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Optimal inbreeding, kissing cousins, and Mediogamy

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Should we be marrying within 4th cousins?

I've recently come across the work of esteemed anthropologist Robin Fox and his research on marriage customs and fertility including varied levels of incest.

And Agnes Helgason et al's 2008 paper "An Association between Kinship and Fertility of Human Couples" does strengthen the argument.
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The onions smile is misunderstood by many. Yes, liberal cucks do it to look cute but what does it really mean?

I studied this smile and have found that it originated with women to show 'blowjob availability'.

Think about it. The jaw is lowered to appear as a smile but its not natural way to smile, instead of showing teeth it shows the palate of the togue.
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What does having a high IQ (140+) feel like?

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Does everything come easier to you? I've always wondered what it's like.
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/sfg/ Space Flight General.

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Next Generation Spaceship edition

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IQ tests aren't actually a measure of intelligence. Its just pattern recognition.
A person can easily "increase" their IQ by studying the things the IQ test tests. Its nothing but mumbo jumbo for pretentious lazy people.
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread

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Formerly >>11300734
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dump itt your /sci/ notes please
they can be schizo tier
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>could be using this technology to help maybe people with a terminal illness mentally come to terms with their death. Could give the elderly more time to relive their life before dementia takes their mind.
>instead tech is used for punishment and will probably be abused by our private prisons
This is why you STEMfags should be physically chained and forced to go to humanities and ethics classes. Fucking nerds are robots.
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first woman on moon quote

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so based Neil is the first guy to step foot on the moon, and his poetic
>one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind
gets screwed up by an audio glitch to the meaningless
>one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

kind of funny if you think about it.

nowadays, on NASA's agenda, among other things, is to "send the first woman to the moon"

so here's my question: what is the first thing she plans on saying when she steps foot on the moon? and, assuming a similar audio glitch happens, what will the actual glitchy audio say?
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Is this some form of mental illness?

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Ask my mother about whether she used the same ingredients for the quiche because it tastes different.
She confirms.
After a while I ask her again if she used the exact same ingredients.
She says she didn't change anything.
Notice some white stuff in there; she actually used a different cheese and this spoils the taste.
She absolutely refuses to explain why didn't she answer me honestly; I wasn't accusing her, but I was puzzled by the different taste.
She tells me that I obsess over stupid details.
Often times she refuses to answer altogether.
She plays the victim while refusing to answer about the subject being discussed.
My father is the same, sometimes he is comically unreasonable when stressed out and confronted with evidence, it seems like I am speaking with a different person.
No way around being reasonable.
I come out of being socially retarded in my mid 20s.
What gives?