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Who actually believes this shit and why are there so many utter retard sub-pseudo bottled water brands?
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Rate my CS degree's class requirements.
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Learning these mathematics are easy and the highest paying on industries
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Is /sci/ allowed to vote? (Doc 1/3) you have ten minutes to finish this test
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Let's settle this once and for all

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a(x + b)
= (ax + ab)

>go to
>type it in exactly as it's written, from left to write
>hit enter
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Is software engineering a meme?
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Hot water

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My Asian mom shared this pasta with me via Whatsapp. Is that true? :

A group of Japanese doctors has confirmed that HOT WATER is 100% effective in solving certain health problems SUCH AS:
>Low blood pressureJoint pain
>Sudden increase and decrease in heartbeat
>Increase in cholesterol levels
>Bodily galling
>Golu pain
>Uterine and bladder related diseases
>Stomach problems
>Low appetite
>Also all diseases related to the eyes, ear and throat.


Get up early in the morning and drink about 4 glasses of warm water on an empty stomach. You may not be able to drink 4 glasses at first, but over time you will get there.
NOTE: Do not eat anything within 45 minutes of taking the water.
Warm water therapy will solve health problems within a reasonable period of time such as:
>Diabetes in 30 days
>Press artwork in 30 days
>Stomach problems in 10 days
>All types of cancer in 9 months
>Whitening of the veins in 6 months
>Low appetite in 10 days
>Uterus and related diseases in 10 days
>Nostril, ear and throat problems in 10 days
>Menstrual problems of women in 15 days
>Heart disease in 30 days
>Headache / *migraine in 3 days
>Cholesterol in 4 months
>Epilepsy and paralysis continuous in 9 months
>Asthma in 4 months

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>What is mass
It's just amount of matter bro
>What is matter
It's just mass bro

>What is energy
It's just work bro
>What is work
It's just energy bro

What the fuck is wrong with scientists?
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what the fuck is "junk DNA"

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why is it there? ~98% of DNA is non-coding, that is, does not participate in the production of proteins. so its just.. there?? but it is copied and carried on nonetheless. why the fuck do cells waste energy on carrying something useless? wouldn't cells without junk DNA outcompete them just by the virtue of being more optimized?
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How scientifically plausible are aliens? I don't mean sci-fi /x/ stuff, but actual organisms existing on celestial bodies other than Earth
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