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>highest degree lvl completed
>your major/s
>what you think will happen after death
>what you want to happen after death
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Will a technological utopia ever be achieved?
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Does anyone here actually feel guilty about using Sci-Hub? I don't even think professors/Universities care about it anymore. I am worried though that publishing standards and information will essentially cease once the profit incentive is gone.
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What is the greatest major of all time and why is it Electrical Engineering? MechEs get an honorary spot as well.
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Likelihood of Corona virus being lab made?

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>Examples include a
prion disease in cattle that jumped in the 1980s to
cause variant Creutzeldt-Jacob disease in humans,
a bat henipavirus that in 1999 became known as
Nipah Virus in humans, and a bat corona virus that
jumped to humans in 2002 to cause SARS .
> No one can predict
which pathogen will be the next to start spreading
to humans
> No one can predict
This is from a 2012 intelligence report predicting the next century.
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I want an answer here. Why is such a high percentage of humanity, currently and throughout all of human history, is just……really stupid?

I'm not going to elaborate too much—you KNOW most people are fucking idiots, you've seen it your whole life. Some people are really smart, and even average Joe is capable of some things. But it's also really…apparent that most people are about as intellectually engaged as a bag of rocks.

And I don't understand WHY this is the case. We are a species whose claim to fame is our intelligence, and yet most of the population seems disinterested in basic learning and introspection. WAY too many people don't know basic facts about the world, and can't figure out the answer to basic questions. They seem to lack curiosity, or…something. You've seen those depressing videos online that highly human stupidity.

>think of how dumb the average person is. now, realize half of them are dumber than that

Most people don't seem to have any desire to become smart. They don't read books, don't question things, don't bother themselves with anything not pertinent to their immediate life and take PRIDE in it. Why? I thought intelligence was evolutionarily advantageous?

Why would a species who puts SO much energy and time into developing a highly complex brain not USE it?
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What is the best language for science? And which provides the richest production of technical issues?
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Leading German Virologist says Viruses don't exist

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>claims viruses cannot have possibly evolved and either don't exist or are man made
>things like Measels, Aids, SARS have never been isolated and been shown to exist
>offered 100,000 euros to anyone who can demonstrate the existence of the Measels virus, German court ordered he had to pay, but won on appeal because the lack of proof

why are germans such autists?
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Can someone familiar with the genetics behind phenotypes explain to me why Ashkenazi Jews are pasty white despite clustering near Sicilians?
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