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what kind of hormones do pornstars use to enchance their dick size

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what kind of chemicals do pornstars or guys with big dick take to make their dicks grow?
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Are humans the weakest primate species? If yes why did we become so weak evolutionary? just realize that most untrained apes can kill a human.
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Sexual dimorphism in mental traits

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Why are there so many people now who believe there are zero differences between the brains of males and females? I'm seeing everyday normal people who you would think would know better, tell me behavioral differences between biological males and females are completely socially constructed.

Why is the world now out aggressively rejecting established science? Denial of human instincts is what every religious cult does to brainwash people.
I'm not a "nazi" or "alt right" or anything, I'm very liberal and I'm pro-lgbt. Why are people who accept science treated as nazi conspiracy theorists now?

Can I get some sources showing differences in the makeup of male vs female brains?
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Cheet sheets for thermo or pchem, anybody ?
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>made my conspiracy theorist brother fall for the dihydrogen monoxide scam
How was your day?
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COVID Engineering

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What stops people from endlessly CRISPR-engineering new COVID strains that avoid all vaccines? Lockdowns could last indefinitely, and new vaccines would need to be constantly taken. Sounds like a one way ticket to dystopia.
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why can't we just genetically engineer a disease identical to covid, however remove the ability to get sick from it (like the vaccine), and that will give long-lasting antibodies.

Make it spread like wildfire and set it free in the population. Covid is no more.
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>look only through left eye
a bit blurry
>look only through right eye
a bit blurry
>look through both eyes
crystal clear, no blur at all

What is behind this phenomenon? This is with glasses on btw
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