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/5G/ - Wireless devices, bioelectromagnetics and magnetobiology

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5G and EMF densification (perhaps even exponential) are coming. You might as well inform yourself.

Basic terms to know:

Pastebin copy of "-Documents, links, information (read first).txt".

Discuss, share papers, etc. Make sure to look at the recent NTP and Ramazinni Institute results.
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Well /sci/?
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will the rapid evolution of technology ever grind to a halt?
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/sfg/ Spaceflight General

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Vacuum Raptor Static Fire Edition

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How is LSD synthesized? Keep it somewhat vague so as not to commit a felony lol
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Fuck the lockdown and fuck the memevirus

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I'm not supposed to study 50% of the time via a laptop or tablet solely because there's a retarded .4% death rate flu out there. I'm not supposed to ruin my academic and social life because some retardos are paranoid about that shit.
And I do not recognize the legitimacy of teaching people through the internet/Google classrooms/meet or whatever. Fuck you
I want to study like any normal person would. In SCHOOL
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Medicine >>> stem

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You know it's true. I know it's true. Why deny it,autists?
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Cheap pain mangment

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I am poor and I live in a third world shithole, and I can't afford heroin or something like that, I have a broken leg and covid 19 and headache, I won't kill myself, can I somehow use the placebo effect to feel nothing?
I fucking hate pain,it's dumb and I already know that I am sick, why isn't it just like an alert, this is shit
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What's the science behind the female-to-male™ tranny penis?
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Redpill me on the double slit experiment and it's implications.
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