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What would happen if there were a creature with a brain so large that its brain was the size of an entire planet or galaxy? But at the same time, its brain was even more efficient with its use of neurons than a human brain?
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is this true?
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Why does God allow evil things to happen?
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>he's going to take the vaccine
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IQ threads on /sci

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Question for anons who've been lurking on /sci for a while now and can comment on its trends.

Have IQ threads always been this prevalent on this board?

Has the frequency of IQ threads decreased or increased over the last couple of years?

Has the proportion of racial IQ threads in contrast to pure IQ threads decreased or increased over the last couple of years?

This is relevant because it may have something to say about our contemporary scientific culture.

>t. no I'm not a faggot or kike and this is not for my gender studies paper
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Can some anon explain to me why the flux through a plane is the same if we use +x +y +z orientation?

What does it even mean when we use these orientations? Why do we need an orientation in the first place?
Help me anons im getting disparate
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If our brains have a finite number of neurons doesn't that mean that there are only a finite number of things we can make conceptualize?
Scientifically, of course
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Human Evolution and Biological Anthropology

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I recently came across the field of medical anthropology and how this connects to biological anthropology and the study of human evolution. My undergraduate background is in evolutionary biology, but I went the epidemiology route for grad school because it seemed more stable.
Anyone here doing a graduate program in human evolution, biological anthropology, or medical anthropology? If so, how are your future prospects?
Also, if anyone has suggestions on books relating to biological or medical anthropology, I'd love to hear them.
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Professors shit

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>put time and effort into an assignment
>"you must have stolen this"

fuck professors man why even try if it literally worsens your grade
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Does math make you bald?

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I keep noticing all mathematicians have some type of balding pattern, specially the newer generations, the newer the generation the quicker they degrade
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