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If you gave the blueprints for a WW1 plane to engineers in 1850, how long would it take to make one?
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So it has an incubation period up to two weeks? So a week and a half from now we'll know the truth. Whether its nothing or a big deal? Or am I not understanding something
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If you can lift a 5 pound weight with 2 pounds of force using pulleys, why cant you make a perpetual motion machine?

The 2 pounds lifts the 5 pounds, then you use the 5 pounds to lift the 2 pounds.
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Climate change

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Should we take action to try and prevent climate change, /sci/?

I would say the US, Latin America, Africa, most of Asia, and Australia all have an incentive to change (pic related).

But Canada, Russia, and northern Europe don't.
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/mg/ - math general

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Previously: >>11310872

What are you working on /mg/?
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The real Tesla

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How come no one has tried to replicate some of Tesla’s more interesting projects like the
Wardenclyffe Tower?
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Look at the top of her head. If she's so smart why did she die from radioactive poisoning lmao
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gravity is an emergent property of time being a local phenomenon

am i in the ballpark?
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Why is this true?
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