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Would impregnating your female clone result in inbred children?
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Should I pursue a zoology degree to the end of becoming an evolutionary biologist?
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Jesus air

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Hey /sci/, I have a physics problem for you
Using radius of Earth and height of atmosphere, get the number of liters of air in it
Estimate the air flow in human breathing, in liters per time
Estimate the volume of air Jesus Christ breathed his whole life
Get the number of molecules in it
Use your age, to get the volume of air you've breathed
Assume that by chaos air has distributed along 2000 years of weather its molecules in an ergodic way
And then the question is
... have you ever breathed a molecule that Jesus Christ breathed?

There's something divine inside of you!
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What are the implications of drinking Mercury?
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Why do ethnic restaurants have more rat infestations? What is it about donuts that rats find not worth their time?
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100 is the biggest number
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I've been thinking about >>>/g/83557014 since reading it the other night and it has me wondering. The idea of an alternate history that's different from the one we experience led me to thinking about how we would disprove this theory 250 years from now, and I kinda realized, if you can simulate a human, you can run an android. From there it was a question about the appearance of immortality and snowballed into which families are most likely to be androids in hiding when we assume that the singularity actually happened like 800 years ago.

Supposing that any one of us can't disprove literally every time period other than the one preceding such developments, when would be the ideal time to start auditing very old and established families on the grounds that they might secretly be non-living parasites?
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>Spend years reading philosophy and psychology in search of perennial truths
>I discover them
>Society doesn’t care
>They don’t need to care
>It’s all mindless power games
>Never occurs to me
>”Do whatever you want cause you’re gonna anyway”
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