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>this is what transhumanists actually believe
Why does the I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE! crowd treat science fiction like some kind of prophecy?
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Why do /pol/tards hate him so much?
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anyone here good at MATLAB Simulink?!!? I can't get this damn problem figured out and I'm willing to pay for help on how to do it.

I have two balls, one is a lead ball which is going at 60 mph while a follower ball is initially at 55 mph 20 ft behind the lead ball. I have to make this follower ball match the speed of the lead ball and maintain the 20ft distance exactly.

I have the equations of motion, but I literally can't do anything with them with so many unknowns. LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP AND WHAT YOUR COST IS because I really want to learn this
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Are you ready to give back 8.5 points of IQ to corona-chan, /sci/?

"The scale of the observed deficits was not insubstantial; the 0.57 SD global composite score reduction for the hospitalised with ventilator sub-group was equivalent to the average 10-year decline in global performance between the ages of 20 to 70 within this dataset. It was larger than the mean deficit of 512 people who indicated they had previously suffered a stroke (-0.40SDs) and the 1016 who reported learning disabilities (-0.49SDs). For comparison, in a classic intelligence test, 0.57 SDs equates to an 8.5-point difference in IQ."
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Why don't we just set up a giant drill on Europa?

None of that gay little robot shit, just a huge drill manned by good american oil drillers and astronauts.
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Has anyone successfully blackmailed a professor? Or perhaps has a professor ever let somthing slide that they shouldn't have?
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Is psychiatry and the labelling of mental illnesses just a form of social control?

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Take the existence of "oppositional defiance disorder" (enjoying having agency over yourself) for example, or every male child being put on amphetamines to make them obedient at school.
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Hypothetically speaking, if we assembled all the Chimps and naturally selected the ones with the closest genetic characteristics to humans how many generations would it take to get one that was indistinguishable from a human?
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How long till we have Bionic arms BETTER than organic ones?

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