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what is your favourite element on the periodic table
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THERE IS ONLY ONE FDA APPROVED THERAPEUTIC VACCINE? How is this possible? I assumed there were thousands of therapeutic vaccines. Is medicine even a science? I thought immortality was right around the corner.
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What do you think of the 7 intelligences theory?
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First they said mask don't work. Now they're recommending masks. Where else has the institutions responsible failed us?
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Can anyone help me with chegg

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I need a chegg account or a type to obtain chegg answers for free
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Are STEM jobs viable after COVID-19 passes?
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What the fuck is Venus' problem?
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dont major in STEM

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protip = dont study stem. study business or law or social sciences.

if you put in 1/10th of effort of an engineering student to business studies you can become a CFO/CEO and/or a millionaire much easier

the STEM scam is pushed by companies to further lower wages for engineer incels

no rich/powerful man studies engineering. everyone from strong families study business/law or social sciences. there are literally brainless people who study sociology and work for government earning 100k+ $ meanwhile engineers are stuck in rural industrial shitholes dealing with inbred workers for barely above the average wage

tip has been given

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