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You really should be able to do this.

Prove rigorously that if a + b = c, then c cannot be less than either a or b.
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Stem Cell Research

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Why have I heard nothing about stem cells in over a decade? What's going on with them? Any progress? Is it still locked up legally?
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Will a technological utopia ever be achieved?
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Is schizophrenia the next stage of humanity? Being able to see patterns where logic alone will not reveal them? Communicating with 4D entities? I mean, yeah, it isn't a great trait now but the first people with blue eyes probably looked ugly as fuck. What is the scientific thought on this?
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MC1R gene mutation

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I have come to the smartest 4chan board for answers...

What is more likely... That the MC1R gene mutation found in Neanderthals and humans which causes red hair and pale skin occurred separately in both species or that it was it passed down through interbreeding?
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Space Fighters

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I have a thread up on /k/ about this that focuses a bit more on the tactics and strategy to the utilization of space fighters in a realistic space combat situation.
For this thread, I'd like to focus a bit more on the actual science behind a space fighter rather than the tactics. Would you be able to create a practical space fighter without it being over sized and over burdened? What weapon systems could be utilized and which ones would realistically require more radiators that would be bigger than the spacecraft itself?
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If one wasn't, all could never be.

So the truth to mankind is, we drive ourselves foward only due to our primal needs, and if we were all logical and self-aware we would see that existance itself has no meaning.

Is embracing ignorance the only way out from this philosophical abyss?
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So I live in a first world country where you are basically worthless and unemployable unless you have gone to uni, not going to specify which. Due to circumstances, I can not start my studies until I'm 25 or 26. I would not like to graduate as a 30 year old with zero work experience. Is there a field (other than compsci) where you can produce a good portfolio from your own home to show experience? I literally have 3 years before I can start studying and I'd like to build expertise in my free time.
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Where is all the science?
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Can someone explain to me whats the connection between higher dimensions, parallel universes and reincarnation? What happens with consciousness after you die, where does it go?