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What physics want to erase at all cost

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I implore all hackers, don't let this equation die because physicists are trying to erase it in any way with a fallacious argument. They say the error in the equation is that Poincaré said that they cannot add curvilinear vectors to rectilinear vectors. But this equation does not do that, it is that one of the rectilinear vectors can only be solved with curvy equations, but the vector is rectilinear. I am discrediting physical science today. To prove this, just think of a kid boy skating in the same direction as he closes scissors. To solve this, you have to add the rectilinear vector of the skateboard + the rectilinear of the scissors, cutting edge. Only to know the straight line vector of the cut, you can only equate it with a curvilinear equation.

They cannot prove the opposite with equations, they are just arguing it and erasing it from all the places it has the power to erase.
to all hackers

It is a 6D relativistic space equation.
I don't know why they do that.
In fact, in part I know, they are all bitten because I found out what they went through life to find out. This is a physical joke. I am famous among Brazilian physicists and they hate me for that, they want to erase at all costs. Just because I'm not a physics graduate. But it is obvious that the equation raises its own thesis.
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Adolescent Bullying, Dating, and Mating: Testing an Evolutionary Hypothesis

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According to the general theory of relativity, gravity is a byproduct of matter/energy distorting space itself.
How can empty space bend?
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Reminder that Empiricism is literally just anecdotal evidence, but repeated and written down over time.

Anyone who gets mad at this or disagrees is not intelligent.
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This seems like a series of a thousand or so if-then responses. If I program something like, and this will be incorrect but you'll get it:
if input=some_derivative in response_dictionary:
reply corresponding_response of input in response_dictionary
else some_derivative not in response_dictionary:
reply randomized_element(response_if_dont_know)

Have I successfully programmed an intelligence? AI gf here I come.
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>Kardashev scale

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what are some other useful math tricks beyond this example?
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Does anyone else think it's retarded that Lutetium and Lawrencium aren't considered Transition Metals, even though the longer version of the periodic table puts them under Group 3? (Where they rightfully belong) Sometimes Lanthanum and Actinium take their place which really pisses me off. It just doesn't make any sense.
Also pic related is a custom wallpaper I made that shows how I think the elements should be placed in the PT. Feel free to criticize my reasoning or wallpaper.
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strip hawking of his nobel

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bringing science into disrepute should be punished, whether you are dead or alive.
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Every time some brown bratty pajeet pre-med college student complains about "ochem", calls "orgo" a GPA killer, asks the professor "wats gonna be on da exam", asks for "study tips", etc, a lawnmower runs over a cute bunny.

As a chemistry major who does organic chemistry at home as a hobby, I want to slap them. the fact that they make up 99% of my chemistry classes, up until senior year, is why I can't make friends at college.
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