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>Life is emergent property of self-reproducing molecules
>Intelligence is an emergent property of life
>Technology is an emergent property of intelligence
>Civilization is an emergent property of technology

What comes next?
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Why is he like this?
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>planet is called Uranus
>ur anus
>your anus
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Am I wrong for thinking the concept of infinity is fake and gay?

People, usually people with little to no education in maths use it to make statements like the monkey typewriters will eventually produce Shakespeare meme.

Meanwhile anywhere that "infinite" interacts with physicality it's described as a an asymptotic relation or to describe the long term behaviour of an algorithm rather than a state of being. You can only get an infinite relation if it's based on applying a self-referencing process/algorithm.

The monkey typewriting producing Shakespeare cannot actually happen, so it doesn't even make sense hypothetically. In the same way that we declare 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 + ... = 2 we should declare all hypotheticals involving infinite to resolve to being true or false. Some people believe they are correct when they say infinite attempts would create the complete works of Shakespeare because eventually Pm1 + Pm2 + ... = 1 but are neglecting the fact that the conditional probability of every monkey key stroke pursuant to that goal would individually resolve themselves to zero. So Pm1 = Pk1 * Pk2 * ... Pkn = 0

So Shakespeare completion by monkeys actually looks like S = 0 + 0 + ... + 0
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How difficult would it be to create a bioweapon that could kill 95%+ of earths population? Is it at all possible?
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No one is stupid

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No one is stupid. Everyone is just wholly unique. Ones ability is determined by passion/love/what is a persons priority of attention.

Likewise no one is evil as the heart of all motives, integrity, and feelings is love.
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Can't fucking sleep, need anesthesia

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I have incredibly bad insomnia; to the point that every waking moment of my life is miserable and I consider killing myself on almost a daily basis. I have tried almost every over the counter medication and numerous prescription medications none of them did jack shit to help me sleep. I do all the sleep hygeine stuff avoiding my bed until I absolutely need to sleep and shit like that. I really dont think I have the willpower to continue going on like this watching as my mental state slowly decays and having to violently assault my body with chemicals and physical force in order to get a single ounce of productivity out of it.
My question to you anons, do any of you know how I can administer medical grade anesthesia to myself at home? I am tech savvy, so Im sure I could jerry rig some kind of monitoring rig with raspberry pis n whatnot. Im just not sure where/if I could get the anesthetics, or how to properly administer them; I mean I know it's an IV drip but beyond that I am lost. Spare me your comments about the side effects or the dangers of this plan I have heard them all before; I will be pursuing this as If I dont find something to force myself to sleep Im confident I will kill myself eventally, so Im willing to bear any potential side effects or dangers. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.
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Why aren't we reviving Pythagoreanism so we can have a math religion? I want to worship math. Math is literally God. Mathematicians are gods. Math is everything. Math is the end all be all. You cannot truly explain anything without math.
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What are /sci/'s thoughts on philosophy and its relation to science?
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