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Hey /sci/
today in my math class I had a spooky thought I'd like to share.

We all know there are no square roots of negative numbers because every number squared is positive.

But what if we pretended the square root of -1 exists? I mean like saying square root of -1 is X.

I think I might square root every number this way: for example square root of -4 is square root of 4 * square root of -1 = 2X.

Why has nobody thought of this before? Where does my math break down? It feels weird just like dividing by zero or infinity. Our teacher always told us square rooting a negative is not allowed
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If you simulate a real species in sufficient detail, does it experience anything? Does it feel pain?

Pic related is a screenshot of the OpenWorm project, which simulates the roundworm C. elegans.
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I want to be an inventor, what major should I do?

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Figured physics would be good since you might need to know how the world works in order to make "ground breaking technology." From the people I've talked to though, I'm having second thoughts.

Would engineering be better maybe, like electrical? Maybe double majoring? What do you guys think?
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Calc test tomorrow, what do I do?

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Started integral calculus class, but my little brother tore his ACL in school football team. Both parents were gone for a couple month on a work trip. Basically had to joggle work, looking after him, and finally school. My chemistry and biology classes are at A—A+ level, but I sacrificed my math class since I'm least interested in it.
The material isn't even that hard, but I took differential calculus last fall, so I remember nothing, and all integral material builds upon it. Today was the first time I finally am able to focus on education again. A day before the second math test. I did a quick calculation, and I need to score 90% tomorrow and on all future hws, exams and final. If it was an online exam I could've at least cheated, but not person.

My options are to go, and look humiliatingly into profs eyes, while scoring 20-30% and score D/E, or skip this exam and take a D/E this quarter, because my cumulative GPA will offset to <3.0.

My only ammunition is 6 aderall pills. What do?
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So wait. This nigga newton just invented calculus from scratch and immediatley he inferred the conept of differential equations and was working on high level applications like the three body problem.

And this nigga johan bernouilli knew the differential equation for a cycloid even though calaculus was invented like 20 years ago.

And the rest of us spend years trying to wrap our head around what a 1 dimensional derivative is and these niggas were working with pen, paper and candle light and had no access to 3blue1brown to explain to them the concept of infitesimal change

What the fuck kind of intellect did these people have and why don't people have it anymore?
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Are we in/a simulation?

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Is this Plato’s Cave? Is simulation theory just an unfalsifiable religious cope for so-called atheists?
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Isn't it ironic that one of the most aggressively mutative viruses is also one of the least fatal? Our dear common cold has been but a mere Nuisance towards humanity, but nevertheless attempts have been made towards a cure, but new strains are constant, and the antibodies made for the previous variations are already obsolete, it's like nature's running gag.
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Serendipity be Damned! Science genius Ryan Faulk meticulously lays forth his tableau on how the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation created The Virus so that we can all be Vaxxxed and Chippppped with New mRNA Technology:
Ivermectin defense forthcoming! New population genetics videos never.
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is time a constant? like i know sometimes we percieve time differently, but can you definitively measure time???? i am confusion??? is there anything in the universe that doesnt change no matter where you go?????
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For the first time, we can selectively form covalent bonds between single molecules. This allows us to synthesize structures beyond what is possible with solution phase chemistry. This is just the beginning. Now excuse me while I try to post a link to the paper in nature an fail miserably at it because 4chan doesn't allow links to nature: ash 021 dash 00773-4
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