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How to feminize or masculinize your brain in a permanent way as a non-trans individual
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Prediction aggregators and betting markets are putting shockingly high odds on an all-out nuclear war in the very near future. How trustworthy are current models of nuclear war?
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How much more productive is tropical weather?

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Specifically concerned with pastures, but other metrics work too

The basic question is: how much more food does 1 acre of tropical land produces, as compared to 1 acre of temperate land?

Obviously differs based on how cold the temperate land gets, but I just want any data that answers this. I can't seem to find any
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Will there ever be again a single genius discovering something big?
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What do you think about the current image the public has on science?

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I think it's in a dire state.
I'm all for the general public having access to research, but at the end of the day the research is delivered to them by a 3rd party who most of the time deliver their own conclusions rather than the objective answers, or are misinterpreted by the public itself. On top we now have media pushing how scientific results are absolute and shouldn't be refuted or antagonized, creating a sense of distrust between scientific research and the general public, not to mention companies who pay for research in their favor in which they adjust the data until they obtain the desired results. As a final nail in the coffin, we also have humanitarians pushing for psychology, gender theory, chicanx studies, etc. as science which discredits the other fields and stops people from taking them seriously.
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>A negative multiplied by a negative equals a positive
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What's /sci/ opinion on Carver?

Is he a meme or he's well respected in his field?
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Presented without comment
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