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Once-in-a-century Astronomical Event

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Why the hell is nobody talking about the major astronomical event that will occur tomorrow?

/sci/ discuss.
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What would happen if 130 IQ became the new average?

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Would we cure cancer within 5 years? Be on mars in 10? Would we cure aging in 15? Post predictions.
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Professor Anon? PROFESSOR ANON!? HELP!! My pee-pee. MY PEE-PEE! Why's it doing THAT? Doesn't that violate the laws of physics? I swear, it happens every time a girl walks by. Somebody help me!
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Tell me a cool science fact, anon.
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Assuming I dont suffocate, can I fry food in carbon dioxide?
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Scientists' only role should be to provide philosophers with empirical data.
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How does a math major feel when they are being asked about data science?