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N-Dimensional Programming Library

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Do /sci/tards have any preferred geometry libraries for programming in a more natural language, or do you simply abstract all of you required parameters and operations back down to variable and function types native to your programming language? I've reached a point where I can only improve by working on projects, but don't want to reinvent the wheel for a millionth time if there are already tools that address this issue. Ideally I'd want to work with a library that can abstract geometry in n-dimensions that I could specify at runtime, and all fundamental objects like vectors, points, lines, surfaces, etc., are all adjusted to meet that requirement. So many times I've seen people recreate this work in a static-dimension size, but never really in the more general way.
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>scientific study of 4chan
why are scientists so interested in me? what are they hoping to find out about me? why are those creeps spying on me? who is paying them to spy on me?
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Is this true?
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Chinese astronauts return to Earth after six months in space aboard the Chinese ?? Space Station
Life Inside New ?? China Space Station
China's incentive to build its own space station was amplified after NASA refused Chinese participation in the International Space Station in 2011, although China, Russia and Europe mutually vowed intentions to maintain a cooperative and multilateral approach in space.
Why China Is About To Take Over Space!
China Reveals 800m Rocket To Beat Elon Musk & USA!
China is showcasing a number of elements for future human lunar landing missions at a major airshow and stating that super heavy-lift rocket will be ready by 2028.
Two super heavy-lift rockets, the return capsule from a prototype new-generation crew spacecraft, its parachutes and a Chang’e-5 spacecraft are on display at the 13th Zhuhai Airshow, which runs Sept. 28–Oct. 3.
The in-development launchers and crew spacecraft could provide China with the capabilities to land astronauts on the moon by around 2030. Beyond this the largest rocket would also be able to deliver architecture to the lunar surface for long-term stays.
A model of Chang’e-5 was also showcased. In 2020 the mission demonstrated some of the manoeuvres and technologies—lunar orbit rendezvous and docking and high-speed skip reentry—required to get astronauts safely back home.
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Is brain training effective or just a gimmick?
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Neuroscientifically speaking, how do I stop being a neurotic fuck?
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So, /sci/...

Is Buckminster right?

Show me examples of ugly solutions that were right.
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Zoom in and look closely.

This is how my normal vision is. Whenever I look at walls or something I am seeing such patterns. I got this from an bad acid trip.

How to fix this? The only time it goes away is when I meditate for 1 hour or more but comes back the next day and meditating 1 hour a day is exhausting.

Any meds or supplements I can take to fix this? On the other hand is still think it's pretty based to see patterns no one else can se.
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this has been eating me the whole week

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if you zoom-in on a line you draw, would it be possible to zoom-it infinitely and thus attribute a length of infinite digits, or would you not be able to go after a certain point and all you would see of the line would be tiny particles arranged in a discrete manner, which you could then use to determine the length of the line in cm? (let's say you know the line you drew has at least 1 cm but it's lower than 1.2 cm, you would count how many elementary particles there are in 1 cm, then count exactly how many elementary particles there are left on the line, and then convert the number of particles you counted to the equivalent in cm, thus getting the true, precise, exact length of the line your drew)

If it's the latter, doesn't it disprove the existence of real numbers in physical reality?
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