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>genetics can't influence personality or complex thought...
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Are you aware of the environmental impact of data centers? Think about whether you really need to post a 4K picture of your bruger to instagram next time.
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whats the name of these shapes? especially the one on the right.
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I'm working on a scientific theory.

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Please peer review my paper.
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proving modern mainstream science wrong

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I want help writing a paper based on my OWN research with myself as a human experiment.
This experiment will prove two things:
>its possible for an adult male to function on little to no sleep
>dream lucidity can be mastered at will
I will rely on nofap for this,I will prove, I will spend very little time sleeping and be fine,i will prove modern doctors wrong.
I will report back in a month having overcome sleep.
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>Women think with emotions. Men think with logic.
You literally can't refute this.
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How much of the brain do we still not understand? Is it still possible/probable that consciousness can be explained by some part of the brain or is integrated information theory the leading theory for materialists?
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If a brain is used to a very high dopamine dose and you cut the dopamine on it for few days
What could happen to the brain ?
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Denialists BTFO, Now On Suicide Watch

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>2019 were the second warmest since modern recordkeeping began in 1880
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Wtf? If one of these motherfuckers died before it could reproduce, I wouldn't even exist
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