the same? Assuming evaporation is negligible.
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What is the number of "slices" in a cube?

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Say a cube has sides of 1 cm in length
Each face of a this cube should have an area of 1 squared cm
But how many of these "areas" is the cube made of? If you were to put these 1 squared cm faces on top of each other, how many would you need to form a cube of volume equal to 1 cubic cm?

If this can't be answered because the "faces" are 2-dimensional and hence have no "depth" to speak of, how can it form a 3-dimensional figure, which has depth? If it does have some depth, what is it?
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I don't know what sin x, cos x or f(x) means. What books do I need to read to fix this? Teacher is making us solve shit like this and I have no idea what I'm looking at.
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Do Zulu people have a higher chance of having perfect pitch because of their way of communicating with click sounds?
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petition change time

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found a lithuanian petition to change time. ull have to translate it to understand it tho. it would be funny to see the petition to blow up :D
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Essay writting services

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I'm fucked anons, my mental health took a nose-dive last year and now I have a literal FUCKTON of essays and reports waiting for me.
Help a fren out lads. Do you know any decent essay/report writing services that aren't all pajeets?
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