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What did he mean by this? Was it nofap or simply abstaining from women?
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should i memorize the periodic table
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scientifically speaking where did it evolutionarily all go wrong?
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What is the pattern of the universe? Does the universe even have a pattern? Is it numbers or some omnipotent being, Im becoming obsessed with this idea.
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What causes human males to dress like this? Is there some kind of evolutionary advantage?
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Is there a way to increase learning capacity?

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It could be some breathing technique, medicine, exercise ...
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1: you MUST love mixing together chemicals for no reason. Bonus points if you cackle while mixing together the chemicals

2: You CANNOT be a biochemist. Biochemists want to help people by curing cancer and diseases. Mad scientists are misanthropes and hate people, and don't want to help them.

3: you CANNOT be a chemical engineer. Chemical engineers are just dudes who want to get a high paying job so they can find themselves a hot girlfriend and make mom and dad proud. Those things don't concern mad scientists.

4: you MUST have severe psychological issues. Every mad scientist has a wicked cocktail of every mental illness in the DSM. You have to be so crazy, everyone you talk to is immediately creeped out.

5: You must have TERRIBLE hygiene. Your hair is crazy, your armpits smell like a mixture of butyric acid and thioacetone, and you probably will lose all your teeth by age 35. Things like "socializing" and "looking good" don't concern mad scientists.

6: "Friends" are definitely not a possibility. It takes years of social isolation to become a true mad scientist.

7: Last, but not least, having a home chemistry lab is the signature of the mad scientist.
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