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Antibodies from COVID vs. Vaccine

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Can anyone help me find some information on vaccination for people who have already had COVID?
I had it in December (it sucked) and I'm struggling to find and solid research on how effective my natural antibodies are compared to vaccinations. I saw something suggesting only 1 booster just as a precaution, but the majority of what I've read is "we don't have any fucking idea, but a vaccination is probably a safe bet"
I'm not entirely opposed to vaccination but would like to make an informed decision. If I had never had COVID before, I would probably just get vaccinated.
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>130 verbal iq
>88 spatial iq
Anyone else have a major discrepancy like this?
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How risky is the Corona vaccine really?
My parents are pressuring me to get it but I fear that /pol/ might be right about it being more dangerous than Corona virus itself.
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>Why yes I put my IQ and MENSA certificate on my resume, how could you know
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what frequency of light is pink? aka whiteish red. it doesnt ever show up in a rainbow, so does that mean this color doesn't really exist???
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Why does the moon appear red during a lunar eclipse?
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CIA Scrambling to Hide Havana Syndrome Failure

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Your daily reminder that we solved Havana Syndrome before the CIA and Biden is furious that this came to pass.

[8kun] /x/res/59753.html (June 12th) (June 16th) (July 21st)
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You should be able to solve this.

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79% of Cambodian proctologists got this wrong.
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Science is a social construct designed by Evil Europeans to opress Bipoc people, we need to abolish it in order tk create a more inclusive society
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