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What future technologies does particle physics and string theory promise?
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If I want to integrate a function that has no elementary antiderivative, will the integral of the corresponding taylor polynomial approximate the solution?
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COVID and menstrual cycle

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My gf is a few weeks late on her period. Took a couple pregnancy tests and both turned up negative. She's not on any birth control and nothing out of the ordinary has happened to her in the past month or so except for the fact that she received the first of two COVID vaccines, and we think this might be the cause. Anyone know of anything similar? Couldn't find much for vaccine and periods, but COVID apparently does fuck with a woman's menstrual cycle and patient accounts are similar (so far) to her situation. This is the best I could find

Can't find anything anywhere about specifically the vaccine and possible effects on a womans menstrual cycle. Any anons out there who could help me out>
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have you ever accidentally destroyed any lab equipment?
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What does onions taste like? Why do people take it and is it good for you?
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Are they Sapient?

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Stone tools, sign language that can be taught to children, concept of prostitution, observed practicing primitive religion, are Chimps sapient? Would killing one be like killing a human, morally speaking?
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I've seen COVID19 infection and death statistics, and also informed myself on how it works on a basic level since I dont know biology, i see that it has a super low death rate which is probably even lower since alot of infections arent reported, and the quasi totality of deaths are old people in the 60 to 90 age range, so why should people stay closed in their houses, close shops and dont do shit for all that time?
One reason given to me is to not overload hospitals, but it seems stupid to block everything just to avoid that.
The other is just stupid emotionality: "people are dying for that dont you care?".
The only reasonable one I have thinked of is that the virus mutates thanks to all the reproduction mass contagion affords it and becomes a nasty one.

But besides that I dont see why not roll the dice and just say fuck it let's open up and restart living, who dies dies.
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Scientific progress must be stopped immediately

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Every once in a while, there is a thread that can act as the entrance to the rabbithole.
For anyone really involved in the scientific process, specially in academia, it becomes readily obvious that science marches on blindly, without regard to the real welfare of the human race or to any other standard, obedient only to the psychological needs of the scientists and of the government officials and corporation executives who provide the funds for research.
Now, people are waking up to just how depraved a few billions worth of power can make you, ya know, pizza and that stuff.
Now, think about the future where we can modify human experience as we please, how about genetics?
YOU KNOW that if those breakthroughs are reached, humans are eventually create poor suffering beings with no more purpose or ability than to satisfy them in any sick way they can imagine.
>You can create living dolls that don't suffer, so who cares.
You know humanity, you know in that case some important minority of powerful people would give those ungodly beings the ability to suffer just so they get more satisfaction out of torturing it.
The question is if humans are to be trusted with these technologies, we aren't.
Now, what do we do?

Btw, pic related, who painted that?
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Diversity in Science

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I am studying a STEM course (masters degree). Recently we were forced to take some new course about something "scientific integrity".
I stumbled upon following statement which is extremely vague formulated (pic very related).
My issue however is that I think this statement is false and is very harming for science to say things like that. Do you have any solid proofs for this or something that denies it?
What is your opinion on university forcing us to take this course?
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>You Should Be Able To Solve This
Mate in one
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