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ok explain this

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if the earth is spinning really fast and its also rotating around the sun even faster then how come the stars at night look like circles of light? shouldn't the sky look like pic related?
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What are /sci/'s thoughts on Dialectics and namely Dialectical Materialism in science? Do physicists and other scientists on here have a different philosophy of change or are dialectics just too convincing?
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What are the best, worst, and weirdest smelling chemicals you have encountered?

Best: Isopentyl acetate smells like sweet banana candy. according to pop science, it smells like what gros michel bananas tasted like, before they went extinct and the gross slimey cavendish replaced them.

Worst: Butyric acid smells like someone ate cheesy taco bell, subway, and pepperoni pizza, fermented it all together into a sick chunky biley soup in their gut for 8 hours, got food poisoning, then puked it back up as a yellow soup interspersed with red meat chunks.

Weirdest: 1-octanol has a pungent sweet floral smell. You can't decide if it smells good or bad.
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>Game dev
>Read a persuasive meta-analysis which found that playing games with prosocial values makes people behave in a prosocial way
>Feel guilty about making a game with antisocial values when I could be making a game with the same mechanics but a prosocial theme and thus make the world a better place
>Emotionally love stories filled with carnage and find prosocial stuff icky
Help I'm torn up between duty and my desire to facilitate the murder of virtual people


>What's a prosocial game?
A game which contains a large number of scenes where you help people out and have positive interactions with friendly characters.

>Is the effect actually significant?
Possibly. One study found that people who were made to play City Crisis, a game where you play a helicopter pilot who saves people from disasters of various sorts, were more likely to intervene upon encountering a staged situation where one actor was being bullied by another. The participants did not know that the situation was staged.

>Is this a long term effect?
Possibly. One large study found that Japanese kids who played prosocial games were more likely to behave in a prosocial fashion 4 months later. This, however, is not conclusive evidence.

>Were there any other interesting findings?
Yes. People who were made to play games that are neither prosocial nor antisocial were more prosocial than people who were not made to play a game. People who were made to play an antisocial game cooperatively exhibited more prosocial behavior than people who were not made to play a game.

What is your opinion of this paper? I know that the replication crisis is A Thing and that the sample sizes were small but when a lot of small experiments all points in the same direction that's usually a sign that the researchers are on to something.
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Why do I almost always get sleep paralysis when sleeping on my back and never get it while sleeping on my stomach?
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This is the personality of my nephew.

I would love any kind of vocational advice you can give me so I can advice him on what he should study later in college.

He's like 10 but I was worrying he might have high openess so worried he would have to become an artist, which is like a hard type of job.

I'm glad he has higher conscientiousness than me, so I'm sure he wont fail in college as easily as me.
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Pyramids are the most underrated technology

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>Bosnian pyramid water cured cancer:
>Bosnian pyramid clears sinus problems
>Bosnian pyramid eliminates the need for a walking stick
>More pyramid testimonials:

>Post-soviet pyramid research:
>The science:

Pyramid Tips:
>The shape is all matters so 4 sticks is all that's needed and can even be made of string.
>Unless the metal is rare like gold or silver, best to use organic materials in pyramid construction such as wood or plastic.
>The slant angle of 76.345 degrees is the optimal for healing. The base length should be x0.48586707425 the height.
>Facing the pyramid true north just like the pyramids in Giza will greatly increase it's performance.
>Never flip a pyramid upside down unless you want to curse the space.
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i can only choose 1

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what's the difference between analytical chem & statistical physics? thanks.
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/sci/ I need help make me a time machine so I can air the ultimate 2000's comedy sketch on TV