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Why are anti-parasitic drugs appearently effective against a coronavirus? Is there something else we're not being told?
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Ball lightning

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What the fuck is that? Why do we only have pixelated images from the chinese scientists and tons of fake videos about this phenomenon? Also why so many people saw this phenomenon but nobody had made normal video with good quality yet?
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ITT we trigged Science Deniers
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No.13434779 ViewReplyOriginalReport 1 hour fully autonomous drive during rush hour in Guangzhou
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>In physics and relativity, time dilation is the difference in the elapsed time as measured by two clocks. It is either due to a relative velocity between them (special relativistic "kinetic" time dilation) or to a difference in gravitational potential between their locations (general relativistic gravitational time dilation). When unspecified, "time dilation" usually refers to the effect due to velocity.

Redpill me on time dilation. They claim that this is a measurable phenomenon that actually happens in real life, but why does it happen?

Why does traveling through space affect the speed at which you travel through time? Moreover, if you travel at the speed of light, does time stop entirely? If you travel faster than the speed of light, does time go backwards?

Consider someone like Kyle Busch (pic related), who has driven thousands of motorsports events. How much time dilation has he experienced in his lifetime by driving in a fast car? Has he aged less than a normal person by a few milliseconds?

What would the consequences be if humanity found some way to travel at nearly the speed of light?
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explain the discrepancy
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refute this

if you can't then its true
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