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So, can some /sci/mian explain to me how the misnomered Spitzer (launched 2003, already retired this year) telescope wasn't 90% inferior to Hubble (launched 1990, planed to run to 2050)?
Or, to a lesser extent, how the Webb telescope will be better than Hubble and not another flop?
It seems like academic endeavors have gotten less trustworthy and impressive every year for the past three decades.
Especially when it comes to astronomy; half of it is just ceaseless babbling about dark energy with nothing to show for it.
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Hello, I'm a civil industrial engineer that has been working in the field of mining(real mining) as a data analyst for the past eight months, and I'm starting to get attached with data science/analyst, such a good field.
Already using the most common tools for these but I'm getting stuck in the theory of analytics, my statistical knowledge is average and it's showing in the BI aspect.
Please give me your advice, anything is welcomed
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Who is the most /sci/ occultist? For me it is Tesla
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Is this based on science?
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The Panic

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While everyone is panicking, wasting their time cooming to porn, playing games - in general spending the majority of their time in cognitive haze, what can one do in order to get ahead in the society that will remain after this lockdown is lifted in a year or two? Whats the most useful skill you can develop right now? What are other anons like me doing?
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I just solved the Riemann hypothesis.
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Religious wrong

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Hey, Sorry if I'm in the wrong group. I've been trying to post, but it keeps marking me as spam (probably from me posting a facebook link).

There's a religious group that is funneling in donations during the covid-19 scare, promising to "blow the virus away" with jesus. My grandma donated a lot of money to these people (we cancelled, she got her money back, but STILL) and I hate to see folks using a belief system to trick elderly people out of their funds.

Their facebook is below, but they also have other venues... I'm really not sure what to do.
My grandma is safe, but I'm sure they're messing with a bunch of other elderly folk out there.

Any way I can help stop this? (I had to remove the facebook, but they are Kenneth Copeland Ministries)
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Since people are using more and more soap/rubbing alcohol/sanatizer because of the corona scare, are more powerful bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms being created?
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Have you mastered all of undergraduate math already?
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/pg/ Physics General #1

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ITT: everything physics.

REMEMBER: INSTEAD OF CREATING A NEW THREAD JUST FOR YOUR QUESTION - ASK IT HERE. Single question threads drown in like a day anyway.

I'll start.

I just began going through my undergrad nuclear physics course.
Am I right in understanding that:

> nuclei to the right of the maximum (pic related) have lower B/A because at that point Coulomb potential is very high so nucleus can be split into various combinations of ("strongest") nuclei with a limited loss of nuclear force potential since it's limited range, but with a big loss of net Coulomb potential, which makes it energetically economical
> nuclei to the left of the maximum have lower B/A since for nucleons closer to the surface there are less other nucleons to strongly interact with due to higher curvature?
> nuclei with minimal A numbers have lowest B/A due to some quantum stuff (what is it?)

> nuclear force between same nucleons is bigger than between different ones

> there are separate shells of stability for neutrons and protons in the nucleus?
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