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Forum Theory

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We haven't had this thread in a while, discuss which features of reddit makes reddit what reddit is today and why 4chan is better. Obviously also problems of imageboards, how they could be inproved and interesting approaches for creating online communities.
>inb4 not science
This is a subfield of sociology or something like that, so it is. And the thread that died for this was someone talking about his experience with MDMA
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Sci-Fi "Growth Vats/Chambers/Pods"

What is Sci-Fi's fascination with these (often) "magical" healing tanks full of super-healing goo? Is there any realism to it?

What liquid do you think is in these pods?
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>NASA life sciences has injected $1.5 billion into the economy since its conception
>NASA life sciences has consumed $3.7 billion since its conception
>"see! NASA brings in more for the economy than every dollar we spend on it!"
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Are psychiatrists basically just government-approved drug dealers?
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How can anyone deny climate change?
Let's imagine for a moment that all the data was made up by climate scientists to push an agenda, and let's ignore all real-world observations of how things have changed over time.
That still leaves two undeniable things:
>humanity takes carbon out of the ground and turns it into CO2, and there is no process for that carbon to go back into the ground even in the long term let alone the short term
>CO2 creates a greenhouse effect, as can be seen with how Venus is far hotter than a planet that is far closer to the sun, and as can be understood with pure optics

I've never heard an argument against either of these things, because denying basic science is even dumber than denying data. But if you believe both of these things, you can't possibly deny that humanity must be increasing global temperature.
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why is murder not legal if we don't have free will?
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>To this day still the best explanation for the differences in social outcome between people
>As time goes on more and more studies only support the conclusion that social outcome is primarily genetics based
>Still ignored almost completely by main stream science because sociologists can’t accept that genetics are the main factor instead of something that can be fixed by social reform programs
>Called racist despite the book only mentioning race for like 1 page and never even claims that different races are genetically inferior/superior
Will mainstream science ever accept the truth that genetic factors are the major determining factor in success?
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How wide are the genetic differences between races? Biofags only please. I know skin color is a fairly irrelevant gene, since most races cover most tones anyway, I mean in terms of intelligence, mental resilience, bone structure, and muscle health. It's hard to find studies that actually care about answering the question, since they're all trying to disprove racism, which may or may not be valid.
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How legit of a disorder is ADHD?
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