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/sci/, I have to make a project that combines AI and art. I have to give some proposals to some dude from my school.
My initial thoughts are creating pieces like pic related (search for Mario Klingemann for more info) using GANs.
Do you have more ideas about how to create art using AI?? Also if the method is 'interactive', that would be great.
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Riddle me this
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AMBRA1 linked to tumorigenesis

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can we just increase it to stop tumors proliferation?
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Books about human sexuality

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Please suggest me some stuff as per title; preferably something that states or is based mostly on consensus.
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Why general artificial intelligence will never be achieved

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Intelligence, in the sense that I use the word here, in the sense that it has etymologically and in the sense that it was used at the time that the words made sense, does not mean the ability to solve problems, the mathematical ability, the visual imagination, the musical aptitude or any other type of skill in particular. It means, in the most general and comprehensive way, the ability to apprehend the truth. Intelligence is not even about thinking. When we think, but our thinking does not exactly capture what is true in what we think, then what is at work in that thinking is not exactly intelligence, in the rigor of the term, but only the frustrated desire to intellect (understand) or even the pure automatism of an unintelligent thinking. Thinking and intellecting are completely different activities. The proof of this is that you often think, think, and don't intellect anything, and other times you intellect without having thought, in a sudden intuitive flash.

Intelligence is an organ that only serves this purpose: to capture the truth. Sometimes it comes into operation through thought, sometimes through imagination or feeling, and sometimes it comes into operation directly, in an intellective - or intuitive - instantaneous act, in which you capture something without preparation and without a particular representative form that serves as a channel for intellection. At other times there is a long preparation through thought, imagination and memory, and in the end you do not capture anything very much: the representative acts having been completed, the intellection to which they were directed completely fails; given the means, the purpose is not realized. Intelligence is in the realization of the purpose, not in the nature of the means employed. And if the purpose of the means of knowledge is to know, and if knowledge is only knowledge in the full sense if you know the truth, then the definition of intelligence is: the potency to know the truth by any means.
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Hard work vs genetics

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Which is more important for success, scientifically speaking?
any real life examples to support your case?
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Is the meme that fluoride causes brain damage true or fake? Could it potentially harm the body in even small amounts?
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What is the simplest rule that generates complexity?
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Scientifically, why do people think this looks purple when it's blue?
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