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>over 70% of asymptomatic patients may have lung damage worse than smokers
>China will have a mostly healthy population while the western wold may be permanently crippled
is the kung flu one of the final nails in the coffin of western dominance?
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/mg/ maths general

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Regular polytopes edition
Talk maths, formerly >>12570175
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>95% of the population is filtered by high school math (calculus, linear algebra, discrete math)
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>determine the total quantity of drinking water that can be present in your system at once (we'll call this quantity W)
>determine the time it takes for water to reach your bladder after drinking it (call this time T)
>drink water continuously at a rate of W per T
Is it possible to pee and drink forever this way?
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How do I refute this image?
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>go to top 10 college
>zoom lecture begins
>"Ahh, time for some education kino"
>before the class even begins a student asks about representation of POC in our field of study
>lecture turns into a talk about how there are too many white MEN and not enough women and blacks and coloured women in academia and that it needs to change asap
>dont even get to the subject we're supposed to be being lectured about

I just want to learn about the subject I chose. I cant stand this shit every minute
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Vagina Tightness as a Function of Race

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Is there a scientific explanation for why Black women have the tightest vaginas?

My null hypothesis is that black vaginas are no tighter than Chinese vaginas and are no tighter than Russian vaginas but I'm concerned about measurement bias because tightness is sort of subjective to me.

unless they really are much tighter.
Does anyone with a PhD or more experience in study design guide me on how to proceed?
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what the fuck is wrong with pop sci youtube channels that spit out bullshit like this ?

theyre making us look bad ffs
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is a part-time job as a uni student worth it?

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I'm studying data science going into my 2nd year and have never had a job. I'm only considering working at some retail and hospitality job because I need money for a gym membership and buying shit for projects (like electronics)

Are there better ways to earn money as a CS/DS student or should I be a wage cuck?

pic unrelated
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Is there any rigorous scientific evidence for no fap?

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I want to know if the anecdotal benefits are backed by real science, all i could find was broscience and subjective experiences
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