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>Epidemiologists pull models out of their ass with crap methodologies.
>Predict millions of deaths.
>World goes into panic.

Once (not if) their predictions are shown to be overblown, will they be penalized in some way? They are making the entire scientific community look bad and fueling "told you so" conspiracy nuts. This is gonna discredit even climate change models in the long run.

Why do people outside of statistics and physics insist so much in misusing scientific methodology for personal profit? Why doesn't the scientific community shun them?
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Protein Absorption

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Hi /sci/

Do you know anything protein absorption?

I read this article saying you can only absorb 15g of protein from a protein shake. So I'm shitting out the extra 9g of protein in every shake I have.
It refers to this study, which says you can use enzymes to increase absorption significantly:
>The results of this study indicate that supplementing 50 g of [whey protein concentrate] with 50 mg/g or 100 mg/g [enzymes]... significantly increased the absorption rate of [whey protein concentrate] over controls.

What do you think, /sci/? Is it legit?

Do I need enzymes? Or maybe I just need more meat which will probably stay in the gut for longer.
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why is it taking stupid science bitches so long to make a vaccine?

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Doesn't that deathcount seem rather high /sci/?
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What will unemployed Dentists now do?
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>be me
>Physics grad student
>about to have paper out
>just need le fancy plots
>start using gnuplot
>easy, intuitive, comfy
>easily best plotting software Ive used
>takes ~3 min to get amazing plot
>send godlike .svg to advisor
>he wants source script so he can run it
>he has windows, not mac
>send all material, tell him he needs gnu related
>"I will test"
>hear nothing back for 4 days
>"anon, we use qtiplot"
>"it is easy, no reason not to use"
>"we can send back & forth"
>mfw it takes me ~1 hour to make ONE FUCKING PLOT with qti-shit
>have to prep data first
>plots look stupid and gay
>axis' don't even connect
>there is fucking formatting issues everywhere
>fuck him, still want to use gnuplot
>I quit science
>time for comp sci career
Jesus anons, are all advisors such faggots? Fuck this
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The Fermi paradox and Dark Matter are two misteries that solve each other.
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Tigers can catch a virus from people

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Ok, I am now calling bullshit.
There has to be something else going on with these tests.
This makes literally zero sense.
Virologists on /sci/ wanna chime in on this?
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