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Why did it collapse?
Whose fault was it?
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>Accepted to math program at state uni
>enrolling for spring semester
>can't enroll into calc I
> pre req: 620 on SAT math portion OR math 128(precalc)

Fuck this jew school, I got 610, thats 75th percentile...
According to collegeboard information, the average math or engineering major would be required to take precalc....

Seems like a scam to squeeze 4 credits worth out of students.
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why are you on this board?

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>meta thread: one is allowed.

so anons, why are you on /sci/
1) i like science and want to engage in science talk
2) i like science but want to shitpost amongst /sci/ anons
3) i hate science and want to engage in anti-science talk
4) i hate science and want to troll /sci/ people who like science
5) i don’t know shit about science and this is where i come to form my opinion for some reason
6) other (please specify)
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what would a glass filled with bacteria look like?
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How can I avoid this scientific inevitably? should I stop lifting?
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Hey so given that gay sex is a much greater health risk than coof why are we asked to mask whereas they're allowed to hit it raw and even deliberately get diseases?
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Potential of getting a Math Major

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What's /sci/'s opinion on choosing to major in mathematics? Would I be retarded to choose this? Im not going to focus on a coding concentration because of how disgusting the /g/tards smell in my comp sci classes.

Would it be a waste to major in math vs going into something else? Or at least jumpstart from that into a masters program in buisness
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Does anyone else ever get the thought that reality is a really raelly really REALLY really really really REALLY REALLY really really really really REALLY really REALLY strange place? I mean wtf are we even doing here
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