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Is apocalypse inevitable?

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>Climate change
>Yellowstone eruption
>Ice caps melting and releasing ancient super-deadly disease into the atmosphere

It seems like there are a billion things that could wipe out humanity, or at least cause the collapse of civilization, in the 21st century. Can someone more informed than me tell me if this shit is just inevitable? Is it inevitable that society is going to collapse and most humans will die this century?

I'm wondering if, given all the threats to our species right now, if it's even worth me building a career or doing anything with my life. I always wanted to have a successful career, have a wife, kids and grandkids one day. But if we're all going to die somewhere between 2020 and 2050, then what's even the point? I might as well just spent my life snorting cocaine out of hookers ass cracks, fucking girls with no protection, breaking laws and getting fucked up on alcohol and hard drugs every night.

What do you think /sci/?
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Write the product as a sum.
cos 7x cos 5x

anyone know how to do this? this quarantine is fucking me up
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>All confidence withers with a slight glance at mathematical analysis equations
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Fractional Distance: The Topology of the Real Number Line with Applications to the Riemann Hypothesis

Recent analysis has uncovered a broad swath of rarely considered real numbers called real numbers in the neighborhood of infinity. Here we extend the catalog of the rudimentary analytical properties of all real numbers by defining a set of fractional distance functions on the real number line and studying their behavior. The main results of are (1) to prove with modest axioms that some real numbers are greater than any natural number, (2) to develop a technique for taking a limit at infinity via the ordinary Cauchy definition reliant on the classical epsilon-delta formalism, and (3) to demonstrate an infinite number of non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function in the neighborhood of infinity. We define numbers in the neighborhood of infinity as Cartesian products of Cauchy equivalence classes of rationals. We axiomatize the arithmetic of such numbers, prove all the operations are well-defined, and then make comparisons to the similar axioms of a complete ordered field. After developing the many underling foundations, we present a basis for a topology.
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>(say^doctor = schizophrenia) = (schizophrenia = you)
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Are we fated to evolve into the homo numalus species? What do you /sci/ experts think? Progenitor of homo numalus offspring need not apply.
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/eeg/ Electrical Engineering general

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All hail the Fourier Transform edition.

What are you working on now that you have free quarantine time, anon?
Im doing DFT implementations on matlab
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Is there an edge of space?
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Wtf is Calculus II and III used for?
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Why the hell are you scientists so god damned stupid? Coronavirus has been around since NOVEMBER and you're telling me you don't even really know what it is yet? You can't tell us clearly what the symptoms are. You can't tell us what the death rate is, whether it's 3% or 1% or 10%. You can't tell us how to know for certain if we've got it. And you can't find even ONE effective treatment or medicine that will work to alleviate it? What the god damned hell is wrong with you scientists? Are you all severely retarded?
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