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sore shoulder from vaccine 5 months later

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so, I had the sore arm symptoms the two days of vaccination, and now, 5 months later, my left shoulder will become sore very similar to how it felt from vaccination. I did recently have covid in the last month, so i'm unsure if this somehow had an affect on my shoulder? Also, this is not a serious side effect at all, and i'm still going to get a booster shot. I'm thinking it may be do to having the needle injected into my arm and not the vaccine itself. Again, this is not serious at all but i'm curious if others have experienced this from the vaccine. (mine was 2 shots of moderna). Again, i'm thinking it's not the vaccine itself, but the route of administration of injecting a needle into the shoulder muscle.

pls no schizos, /pol/retards about how this is the mark of the global homo jew
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Is the human mind plastic enough to change how it perceives the taste of things? When I have kids I want to try to convince their brains that they like the taste of certain things, like vegetables for example. Is there any literature on this kind of thing? Has it been done before?
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Artificial bodies

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Everyone talks about clones and such but how will one even make functional bodies in the first place? Can you even re-create the human brain at all?
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Good morning /sci/. Is there any good pdf book about the Python programing language? I already know the basics, but I would like to understand it step-by-step through the experience of coding different things and experimenting the language in all its possibilities.
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>experiment contradicts current dogma theory
>invent new particle theory to explain it
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Is time travel possible?
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Is computational chemistry based ?
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why do schizo chuds hate him so much?
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NASA chief Bill Nelson talks UFOs and ET life

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What's with the sudden shilling of ayy's? Pic unrelated
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Here's a quantum communication device that will change the world as we know it. You have a transmitter and a receiver both one Planck distance away from another. The receiver is always receiving information and transmitter is always transmitting relevant information. They are both aligned to fit the rotation of the Earth. The devices transmit information at the speed of light. What do we notice? Your inputted data is essentially sent to the past.
>but it only receives its own message! how could that be of any value?
Remember, the device is aligned with the rotation of the earth, the distance is one planck, the speed is that of light, and the outer velocities are all irrelevant. So you *are* sending information to yourself in the past, not your present self.
The transmitter projects in the direction of the receiver to the opposite direction that the Earth spins. Before the receiver has received its message the earth has already spun on its axis, and because time moves in one direction, the past receives the message in the exact moment that it was transmitted.
If you agree that 1. light travels at a constant speed, 2. Planck distance is the shortest possible distance in our Universe, and there can be no shorter distance between two coordinate points, 3. the earth is constantly spinning on its own axis at 1000 mph, then the message is shot at the speed of light back in time to the moment it was sent, in the near past.
This is how you should imagine it: a snail and a cheetah are racing each other. the finish line and the starting line are one planck distance away from each other. They both start at the same time, but because of that they also finish at the same time, their respective speeds being completely irrelevant.
Once you turn on this machine, you will receive an endless stream of information from the future, and you will be transmitting an endless amount of information to the past as well.
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