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Books to learn maths

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I dont remember anything I learned on highschool, the only things I can do are multiplications, divisions and some really simple algebra stuff. I would like to have a good guide to try to learn all the stuff I missed/forgot
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Entropy does not exist, change my mind.
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You could fix anything if you could program DNA.
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Redpill me on the damages caused by smoking weed.
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Why does chemistry suck so much? Why do I have to study this shit? Fuck it, I just wanted to do physics.
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Is a pandemic a natural disaster?
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Ball + train collision

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Is this correct? This isn't my homework. This is something that was discussed on r9k and I think everyone got it wrong.

They said when a ball and train collide (elastically) and they're both initially going at 100 km/h in opposite directions, a bystander will see the ball bouncing back at 300 km/h. To me this is just wrong. Check pic for my explanation.
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how do I become an extrovert?
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