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Covid 19 exposed as great deception

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Remember fukushima!
tRNA labeled with tritium is stable for 6 months at -86 degrees Celsius.
Pfeifer vaccine is stable for 6 months at -86 degrees Celsius wtf lololol
Tritium stocks rising high!
2022 japan is releasing 100 million tonnes of tritilated water.
Greek word for tritium is "tritos" meaning "third"
A THIRD of the waters will become bitter!

We end times baby!
This is the real great awaking
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Are Udemy courses good and reliable? I got one about ethical hacking with python for free but idk if it is a big deal or just bullshit.
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Best way to find job

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>Be me
>Find a nice company with an open position for many years
>Smart idea
>Final year of major write a thesis related to that job
>Forward the thesis to both the teacher and the HR Manager
>Phone hasn't stopped ringing
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Did Western lose?

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Is the future of science, engineering, business and technology in the hands of the Four Asian Tigers/Dragons and China?
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Why do most STEM people look like this?
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How do I learn what are the most fundamental and common math functions used in real life non pajeet programming?
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So was it Ayylmaos or was it just a weird natural object?
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telescopes and stargazing

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i've been doing a lot of stargazing lately, and i can only see so much with my own eyes. I can't really use binoculars because my vision is screwy, so im thinking about getting a telescope to help me see things better. unfortunately, there's so many options out there and i know absolutely nothing about telescopes so i don't know how to stop myself from getting a piece of junk or something too expensive. I have some old piece of plastic crap i got from a thrift shop a few years ago that's literally worse than the naked eye but that's about it.

are there any good, cheap, telescopes? also, how do y'all find good places to look at the stars? what i've been doing is just driving to the country and pulling over on a side road, but that feels sketchy as fuck. the nearest darksite to me is an hour and a half away though which is too much of a drive to do every night
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If energy can't be destroyed nor created then what happens to consciousness after we die? It can't just stop existing
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When will the first "alcubierre drive" be invented?
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