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Watching pornography rewires the brain to a more juvenile state

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''The neuroscience department at the Université Laval in Canada has uncovered bad news for those with a porn addiction. The university's neuroscientific team has found that people who see pornography not only damage or damage a part of the brain: they actually erodes their brains seeing such lush entertainment.
Yes, porn erodes the prefrontal cortex, a region that only fully develops into adulthood. Rachel Anne Barr, PhD in Neuroscience and one of the researchers, said this area contributes to a person's learning and memory skills, for example, by compromising their ability to gain new knowledge and remember things.

As this area is never developed during adolescence, after being eroded it returns to a similar state of life, which ends up "infantilizing" the person's personality, who will less and less be able to cope with their emotions, compromising also the ability to make decisions and to relate.

In an interview, she said: "It is somewhat paradoxical to consider that what they call 'adult fun' causes the brain to become childish. And the biggest irony is that while pornography promises sexual satisfaction, it delivers just the opposite."

According to her, it is already quite clear that just watching pornography compromises a person's love life "at catastrophic levels." Depression and erectile dysfunction have already been proven to be effects of pornography, and now these are cited in that regard.

Someone's marriage can be compromised as well. The habit of viewing pornography damages the brain's dopamine distribution system. When a person wants, for example, to spend time with his partner, he will be driven, because of this damage, to see pornography instead, moving further and further away from him.
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Explain to me why you believe that Global Warming exists/doesn't exist.
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread

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yet another continuation of >>11211353
"Go easy on the personal questions" edition
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>worksafe board
wtf is this shit.

Do you want science & math to be browsable to be browsable in public?
Can someone send this up the Hiro pipeline..
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What is the best interpretation of quantum mechanics, and why is it the best interpretation?
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Which /sci/ field is most likely to get you laid?
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Just started playing this game.
Doing some research, reading online, watching YouTube
Worth learning?
Seems like a game for incel autists I.e. Bobby Fischer
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Autism and premature death

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Einstein has gotten close to know what is gravity

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The Owner of Physics however has a big hammer and the power of decision on this century.
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