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Elon is going to take us to Mars

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No one else can

Fuck haters
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What is the point of baldness from the standpoint of evolution?
>tfw norwood 7 at 18
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Why do supporters of the Many Worlds Interpretation always deny MWI's implications?

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Such as that there would be infinitely many universes where your dog is president?

And that you are immortal? (In fact, it's worse than that-there would be infinitely many universes where you live infinitely.)
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What will replace the idea of time-space?
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/sfg/ - Space Flight General.

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Starship SN9 hop attempt soon edition.

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What are the best textbooks on classical field theory?
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Post academics that you think are as smart as you are. Not in terms of achievements, but in terms of pure brainpower.
I'll start.
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/Odd Radio Circles/

What exactly are they? Could these be the first technosignatures? They do not emit any other forms of light other than radiowaves.
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When a spacecraft is sailing around the solar system, they burn fuel for course corrections and to be in the right place for gravity boosts and such.
Is this "fuel" just releasing pressurized gasses or is it actual combustion like a rocket? I know the voyager crafts use ion drives, but I cant image those are responsive enough for course corrections. Anyone know?
Pic entirely unrelated.
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Tell me /sci/, would it possible for an animal or creature to evolve to not only withstand radiation but sustain itself on it?