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Tfw they dont know that the admissions process is the least racist part of academic admissions.

Once you get in the secret racists get to bully you.
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is freud pseudoscience or do i really want to fuck my retarded mother
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Let’s say that an average Western man, with average Western man education and knowledge, got transported back in time around 2000 years.
What would be his best chance to make a huge scientific impact for the times and be remembered and one the most important people in history?
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maths problem

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I have 64 teams
each team gets 3 matches

How many matches is there ?

Whats the equation ?
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Integrated Circuits

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I heard that getting one of these too close to a static source can damage them in ways that aren't immediately detectable. How do they test for latent failures in integrated circuits like this?
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sci thoughts on polyphasic sleep schedules, and good books on sleep?

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i am very interested in the idea and limits of sleep. t seems to me that very little is known on what most people today spend 1/3+ of their lives doing.

i wanted to ask sci if you had any recommended reading on sleep/why we need it/how much we need+why.

i've read up on polyphasic sleep, namely puredoxyk's book, but i realise it's not more than pseudoscience/protoscience atm and was wondering if there was more done, maybe well-known rct's and (preferably) books? what are your thoughts on uberman/everyman/dymaxion etc? do any of you have experiences with any of them?

i've heard of picrel but i'm more than a little sceptical seeing its popularity and having read the insufferable introduction, would you recommend it?
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Skipping academia?

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Can you skip years while getting BSc/MSc in US?

Like you get admitted, you pass the exams/do the labs for the third year and get into the fourth year immediately?
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Camp Bisco & MKULTRA

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This is a wild story and I’m well aware I sound insane, but I saw a similar thread asking if anyone believes this type of shit happens, so I figured I’d share my experience. There’s too many characters for one post so I had to string together a bunch of screenshots so I apologize if it’s difficult to read..
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What STEM field has the highest % of females?
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How true is this post
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