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Mathematics is the first obstacle to overcome. Time would be wasted fixating on anything else.
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Is psychiatry cringe or redpilled?
Surely it can't be as challenging as neurosurgery
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For my philosophical /sci/entists,
What happens to humanity after the inevitable environmental collapse? We only have 10 years left, right?
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SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Thread - Starlink-4 (

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These are getting repetitive edition

WHEN: Monday, January 27 9:49 AM EST / 14:49 UTC
Probability of weather delay: 50% []
Backup launch date: Tuesday, January 28 9:28 AM EST / 14:28 UTC

Launch site: SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida (East Coast)
Booster number & previous flights: B1051.3 [DM-1, RADARSAT]
First stage landing: Yes, on autonomous droneship Of Course I Still Love You
Fairing catch attempt: Yes, both halves, on Ms. Tree & Ms. Chief fairing recovery vessels
SpaceX press kit:
Payload: 60 V1.0 Starlink satellites (no laser links yet)
Payload mass & destination orbit: >15,600 kg; 290 km @ ~53°; satellites will orbit-raise after deployment to 550 km

Payload information:

This will be the 48th landed first stage, 31st booster reflight, and 80th Falcon 9 launch. It is the 3rd SpaceX launch of 2020.
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Can you diagnose coronavirus based on the waveform of your cough?
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How to prepare for the coronapocalypse?
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Explain to a brainlet how powerful nonlinearity really is.
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>muh depression, muh brain fog, muh adhd
>finally caved in and bought some shrooms hoping to alleviate my numbness and lack of feeling
>took 2.0-2.5g
>3 hours in
>feel absolutely nothing but my IQ going down and the aftertaste of dirt and gross shrooms
b-bros, i'm beginning to think this is hopeless
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how many people would coronachan realistically need to kill to stop global warming ?
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Why there's such a denial of hypergamy?

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It appears that nowadays there’s a big denial of hypergamyamongst women, often labeling it as misogynistic or/and as an argument used by beta males to justify their failures. However hypergamy is widely accepted as an heritance from our ancestors, being common among most of the animals we come from. I personally consider that feminists are concerned in silencing hypergamy because we live in a society in which the most animal masculine traits are (justifiably) punishedby law, since you can't murder, hit or rape to prove your worth, while women can keep up by living like if the world owes them something. In my humble opinion, if more women considered fighting the impulses of hypergamy, we would have a generation of more mature and stable women, since most of them hide such inclinations in emotional bursts. That's just my opinion, what do you think? Can science offer any backup?
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