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I was reading this article and read this part:
>Tanaka never divulged the secret to her longevity, although she was known for waking up at 6 a.m. and spending her afternoons practicing mathematics and calligraphy to keep her mind sharp.
>In fact, she became such an expert at the classic board game Othello that she’d frequently beat the retirement home staffers.
Are writing, maths and boardgames (and apparently chocolate and fizzy drinks) the secret to longevity?
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SSRIs change personality permanently?

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Even if the person stops taking it, will the personality return to the same as it was before the medication or will it be the current one modified by SSRIs for the rest of their days (suppression of emotions, lack of interest, very low anxiety, etc)?
Did you experience this firsthand? Were you the same as always?
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>a - b = b - a
>a + a = b + b
>2a = 2b
>a = b
>literally "same difference"
Which journal should I publish my discovery in?
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Women do not have internal world models.

The man faced with a harsh and complex environment has an inherent need to reproduce. He uses his brain to model and construct an internal model of the external world.

This is a model of relations between objects, forces, persons and other entities. He then act's according to that working model, updating it and tolerating its large margin of error.

The men with the most powerful models are those we consider intelligent men.

Women do not have these internal models at all. They have no motivation to construct these and at best have rudimentary social relational models of a few hundred people in which emotional sentiment is tracked/approximated.
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are you dumber than a nigger?

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if you can't do this level of mental arithmetic then you are dumber than a nigger, even mediocre IQs should be able to equal this nigger's mental facilities.
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be honest /sci/

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Am i just a flesh and bone machine?
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here is a method for winning the lotto everyday forever
this technique only works with a 3 digit lottery games that uses numbers 0-9 (ex: Texas Pick Three). 2) write down the last 10 draw results. 3) write a number scale 0-9 and count how many times each number is drawn in the past ten games (for example: 0-5, 1-1, 2-0, 3-8, 4-3, 5-2, 6-2, 7-2, 8-3, 9-3) 4) eliminate the number 0-9 that were most frequently drawn in the past 10 draws (for example: in my number scale 0 and 5 were drawn more than any other number, so they are less likely to be drawn in the next drawing). 5) choose 4 hot numbers, that is, numbers that have not been seldom drawn in the past ten draws, or near inevitably to be drawn (ex: according to my scale, 2 hasnt been drawn at all, and 1 has only been drawn once so they are my first two power numbers. then choose two more. i chose 5 and 7. eventhough 6 was drawn the same amount as 5 and 7 in my scale, i eliminated 6 because they happened to be in my two last drawings. So my power numbers are 1, 2, 5, 7. Then at the end, make every possible single and double combination, and be careful not to repeat, such as 225 and 525. you should end up with 16 combinations.
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/Sci/ Opinion on homeschooling?

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What does /Sci/ think of homeschooling? Plan to do it and teach your kids calculus at 12? Or does it result in social retardation?
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