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What is the greatest major of all time and why is it Electrical Engineering? MechEs get an honorary spot as well.
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What is gravity?
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Marginal R0 of the Wuhan Coronavirus

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I Did Some Calculations And Think I Found The Marginal (Yesterday->Today) R0.

Utilizing World Health Organization (WHO) Numbers (Most Likely Under-reported), I Got 13.34.

See How I Calculated It By Clicking On The Picture.

Note: I'm not an experienced Epidemiologist so if you're an expert please let me know your thoughts.
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It occurs to me that pic related may not be a good representation of gravity, because what would it look like with two or more objects right next to each other. Consider a golf ball and objects like it, and the miniscule, immeasurable gravitational effect it has. How (if perhaps not to scale) would that appear on the 2d plane in pic related. or a whale or the moon?
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what exactly does a BA in math qualify me to do
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Serious question: if one can't observe something entering a black hole, because it will appear to slow down, how does anything ever cross the event horizon? This seems like Zeno's paradox.

Is an absolute event horizon a self defeating concept?
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What Science/Math field pays the best/has the best pay potential?

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Leading German Virologist says Viruses don't exist

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>claims viruses cannot have possibly evolved and either don't exist or are man made
>things like Measels, Aids, SARS have never been isolated and been shown to exist
>offered 100,000 euros to anyone who can demonstrate the existence of the Measels virus, German court ordered he had to pay, but won on appeal because the lack of proof

why are germans such autists?
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>muh depression, muh brain fog, muh adhd
>finally caved in and bought some shrooms hoping to alleviate my numbness and lack of feeling
>took 2.0-2.5g
>3 hours in
>feel absolutely nothing but my IQ going down and the aftertaste of dirt and gross shrooms
b-bros, i'm beginning to think this is hopeless
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