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we shouldnt fund NASA
change my mind
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>obstinate villain who doesn't realize he lost
Math equations for this feel?
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Hey /sci/ what do you think of the "Sciencetuber" trend?

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Order of operations..

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I dropped out of shcool when I was twelve and now I have to help my 12 year old kid with math because of corona. What is this PEMDAS shit? What happened to FOIL? Why do I come up with different answers to his problems? My wife, who is japanese and has more degrees than a thermometer, agrees with my calculations. Is math just different now? I don't know any of the nomenclature or symbols. Why can't you faggots get your shit together? I haven't a leg to stand on. Please fight amongst yourselves so I may learn and make a non brainlet out of my child. School will only teach him to be more stupid. I YouTubed that pemdas shit and everyone says it is wrong. There's other acronyms that I do not know.
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I don't see any good coming from the creation of AGI

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Regardless of how intelligent a being becomes, it is still very limited in ability due to the natural limitations of computation. While a being can of course more powerful than people, these hopes that AI will somehow uplift the human race into a next era are unreal.

AI won't even be able to help much with things like finding a cure for cancer or cracking encryption or any task that requires non-polynomial time computation. Protein folding, finding new laws of physics, basically every single problem that humanity still has, AI won't be capable of helping us figure out. Even super AI won't even be capable of figuring out the most effective way to arrange the schedule of a university for a semester. A super AI with the computational power of a hundred galaxies still would not even come close to being able to solve any non-polynomial problem that actually matters. Not even remotely close.

On top of this, sadly AI WILL be capable of helping power hungry evil people to extend their power greatly if it falls into their hands. An AI can not and never will be capable of copying your brain into another substrate - that is not computationally tractable. But it WILL be capable of shooting you in the head, or dropping a bomb on a city.

I do not see the reason to look for AI. It will do nothing but potentially create a new monarchy in the worst case scenario, and in the best case scenario all it does is make amazon delivery systems slightly faster without actually helping the human condition that much.
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Scientifically speaking, why do people believe conspiracy theories and historical revisionism? Is it a lack of schizophrenia diagnosis?

You see the typical flat-earther/anti-vaxx guy denying there is a pandemic right now. The level of de-realization with them is so high their denial includes real time events.

Should these people be hospitalized? This has to be a disease.
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Consider the sets A and B
A = the partial sums of
B = 1+ the partial sums of
>A:[0.9, 0.99, 0.999, 0.9999, ...]
>B:[1.9, 1.99, 1.999, 1.9999, ...]

Let set C = A union B.
>C:[0.9, 0.99, 0.999, ... , 1.9, 1.99, 1.999, ...]

where is 1 in C?
Can 1 in C be indexed?
Does 1 exist in C?
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basic physics

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Hi guys I know this is basic physics math but I;ve been stuck on this shit for way to long. So I get that I can find the maximum height with t=b/a(2) and then plug in that to one of the kinetic equations right? The "traveling at 15.5 feet/second" keeps throwing me off..
please help.
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>Epidemiologists pull models out of their ass with crap methodologies.
>Predict millions of deaths.
>World goes into panic.

Once (not if) their predictions are shown to be overblown, will they be penalized in some way? They are making the entire scientific community look bad and fueling "told you so" conspiracy nuts. This is gonna discredit even climate change models in the long run.

Why do people outside of statistics and physics insist so much in misusing scientific methodology for personal profit? Why doesn't the scientific community shun them?
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Protein Absorption

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Hi /sci/

Do you know anything protein absorption?

I read this article saying you can only absorb 15g of protein from a protein shake. So I'm shitting out the extra 9g of protein in every shake I have.
It refers to this study, which says you can use enzymes to increase absorption significantly:
>The results of this study indicate that supplementing 50 g of [whey protein concentrate] with 50 mg/g or 100 mg/g [enzymes]... significantly increased the absorption rate of [whey protein concentrate] over controls.

What do you think, /sci/? Is it legit?

Do I need enzymes? Or maybe I just need more meat which will probably stay in the gut for longer.