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Does quantum mechanics BTFO determinism?

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Is the probabilistic nature of the wave function proof of the existence of "true randomness" in the universe, or is it just a reflection of the limitations of science? Pseuds keep trying to tell me QM disproves determinism, but I'm not so sure.
Pic unrelated.
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Indian students are running out of food in china

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When are we going to help the indian students stuck in china with all the shops closed?
All the food and water isn't available.
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Explain to a brainlet how powerful nonlinearity really is.
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ó ¦ó ¬ó ¡ó §ó €ºó €µó ó €3ó „
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How true is this?
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If you've ever wondered if these guys were nothing more than pseudo-science;

Here's the proof:
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What happens to scientific papers after they're published?

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Do they just go into a void?
How can there be so many papers that get overlooked and thrown away, aren't they all, by definition, new research?
Surely, they must be helpful to some people?
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SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Thread - Starlink-4 (

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These are getting repetitive edition

WHEN: Monday, January 27 9:49 AM EST / 14:49 UTC
Probability of weather delay: 50% []
Backup launch date: Tuesday, January 28 9:28 AM EST / 14:28 UTC

Launch site: SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida (East Coast)
Booster number & previous flights: B1051.3 [DM-1, RADARSAT]
First stage landing: Yes, on autonomous droneship Of Course I Still Love You
Fairing catch attempt: Yes, both halves, on Ms. Tree & Ms. Chief fairing recovery vessels
SpaceX press kit:
Payload: 60 V1.0 Starlink satellites (no laser links yet)
Payload mass & destination orbit: >15,600 kg; 290 km @ ~53°; satellites will orbit-raise after deployment to 550 km

Payload information:

This will be the 48th landed first stage, 31st booster reflight, and 80th Falcon 9 launch. It is the 3rd SpaceX launch of 2020.
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