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Stage 3 colon cancer. Doctor said it's spread to my lymph nodes. How fucked am I?
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Is there any scientific evidence that shows souls might exist, how are we alive. What sets us apart from any other object with a similar chemical makeup? Is it really all just chemical reactions what truly makes us different and "alive"?
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No-Fap - legit or broscience? #5

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Previous thread: >>11534971
Alexander Rhodes who was suffering from porn addiction started a movement called No-Fap. People from all over the world joined the challenge as they try to overcome porn addiction by abstaining from masturbation. But is it beneficial to do so? Or is it harmful?
Here are some studies I found about >the dangers of pornography:
1. Neuroscience of pornography addiction
2. Watching porn causes sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction.
3. Porn cause lowering of acetylcholine levels, which causes brain fog
4. Porn can affect your sexual tastes especially in your younger age

And here are some other studies about >the dangers of jerking off and benefits of No-Fap
1. Masturbation can cause hair loss
2.No-fap raises levels of testosterone
3. Masturbation harms functionality of brain regions connected with dopaminergic system. It can cause decrease of one’s motivation
4.Ejaculation reduces oxytocin levels. Oxitocin is a hormone responsible for bonding with other human beings.

Please share your thoughts in the replies. Counter-argument and studies are welcomed.
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Variation of mass with velocity

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If you move 1 m/s slower than the velocity of light, what is your new mass?
if rest mass is 1
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Has anyone looked into this new Geometric Unity theory from Mr. Weinstein? He was on Rogan explaining it... what I understood is, he wants to go back to Einstein and pave a new way by 'geometrizing' it all in a different way, via a 14-dimensional construct and some self-reference loop? Is it woo woo?

Pic. related. Mr. Weinstein with another decorated Scholar.
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/coronavirus/ general

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Main thread for everything coronavirus.
Have you been diagnosed with coronavirus?

Have you survived or are you currently fighting coronavirus?

Are you a healthcare worker who has to take care of coronavirus patients?

Latest info on treatments and anything else coronavirus?

Latest numbers and data on Coronavirus:
1,097,508 confirmed infections
58,536 confirm deaths
221,303 confirmed recoveries
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread

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"Try to stay positive" edition.
Previously >>11522896

>what is /sqt/ for
Questions relating to math and science, plus appropriate advice requests.
>where do I go for other SFW questions and requests?
>>>/wsr/ , >>>/g/sqt , >>>/diy/sqt , >>>/diy/ohm , >>>/adv/ , etc.
>pdfs? (Warn me if the link breaks.)
>book recs?
>how do I post math symbols?
>a google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where do I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

Question asking tips and tricks:
>attach an image
>look up the Tex guide beforehand
>if you've made a mistake that doesn't actually affect the question, don't reply to yourself correcting it. Anons looking for people to help usually assume that questions with replies have already been answered, more so if it has two or three replies
>ask anonymously
>check the Latex with the Tex button on the posting box
>if someone replies to your question with a shitpost, ignore it

Good charts:!40U0zAja!cmRxsIoiLFZ_Mvu2QCWaZg
Shitty charts:!NoEHnIyT!rE8nWyhqGGO7cSOdad6fRQ (Post any that I've missed.)
Answer engine:
Tables, properties, material selection:
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/sfg/ Space Flight General

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Moon exploration edition

Earth here >>11531235
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Spider identification

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I live in Toronto and I uh.. just found this in my bed.

Level with me /sci/

How fucked am I?
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How to become emotionally detached from everything (no joy, anger or sadness)?
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