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>gets hit by a foreign object and goes into the sun

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Since Integration is just "fancy addition" and Differentiation is the inverse of Integration, does that mean Differentiation is just subtraction?
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Is it against social convention to ask a current advisor for help finding a future advisor.
I'm currently working on a problem with a professor in combinatorics as an undergrad.
Would it be weird to ask him for help finding someone to advise me on work with my senior project?
I think it would help me in getting another letter of rec for grad school and get me out of doing a shitty senior design for engineering senior year.
But is there a taboo in asking for help from a professor for other professors?
I'm a little intoxicated right now ngl
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Is it worth taking a nootropic to improve my grades in college?

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Do they have more pros than cons or vice versa? Are they really worth it? If so, which one do you recommend?
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a Little Ice Age is coming and humans can't stop it
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My paper got rejected

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and this is my first journal submission. How many people on /sci/ are actual researchers?
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Colloidal silver is the cure for COVID-19

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The cure has been found and it's a simple drug with no IP rights.
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John Tooker is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

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John Tooker is finally getting the recognition he deserves.
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Why did this happen
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Computer Science vs Electrical Engineering

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Hey guys I am thinking about a major to go for and I have narrowed down my selection to 2 majors:

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

I love programming and I want to do it but I think I want to do embedded systems. If any of you anons are Electrical Engineers or people who majored in Computer Science what do you think I should go to.

Pic unrelated.
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