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Ok, he has to be wrong, there is no way a theory as widely accepted as Darwinian Evolution is so majorly flawed.

What slimey trick is he pulling here? where are the refutations?
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>Got 27/30 on the Kahnacademy Grade 3 Course Test
>Already onto grade 4 mathematics
Guys, this is great, I'm making progress finally.
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Thoughts this? Basically they're trying to derive fundamental physics by treating space as a bunch of generic nodes and shit
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the virgin flammable maths:
>Cringe german autist humor, xDDDDD
>Sleeps with body pillows, his gf left him
>Unironically a virgin and a plebbitor
>Mogged by a balding neurotic man from MENSA

the Chad Math Sorcerer:
>Long luscious locks, brings women to their knees
>Lives innawoods and makes videos there
>Doesnt need to collab with anyone for views, self-made man
>Saves millions of pajeets from the wrath of webassign
>Has never clickbaited in his life
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GPT-4 (not released yet, sorry) appears to have general intelligence. We asked it to write a sequel to Gravity's Rainbow, and the result was a complete and coherent, if technically flawed, literary work. It's improving very, very fast.
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/sap/ Professor Sapolsky appreciation thread

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I love Bob Sapolsky! He deserves more recognition
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On Sex.

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How many genders are there? what is sex (you know what I mean, no immature jokes)?
Is sex bimodal? What does that mean?
Who is correct? the chuds or the trannies?
Question for chuds: If the trannies have got it all wrong, then why is their side winning scientific consensus?
Question for trannies: If you're right, then how did people get it so wrong for so millennia?
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/mlg/ - machine learning general

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Why haven't you started learning machine learning, anon?


These three resources will get you 90% of the way there, but the topic is very broad.

I suggest learning by picking an application (such as NLP) and running a project from start to finish without using pre-collected datasets or libraries. Try to do it from scratch if you can. ( has a great book for creating neural networks from scratch.

Any other tips from the field are highly appreciated.

Welcome to the journey, enjoy the ride.
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Alien robot cognition general I guess? (without transfer of consciousness thing)

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There's something I'm really interested in /sci/.

Imagine, there's a self-sustaining civilization of robots. What would this civilization be like? Would they always necessarily revert to stereotypical action-reaction? Imagine, every one of them is able to replicate and/or repair other robots and is programmed to do so... this promotes so many questions and ideas, I don't even know where to begin.

TL;DR section:

What could happen in such a "society"? What kind of engineering would they have? Would errors, regardless of tech level, breed them into repetitive tasks? If they replicate errors, would they eventually just become non-functional, or could there be errors that cause erratic behavior that make them dangerous or unpredictable in their actions? Actually I hadn't considered this before typing that, but also, how dangerous would they be regardless of their programming, for example, would we ever approach such technology when we do not know how they store charges and probably have eroded and might contain dangerous chemicals?

How much of a malicious/predatory threat would they be? Could we hope to negotiate with them? If they did become very intelligent to the point that they become a true civilization with its own culture, would this culture resemble ours? Mainly, I want to imagine a bizarre, alien robot whose thoughts have evolved entirely different than might be expected of different forms of life, yet maintain a functional existence and intelligent near or greater than our own. They've been programmed to sustain and "improve" themselves over time.

OK, you get the idea; Intelligent space alien robot race made by space aliens and left alone to replicate, improve, and repair themselves over time on their own with or without errors, but assuming they manage to still exist, develop culture, etc. What do you think they could be like and/or what would be an interesting way for them to be? Oh, and of course this all assumes aliens even exist etc
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