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Why are so many people talking about booster shots with strangers in public?

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Psychologically speaking, why are people so excited to talk about COVID vaccine booster shots? I have never seen people this eager and excited to discuss routine medical care in my entire life. It seems like an obvious example of politicization and virtue signaling. I have never in my life seen people discussing doctors check ups and booster shots in this manner.

Where I live (Burlington, VT), we have just started giving out boosters. Everyone at my school is already vaccinated, per state and university requirements, so it's common knowledge that we've all had the vax. However, today in not one, but TWO different classes with different professors, before class started, the professors proudly and enthusiastically announced to the class that they had received their booster shots. I have also heard family members talking about getting boosters and how they're all doing their part. It seems really weird to me. I have never heard people publicly discussing how proud they are to get the flu shot. It strikes me weird and unscientific, and it honestly feels a little too personal. I feel uncomfortable hearing people discuss their private medical details in front of me. It's all very partisan and tribalistic.

I support vaccines, but this does not seem very rational to me. (I do not support vaccine mandates, however.)
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/sfg/ - Space Flight General

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Dragon flight soon edition
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>high school math already filters 95% of the population
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>the probability of abiogenesis occurring is totally unknown.
>"but bro, there are literally billions of galaxies..."

People who believe in Aliens are far worse than religious people because, while the religious person will (almost shamefully) refrain from openly talking about their metaphysics in certain circles, Alien believers think logic and reason are on their side. They look at an empty cosmos, at thousands of years of silence, and they say: "100% bro, there's just so much matter in the universe that there's a 100% chance of them existing, maybe even a 110% chance. I mean, you might argue that's a total non-sequitur, that my believing that would be like expecting at least one cow to spontaneously turn into a hamburger just because there are so many other cows, but, trust me bro, it's the height of hubris to believe we're the only ones"

I know there are a lot of pop scientists who pay lip service to belief in alien life, and I don't care. If you believe in Aliens you're an idiot, even if it turns out Aliens exist it would not vindicate you one iota, it would simply mean your beliefs would change from being baseless and idiotic to being totally obvious.
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/med/ - Medicine general

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Because the usual anon must still be knocked out from his 32h shift.

No medical advice, no vaccine talks, go to the doctor/keep it to your containment threads.
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Why is it whenever we invent something japan alwas steal it and make better out of it? Are they high IQ's as well? This graphics effects look good.
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are naps good or bad
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Suppose a virus kills everyone with an IQ inferior to 115. How would life on Earth be like after that?
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is it feasible that we'd be able to develop/use technology to land a human on Titan? what about the moons of jupiter? POV pictures of what's basically another planet would be incredible
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