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>miss this nigga.

couldn't move but one finger, still innovated in science, wrote books and nailed pussy, he banged all of his caretakers, they couldn't get off his D.
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>professor doesnt email back after i ask him a question
should i email him again? i dont want to be pushy
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hey /sci/ is there any evidence against the NoFap hypothesis? it seems pretty compelling
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have you ever invented (discovered) something new an useful in mathematics? If not, why do you pretend to be a mathematician?
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Toxicology thread

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What's the best rat poison?
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Is schizophrenia the next stage of humanity? Being able to see patterns where logic alone will not reveal them? Communicating with 4D entities? I mean, yeah, it isn't a great trait now but the first people with blue eyes probably looked ugly as fuck. What is the scientific thought on this?
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I feel like a Brainlet

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Do you guys ever get glimpses of awareness where you catch your attention slipping and realize you are just a bag of bones, blood and nerves with a limited brain capacity shackled down by our evolutionary history sending tons of involuntary thoughts and urges you have to constant battle.

I feel like stupid, retarded brainlet that cannot function without some stims. Am I the only one?
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At first I thought schizophrenia was cool, but seeing the recent onslaught of schizo /x/ crossposters on /sci/ was a huge revelation for me. Like holy shit, you guys are seriously like children. Retard tier IQ. Can't think in categories, 0 reading comprehension, extremely narcissistic. If something doesn't fit in your mind, it's not because you misread something or misremembered, it's le societies fault. None of you have ever had one useful insight in any of the fields you're interested. And how could you? You're all beyond retarded. Just look at Tooker. He's the embodiment of all the traits I wrote here. Dumb, fat, unsuccessful, child-tier reading comprehension, low reasoning abilities, virgin-tier social abilities, highly narcissistic. His "proof" is an absolute joke. People on this board have pinpointed precisely why his proof is wrong many many times in terms so clear that my 8 year old sister could understand, yet he continues to cope and delude himself into thinking he's a genius, ignoring everything that is said to him. Same with every other schizoposter on this board. Every single one of them is awful, without exception. I wouldn't mind if they were euthanized. I am thankful everyday that I'm not that kind of mentally ill.
I guess my question is, since I'm making a thread on /sci/, do we worship our scientific heros too much to the point the narcissists get attracted to the topic only for the clout? Should we only focus on the achievements and not the people, like Perelman wants us too?
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help a brainlet out

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i don't usually come to /sci/, so i don't know if this was posted before
if one needs to learn calculus1 - can he jump straight into precalc and then learn calc1 or he should follow the algebra1-geometry-algebra2-trigonometry route?