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What's the best book on Quantum Mechanics for a retard like me so I can truly understand how reality works?

I got scientists telling me we're living inside a computer hard drive, and some saying the Universe is a hologram, and others telling me there's a trillion different versions of myself in other universes that aren't virgins, and I'm the only one that is.

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Quantum Mechanics

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Could somebody please explain to me what this is and how we know it is correct? I would appreciate if you put the concept in terms such that somebody absolutely new to the area can understand them.
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What would be theimplications of humans shapeshifting
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Hey dudes, just a quick neurology question related to a dream I had and relating to the way the brain stores memories. I had a dream the other day and I was making a pizza (I like pizza stfu bich) and I noticed something about the package of the pizza, I'm curious if this relates to the way that I perceive the world or how the brain itself functions. Anyways, I noticed that things regarding the actual physicality of the pizza, the shape, temperature, texture of the wrapping and frozen cheese under the wrap, but when I looked at the label, it was a green piece of paper with white text on it. Is this because I see all pizza as fundamentally the same regardless of the brand (it's cheese bread and tomato sauce how hard could it be to screw it up) or is it because the brain is not good at storing actual imagery (think: photos like a camera) but is more efficient in spatial and conceptual memory? I'm guessing this one is more likely the case since you don't remember every little thing that you saw throughout the day yesterday.
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Looks like we're alone after all bros...
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Pop Sci

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Is misinformed science a good thing if you get more people interested in science?
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how to be tao

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>wakes up
>not tao
>day ruined