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Why Didn't They Bail Out?

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Why did they go ahead and decide to launch the rocket when they weren't even able to communicate with each other over radio? I imagine the signal would've been almost completely unintelligible had they actually launched. They should've told them to just bail out. I guess the crewmembers didn't want to look like traitors to their own country by bailing out without being told to do so, but they were the most anxious about actually going inside the cockpit.
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What is negative energy?

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Is negative energy basically just physicists shitposting?
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Uhm... Feels strange

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The greatest invention

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What would the greatest invention of all time be? Time travel? True AI? Faster-than-light travel? Ageing reversal/immortality? Matrix-level simulations?
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How does /sci/ still deny evolution now with this happen right in front of their eyes?
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How the fuck are these native to North Carolina of all places? Shouldn't they be in the jungle somewhere?
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Why do viruses exist?
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how scientific is the 41% meme? whats the margin of error on that stat?
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