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Can any differential equation be solved by applying Laplace Transform. Is this method OP?
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Your ancestor

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The venturi effect in bullets

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Can /sci/ apply its knowledge of fluid dynamics to the design of bullet caliber? I think theres some things that could be done by people who know what they are doing in this field, most cartridge designs are well over half a century old at this point.

Weatherby one example of a company that uses modern understanding of fluid dynamics for cartridge design, as far as i can tell it is the only company that uses the venturi effect in order to achieve higher velocity from their bullets, see the weatherby design on the right compared to traditional bullets.

A round with a weatherby double shoulder gains 100 feet per second or more of muzzle velocity compared to a standard bullet. How would /sci/entests design the shoulder of a bottle necked rifle or pistol bullet casing in order to maximize ballistic performance?
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There such thing as the 'lowest' vacuum?

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I'd like some professional help with this, please keep speculations out of this discussion.

Given our current data, expansion is likely to indefinitely continue resulting in a universe where no work is possible. Now let us assume that the universe we live in is a one-shot universe i.e. it came from something, but now it's headed for its ultimate decay for eternity. In this universe, the only true possible end would be not heat death (because quantum foam still holds a non-zero probability for creating big-bangs), but a decay of the vacuum state to a yet lower energy state. During this fall, all microscopic quantum fluctuations would be macroscopically relevant and create potentially new universes with different fundamental constants.

The question is how long can this process go on for? Let's say after some N number of drops, the vacuum state does decay into a true vaccum. What then? Quantum laws vanish too? Is that a logical conclusion to make? Why should we say that quantum foam wouldn't exist in a truly zero energy state? Mathematically there is no reason why HUP should cease to exist, therefore there is no true vacuum and there is always a lower energy state to drop into. We either have to invalidate the concept of infinity or give up a very fundamental mathematical truth. What are the hopes for one-shot universe? I can't find a good one.
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A technique used to recover lost packets consists on sending a recovery packet with the XOR of the bits from the previous packets.

Packet A = 101
Packet B = 001
Recovery R = A XOR B = 010

If packet A is lost, it can be recovered with B XOR R = A.
If packet B is lost, it can be recovered with A XOR R = B.

Why does this work and what's the mathematical explanation behind it?
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This doesn't make any sense. The mass of an object clearly has an effect on how fast it falls towards another object due to gravity.

Gravity is a force acting between two objects. An object falling has gravity acting on it, but the body it's falling towards also has gravity acting on it and pulling it to the object (even if imperceptibly).

If I drop a lead ball on Earth, it will fall a lot faster than if I dropped it on the Moon. Consequently, the body it is falling towards (Earth/Moon) will also be affected differently by the object falling.

The "everything falls at the same rate" is simply a meme because we can't detect changes that small.
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Corona virus is for /pol/ not /sci/

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Everyone who wants to discuss pop science flavor of the month should go back to /pol/. This virus is harmless with a less than 3% kill rate. 2.89% to be exact.
The way everyone is hyping it up proves that its just /pol/tard nonsense.
Even if it was serious, it's just going to kill some chinese boomers thus saving them money on pensions.
Go back to /pol/ virusfags
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Does anyone here actually feel guilty about using Sci-Hub? I don't even think professors/Universities care about it anymore. I am worried though that publishing standards and information will essentially cease once the profit incentive is gone.
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Can we create molecules in a lab? i.e. say there is one hydrogen and two oxygen atoms, can we combine them to make H2O?

If so, can we also then create RNA from scratch? And then pass this RNA through ribosomes to make whatever polypeptides that we want?

Idk I am not a biologist. I'm a programmer, and after coronovirus peaked my interest I looked into how this shit all works. And RNA is basically just like the code/program and the ribosome is the interpreter with the output being a polypeptide right?

So is it possible to create the "code" (RNA) from scratch?
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I want an answer here. Why is such a high percentage of humanity, currently and throughout all of human history, is just……really stupid?

I'm not going to elaborate too much—you KNOW most people are fucking idiots, you've seen it your whole life. Some people are really smart, and even average Joe is capable of some things. But it's also really…apparent that most people are about as intellectually engaged as a bag of rocks.

And I don't understand WHY this is the case. We are a species whose claim to fame is our intelligence, and yet most of the population seems disinterested in basic learning and introspection. WAY too many people don't know basic facts about the world, and can't figure out the answer to basic questions. They seem to lack curiosity, or…something. You've seen those depressing videos online that highly human stupidity.

>think of how dumb the average person is. now, realize half of them are dumber than that

Most people don't seem to have any desire to become smart. They don't read books, don't question things, don't bother themselves with anything not pertinent to their immediate life and take PRIDE in it. Why? I thought intelligence was evolutionarily advantageous?

Why would a species who puts SO much energy and time into developing a highly complex brain not USE it?
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