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If energy can't be destroyed nor created then what happens to consciousness after we die? It can't just stop existing
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When will the first "alcubierre drive" be invented?
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Not a schizo but what the fuck is going on with the cosmological Axis of Evil, and why isn't the universe as isotropic as we thought and apparently aligned with the solar system
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>People like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion
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Any other anons feel split with their career/decision making?

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1st yr engineer student here. I feel at a crossroad because modern engineering is so removed from pic related and it's all about software/data/etc. Old school shit where you design a machine and build it is fading away. Part of me wants to switch to trade school/vocational school to do something more practical but at the same time, theoretical shit like math etc does fascinate me. However, out of college the jobs are so much more about coding and data which doesn't feel as rewarding to meas seeing the work of your own hands physically .
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Also is simulation theory just a recapitulation of older ideas? It seems like a cultural re-emergence of very old ideas... not to dismiss the idea ofc.

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What's the scientific consensus on eating worms?

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I've been reading that bug-based foods are better for our environment and ultimately seem to be the most rational way of sustaining our lives if we want to save our planet.

What do guys think, would you even consider it?
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What would happen if you were orbiting earth near the speed of light and played an online game with somebody that is stationary on earth?
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Prove area = length * width
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Anyone else read this guy's book? Is it sad that politics has become entrenched in literally everything?
A book that's supposed to be about the science of aging is 60% whining about politics.
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