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Can you explain to me elictricity?

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I dont know much about it. But as far as i understand it, theres a powersource, lets say a battery, and a device that transforms the positively charged electrons into heat/light/magnetism etc when it gets connected to the batteries + and - pole. So once the circuit is closed and the device is turned on, what happens? The positively charged electrons turn into negatively charged ones by the device and then travel back into the battery?
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>more graduates in one year than there are people employed
>projected growth in 10 years is 33%, carried by stats
it's over before I even began...
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"Mathematics is the queen of the sciences and number theory is the queen of mathematics."
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What specimen am I?
> be me
> just 2 meals a day and that's enough for me to don't eat for a full day or more
> short legs - longish torso type
> medium-short height
> high BMI but I don't look anything near to fat
> thin bones, frame is a bit under average and my arms are thin too
> no diseases related to nutrition
> white skin

Am I a modern bred-out neanderthal despite of being around just 75% European? why do I feel and look so different to everyone else?
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The science of anti-aging

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This is a thread for talking about anti-aging treatments and the root causes of aging and how to prevent them.

Here's a list of factors that contribute to the slow down of aging, I hope some of you can add some more:
- Caloric restriction and fasting. Less caloric intake means your cells don't divide as often and you age slower. Additionally, fasting has some perks of its own like ketosis, autophagy, neurogenesis, improvement of heart and liver function, stem cell regen, immune boosting, anti-cancer properties, GH production improvement, etc
- Ice cold baths
- Cardio and HiiT
- Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
- Turmeric/Curcumin
- Quercetin (Onion / Green tea)
- Sulforaphane (Cruciferous veggies like Broccoli)
- Fisetin (Green tea)
- Consuming only the necesary protein, no more, no less.
- Avoiding DNA damage sources (excepf for reasonable sunlight exposure)
- Sleeping 7 to 9 hours a day
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Why are humans so good at cycling? It makes no sense at all. There is absolutely zero evolutionary reasons for that since there was nothing remotely like that present during the majority of our species' existence yet it's somehow extremely intuitive to learn it and it feels like an extension of your body after a while. As if there is a dormant program embedded in our brains and it gets activated rapidly when we learn to cycle.
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What is the scientific process of how a virus can choose who to infect and who not to infect? Is it like the movie World War Z where the virus can tell what group will help it spread? Or like certain seeds attract specific species of birds? If it isnt conscious how does it practice discernment?