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/sfg/ Spaceflight General

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Hobbit Launch System edition

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for the first time in its history, there are more redditfags than actual users and polfags combined. what can we do to combat the demise of /sci/ ?
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/CV-SG/ - COVID /sci/ General (SARS-COV-2 for you Pedants)

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>New Dose.
Discuss the vaccine, science of mRNA and general current data.

Can I also ask you all to by all means engage and debate but be aware of deliberate sliding.

mRNA discussions based and worth reading for many different questions and points.

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Death by lockdown

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The age group with the largest % increases in deaths this year is adults ages 25-44.

Since they aren’t dying of COVID, clearly they must be dying from lockdown measures.
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why would anyone do this

not only were the ancient greeks faggots but they were also high on meth? who the fuck thought of coming up with this letter
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is he the dumbest person alive?

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Is economics a science?
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whats gonna happen to NASA under joe bros?
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>be me
>discover /sci/
>look forward to interesting discussions about math and science
>only find threads from people confused about basic mathematical concepts and topics unrelated to math or science

why is /sci/ like this?
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