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physical examination edition


We discuss clinical practice and research, DO NOT offer advice (just fucking go see your doctor) make fun of premeds and shitpost. Please keep vaccination/clamping/vitamin K/soliciting advice out of this thread and start your own because it takes a lot of space.

>inb4 not science
>inb4 poor amerimutts wanting medical advice
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Is everything discovered in physics?
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And with the final breath, the last remaining quality and value of a university degree passed away. Dumbed down courses, and no selectivity.
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what is calculus?

I have taken and received good grades in cal 1 and 2 at uni and when someone directly asked me what it was alll i know to say is "annoying math classes i had to take for my major"
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No, dumbarse. That's your body. You're not the body.

When your mother dies, you go to the funeral and sit at her side. You look at her body and you know it's not her. You know she is not there anymore.
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The petty joys of making it

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>be me
>BSc, MSc, PhD
>whole time as grad student my in-laws could not understand what I was doing, passively suggesting I should get a job, dismissing my plans and attempts to keep them informed on what I’m doing
>brother-in-law “James” works as manager of big box store, always tells me I need to get a job
>Start postdoc, turn down a few job offers the first year until the perfect job in the perfect location comes up
>suddenly my in-laws always knew I was going to be a success and are proud, “James” pretends nothing has changed and that I’m not starting at 6 figures, something he’ll never hope to attain
>James loses his job
>James goes through a few manager positions within two years
>James is now doing landscaping and odd jobs
>Father-in-law’s birthday coming up and everyone plans on flying in for surprise celebration
>James can’t afford it and his cunt wife won’t give him airfare, can’t ask his parents because it is a surprise
>James asks my wife, who stays at home with our child
>I magnanimously transfer airfare $$$ to James after asking how long before he’ll pay it back, he can barely look at me in the eyes over Facetime
>Before I hang up I tell him he should really try to get a better job
>Celebrate father-in-law’s birthday
>Mother-in-law thanks me in private for paying for James’ ticket, says she’ll reimburse me
>I say don’t think of it, James will pay me back
>But James really should get a better job

I know it is petty but 6+ years of their passive bullshit while I was working my ass off and I can’t help but rub it in.
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Covid is claimed to be caused by SARS-CoV2, an "RNA Virus'.

They are claiming the existence of a set of RNA instructions which exists on its own and is simply protected by a 'capsid' or 'shell' of material. That's not a lifeform, it has no legs or arms or even a flagellum to move about. It has no metabolism and no intelligence.

In nature, the ONLY organisms we ever find are made up of cells which contain DNA and RNA. RNA is used to transcribe that DNA (the 'master plan') to produce proteins. There is no lifeform on earth that exists simply "with" or "as" RNA absent a living organism made up of cell\s containing DNA.

DNA and RNA never exist on their own and never 'act' in any intelligent or agentive way. They exist inside living organisms. In other words, DNA and RNA alone have no drive to live or aquire resources or replicate - only organisms do that, and yet routinely in literature written by those pushing the existence of SARS-CoV2 they talk about "mutation" and "adaptation" and use all sorts of language as if such a virus is an organism, but according to their own definition it is NOT and shouldn't be described in those ways. It is essentially a passive 'object'.

Just think about this for a moment. Any person with a wide understanding of the basics of life on earth should find the idea of viruses, especially of "RNA Viruses" patently ridiculous.

Viruses don't exist. It's simply bad science that's well funded by rent-seeking agencies and big pharma. They spread the fear of a "novel" (new) virus, and testing was invented for it (based on computer models, no complete, intact RNA genome was ever found), so cases of respiratory illness that would otherwise have been labeled "flu" or "cold" or "pneumonia" were re-labeled 'covid', that's why you see a massive drop in flu and significant drops in pneumonia rates since covid. If you abolished all these terms and simply measured "respiratory illness" from 2018 to today, nothing significant has changed.
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Only want to discuss with people that are against Interracial Marriage

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I am mixed race (southeast asian, caucasian) and pretty successful (SWE in finance, IQ 140). Which women should I start a family with? Should I go with the caucasian women of the country i reside in (and was born and raised in)? Or can I go with Asian expats? Or: Should they also be a caucasian/asian mix?
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This dude is everything I wish I was. He's the richest man in the world, has changed the world with groundbreaking tech, and has SEVEN kids who will ensure that his bloodline will last long into the future. We're all basically just spectators in his world.
The only thing I would do differently is get married to a faithful woman before I became rich. He has awful taste in women.
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How does facial recognition work /sci/?
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