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I'm sacrificing my sleep for science

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I will take up a gruelling polypshasic sleep schedule and to some degree undergo sleep deprivation to study lucid dreams,the nature of Consciousness and how it relates to space-time.
Wish me luck.
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There such thing as the 'lowest' vacuum?

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I'd like some professional help with this, please keep speculations out of this discussion.

Given our current data, expansion is likely to indefinitely continue resulting in a universe where no work is possible. Now let us assume that the universe we live in is a one-shot universe i.e. it came from something, but now it's headed for its ultimate decay for eternity. In this universe, the only true possible end would be not heat death (because quantum foam still holds a non-zero probability for creating big-bangs), but a decay of the vacuum state to a yet lower energy state. During this fall, all microscopic quantum fluctuations would be macroscopically relevant and create potentially new universes with different fundamental constants.

The question is how long can this process go on for? Let's say after some N number of drops, the vacuum state does decay into a true vaccum. What then? Quantum laws vanish too? Is that a logical conclusion to make? Why should we say that quantum foam wouldn't exist in a truly zero energy state? Mathematically there is no reason why HUP should cease to exist, therefore there is no true vacuum and there is always a lower energy state to drop into. We either have to invalidate the concept of infinity or give up a very fundamental mathematical truth. What are the hopes for one-shot universe? I can't find a good one.
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How can an electron act both as a particle and a wave? This doesn't make any sense
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Because it's a new disease, it could be just a minor cold or the next black plague, closing off cities to stop the spread regardless of lethality should be basic protocol
stop focusing on the number of people quarantined and focusing on the number of cities, China has over 600 cities with high populations and only 12 are quarantined, and out of those, the only one with a large amount of infected is Wuhan
a prediction based on incomplete data
I am so fucking tired of /pol/fags leaving their containment board every time the "Happening" happens
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Hello /sci/

I want to make a monument to myself which I want to last for as long as possible (hundreds of thousands of years, if possible), so that no matter what happens, this piece of my own creation will be there for as long as possible. It's sort of a life project, so money is only a relative problem.

I was thinking concrete, with metal bars in it, like most other constructions. Not sure tho.

The final monument needs to:
- last very very long
- be virtually immovable (so that no pesky future people can't remove it or even destroy it)
- be able to be get some sort of scripture in it so i can put my name there

Any ideas/tips?
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Seriously, how do you have a 50% surge of known in a 24-hour period? And what exactly are *any* of us in for?

>Chinese coronavirus infections, death toll soar as fifth case is confirmed in U.S.

>BEIJING -- The Chinese government struggled Sunday to cope with a worsening coronavirus epidemic as its official number of infections soared and the death toll rose to 80, while additional cases appeared in the United States.

>The government in Beijing broadened an extraordinary quarantine to more than 50 million people -- roughly equal to the population of Spain -- enforcing a travel ban on 16 cities in central Hubei province, where the lethal virus first appeared.

>In the United States, health officials confirmed three new cases -- one in Arizona and two in California -- bringing the total to five. The patients -- in Southern California, Chicago, Arizona and Washington state -- had traveled from Wuhan, officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. All are hospitalized.

>As of midafternoon Sunday, the CDC has been investigating 100 people in 26 states, including the five who were confirmed infected. Of those, 25 people have been tested and are not infected with the virus.

>Health officials expect more American cases, Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, told reporters. But the virus is not believed to be spreading from person to person in the United States, she said.

>"For this reason, we continue to believe that the immediate health risks from the 2019 coronavirus to the general American public is low at this time," Messonnier said. "But the threat is serious, and our public health response is aggressive, with the aim of helping protect Americans."
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How to escape modern digital entertainment mind prison (games, streaming services, porn)?
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How does The Observer Effect manifests itself in everyday life?
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So I live in a first world country where you are basically worthless and unemployable unless you have gone to uni, not going to specify which. Due to circumstances, I can not start my studies until I'm 25 or 26. I would not like to graduate as a 30 year old with zero work experience. Is there a field (other than compsci) where you can produce a good portfolio from your own home to show experience? I literally have 3 years before I can start studying and I'd like to build expertise in my free time.