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Accelerating the Aging of Wine

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Does anyone know some unique methods of accelerating the aging of wine? Obviously there are some chemical reactions going on, and if it is understood what drives them they can be accelerated. Pseudoscience techniques are welcome - because for example many would consider the idea that a strong magnet can accelerate the aging of wine to be pseudoscience, yet there is lots of research showing it can accelerate organic rates of reaction in the liquid state.
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hello people of the internet, how the fuck do you make some of that blue shit? seriously, i just wanna get fucked up, so please tell me something simple that i can do in my garage or something. i don't have any chemicals or anything, so something like making it from salt and the shit inside car batteries would be pretty sweet. thanks!
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Psychologist I have a retarded question. Does operant conditioning actually work on humans? Can I make myself hate something by associating this thing with physical pain?
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Reading Textbooks- Your Options in 2020

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>$400+ 185ppi(inadequate) monitor- two A4/Letter pages OR $800+ 260ppi(inadequate) iPad, Surface Pro- only one A4/Letter page with margins cropped, both options strain your eyes due to light and are distracting computers
>$800 200ppi(inadequate) e-ink tablet from china- slow, little contrast, lacking color, only one A4/Letter page with margins cropped
>used books- becomes expensive quickly, stained with strangers semen and who knows what else, ordering online requires waiting and you never know the actual condition until it finally arrives and you discover that it smells like strangers semen
>new books- very expensive and release volatile organic compounds(new book smell), lowering IQ
>library- they never have what you want, and aforementioned semen and other mystery stains and smells are inevitable and abundant
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Is IQ just a cope?
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Im i actually retarded or do other people find it hard to study with etextbooks? About to drop $150 on a physical one
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Rate my supplement set-up
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Also love is love.
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