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Have you made peace with the fact that you are too stupid and ignornat to have a say on anything?

You are no different from these people, you have no knoweledge, no understanding, all you have is trivia. And worst you are not ashamed of your ignorance, you have no qualms about stating that "the Universe' expands" but when push comes to shove you couldn't derive the Einestein field equations to actually prove your claim. And even if you could derive said equations you couldn't interpret them.
All your knoweledge boils down to "well I know this is true becasue other people told me it's true".
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>Eating meat is bad for your hea-
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Catgirls or Gynoids?

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Everyone loves to meme about genetically engineered catgirls/furries/kobolds for domestic ownership, but I haven't heard of any major advances in genetic engineering in the normie news.

Likewise, gynoids technically exist but they're too expensive and impractical for the average person (and they look like shit).

Is there any reason to expect either one will be viable in the next 10-20 years?
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How long is this motherfucker going to last?
I don't want to make this yet another pro-vax vs. anti-vax thread. Assume people have made up their minds either way. Realistically, when can we stop hearing about this motherfucker?
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Get me out of uni

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Get me out of uni. I'm a senior engineering student, been grade levels ahead since I entered, summa GPA, three years laboratory experience, the whole bit. Since freshman year my plan was to get a PhD but after watching, for example, how the Harvard nanotechnology was chaired by a spy from CCP, I can't stand the idea. I know what I want to study, and I know where I can find it (MITOCW etc.). When I ask professors questions about physics, biology etc. from my own curiosity they don't know the answer and need me to explain the question. Why spend 6 years with these lying clowns who produce non-reproducible research when I can write my own thesis in theoretical biophysics while making bank as an engineer in the private sector?
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What is "spacetime" and how does it "curve"?

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Any time my small brain tries to understand general relativity it hurts. There's nothing physical to curve, right? Does the implication that spacetime exists as something to be "curved" imply that our universe is the surface of a 4D object? What does it mean? What's it curving into? How does mass create curvature in the first place? How does gravity result from this?
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Are we evolutionary dead end?

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Is it possible for humans to give rise to a new species 500,000 years down the line? I feel like humans won't evolve into different beings like our ancestors did because we have a thing called society/civilization(that doesn't work on darwinism principles) which protects us from evolutionary pressures that our ancestors experienced. We will change and grow resistance towards different diseases/viruses but I don't think we'll change from homo sapiens to another animal. What does science have to say about our future?
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/scg/ - STEM Career General

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Welcome to STEM Career General!
This thread exists to posit questions regarding careers associated to STEM.
> Discussion on academia based career progression
> Discussion on penetrating industry from academia
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No anons have answered your question? Perhaps try posting it here:

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