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Industrial Engineering

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Waste of time yes or no
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Are there shitty radioactive elements that decay in like 3 seconds completely useless or what?
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Pig man

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Fair to say this could be the next big medical invastion of the 21st century?
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fuck there is so much information to learn. how on earth do you retain everything?
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I need help identifying this plant.
And also is it edible. I am in straya and just got my loicense to have a little walk, i want to know what type of plant this is.
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>set theory gives math a solid foundation

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For the first time, we can selectively form covalent bonds between single molecules. This allows us to synthesize structures beyond what is possible with solution phase chemistry. This is just the beginning. Now excuse me while I try to post a link to the paper in nature an fail miserably at it because 4chan doesn't allow links to nature: ash 021 dash 00773-4
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*Ahem...* Evolution isn't real, free will exists! NO I will not read your circlejerk peer reviewed (read: ministry of truth approved) "evidence". The mind is something ethereal, so are feelings and instincts. If the purpose of life was just to survive, there would be no need to "evolve" past viruses. Yes, yes... science doesn't answer "why" questions, I know the usual rebuttal... newsflash, this is why science is becoming obsolete in the post-modern technocentric world. Tesla himself said that without science studying the non-physical, it will remain stagnant, as we see happening today.

This inevitably means accepting religion as a valid player in the study of the universe, not just godless money laundering institutions like universities (spit on their greedy ways).

God is the prime mover, keeper and seal of the universe. God is great!

PS: To all whom reply negatively, you will never "evolve" into a woman.
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Look at the thread topics.
This has become a /pol/ sub-board.

This is supposed to be a place for the sciences, but everything has become RACE & ANTI-VAX.

Pls help, Jannies (or whomever)?
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Tell me /sci/, what is the most based liquid?
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