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Considering the factors in overhauling our entire standard of living to stop climate change, should we put more money into mitigating the effects of climate change instead?
It definitely looks cheaper and more doable than literally stopping the ongoing global industrial revolution.
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>Ends your universe with no warning
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What's up with parapsychology?

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Is it a dead academic field? or entirely pseudoscientific? any new experiments like near-death-experience, remote viewing, precog, time travel etc?
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Is chiropractic still quackery if chiropractors dispense with all the energy woo and just do all that joint-crack shit?
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>doing some logic test for a company
>1 hour limit time, ok
>do it carefully and taking my time, there's 18 questions
>end with 5 minutes left
>end up with 38/100 points (?????)
>pretty fucking sure i didn't fuck up this much
>realize it was deducing points because i took my time
>it was just a fucking IQ test, not a real test

Holy shit i am mad.
Fukc IQ and fuck capitalism.
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What would Physics have to say about such extravagant alien skies?

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another example that drew my eye:
Doing some world building for me book. Wanted to explore the possibility of a very different and perhaps more majestic sky. I suspect it would be a rare artist that consults astronomers before paining such images, but if one did, I wonder what the verdict would be.

Any resources out there that looked at the question - 'if the sky looks like this from planet's surface, what does that tell us about conditions on that surface'?

Specific points of interest
>Large planets or large moons visible with naked eye from surface - 5%+ of the sky
>Can a planet have its own asteroid belt that would be visible from surface
>Multiple suns, different colored suns
>Multiple moons but retaining earth-like climate and conditions
>Galaxies and nebulas visible with naked eye
>Planet with a larger surface area but same gravity on the surface? (perhaps hollow, or just less dense core?)
Perhaps most pertinent
If a scientist was picking making a new planet, wanted best view of the sky but still habitable world - what choices would he make?
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/mg/ - maths general

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Formerly, >>13389731
Hairer edition
Talk about math
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idk if this is the right board.. w/e
i walked by the bottom columns of this fucking stick and i saw the concrete has AIR BUBBLES

before 40 years this shit has to be tear down
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>business studies
>low tier
kek stay poor faggots
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