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Do engineers always have to think of new stuff? I can understand making deductions and general inferences from stuff already known, but coming up with something new, getting a new idea, is basically a miracle.
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are you a /sci/entist or a soientist?
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What are the best, worst, and weirdest smelling chemicals you have encountered?

Best: Isopentyl acetate smells like sweet banana candy. according to pop science, it smells like what gros michel bananas tasted like, before they went extinct and the gross slimey cavendish replaced them.

Worst: Butyric acid smells like someone ate cheesy taco bell, subway, and pepperoni pizza, fermented it all together into a sick chunky biley soup in their gut for 8 hours, got food poisoning, then puked it back up as a yellow soup interspersed with red meat chunks.

Weirdest: 1-octanol has a pungent sweet floral smell. You can't decide if it smells good or bad.
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If one wasn't, all could never be.

So the truth to mankind is, we drive ourselves foward only due to our primal needs, and if we were all logical and self-aware we would see that existance itself has no meaning.

Is embracing ignorance the only way out from this philosophical abyss?
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What is the name of this shape?
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Why there's such a denial of hypergamy?

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It appears that nowadays there’s a big denial of hypergamyamongst women, often labeling it as misogynistic or/and as an argument used by beta males to justify their failures. However hypergamy is widely accepted as an heritance from our ancestors, being common among most of the animals we come from. I personally consider that feminists are concerned in silencing hypergamy because we live in a society in which the most animal masculine traits are (justifiably) punishedby law, since you can't murder, hit or rape to prove your worth, while women can keep up by living like if the world owes them something. In my humble opinion, if more women considered fighting the impulses of hypergamy, we would have a generation of more mature and stable women, since most of them hide such inclinations in emotional bursts. That's just my opinion, what do you think? Can science offer any backup?
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How true is this?
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>planet called Earth
>is 75% water
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what exactly does a BA in math qualify me to do
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Why are some of u so stupid at anything not quantitative?