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Quantum Mechanics

Especially, the double slit experiment.

Why is it so hard for people to understand, what is really going on? It is fucking plain ass obvious and I don't get all the hype that you, retards, are giving it. So let me explain in plain English (more or less).

Before the act of measurement (understood as any physical both-way interaction of the particle with its surroundings) the particle is in superposition. Or at least that's what the math is saying. It means that some of the properties are equally probable at any given time, or we say - so you, dumb ass incels, could understand - that the cat is at the same time dead and alive. The particle behaves as a wave and so are it's properties. They are "smeared", undefined. Got it? Good.

Now, the measurement. What it means to measure something? It means to use some physical property that interacts with some property of the measured object, to get some information about the said object as a whole, or the measured property or any other characteristic of the object related with the measured property. It means to define something.

Now you have the double slit experiment (dse). You shot some gay ass photon one by one and you observe a diffraction pattern. And it make sense. You do not measure anything. You are not interacting with the particle. The particle is in an undefined/ wave-like form while going through the slits. The slits (this is important) DO NOT MEASURE, do not interact any characteristic of the photon. And yes, the act measurement doesn't need a conscious observer. This is some metaphysical bs. Put in simple words: the slits do not give a fuck about the photon. The slits/photon system does not "exchange" interaction. The slit acts as an "observer".
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I literally have a masters in mathematics and the ONLY correct answer is 1. You can rewrite the equation multiple ways to clarify. In PEMDAS, "m" is before "d" for a reason, and that reason is the distributive property. You would never, NEVER divide first because it removes the distribution from the paranthetical component of the equation. As an example, solve for X and you could never initiate by dividing both sides by 4 because it is literally attached to the parenthesis.

Shut your fucking mouth.
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Nuclear Power: Is anything like pic related actually happening??

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I don't get it, when is plutonium "spent"? Isn't it still hot and needs a long time to cool down? Isn't that heat exactly what is used to boil the water for power generation?

Is anything like pic related actually happening (i.e. only 3% turns into waste, the rest is recycled to be used again)?

Is this system really more cost effective and better than geothermal or geodynamic energy?
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This thread is dedicated to solving the P=NP problem. The price money will be divided between every poster in this thread.
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Can ants take fall damage?

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I just blew a bunch of them out of my window and when I went down they all survived the fall and were crawling around like nothing. And I live on a fucking 7th floor.
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I have a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, and I was looking to do a master's in biomedical engineering. I've looked at some schools' biomedical engineering programs, and the courses look interesting, but I've read that biomedical engineering doesn't really have a good job outlook. What are my best options here?
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>invest 100k
>it would take 57 years compounded continuously at 6% ror (~growth of S&P500), to make 1 million dollars

Scientifically, what is the best way to make 10 million dollars by age 35 without doing anything illegal? Investing seems to be a giant waste of time if you aren't already knowledgable about investing.

Mods don't send me to /biz/ this is maths related.
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Notes thread

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How do you take notes, /sci/? I like to use red and black pens
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Mankind will be extinct within 25 years
I am a scientist and climatologist at a well-known university. My job is to study, test, and run experiments on the surrounding Arctic seabeds and ice glaciers. We study differences in ice levels and the surrounding temperatures. I have been doing this for well over 25 years and love it. We started noticing some anomalies back in 2007 in regards to the rate of melting ice caps.

I'm just going to get straight to the point and I won't make any replies to anything because it really doesn't matter and I'm pretty drunk. This is the only post I will make. Basically, not only are we fucked, we are dead men walking.

Earth has reached the point of no return. The initial ice caps are depleted so much that the underlying sea water has risen between 15-17C. What this means is that it's creating a chain reaction and melting the underlying permafrost underneath, releasing godly amounts of methane. When you do this, really bad things start happening, as this destroys the atmosphere entirely. The last time we had huge amounts of methane, 95% of all living things died. We are on the verge of this happening again and there is nothing we can do to stop it. The runaway chain reaction has started and the only way to save Earth is to force it into an ice age, but good luck with that. By 2028, life will begin dying and I'm assuming will attempt to go underground (most likely). By 2035 -2040, any remaining civilizations that still exist will most likely be dead.

No one is talking about this, and I'm not sure why. This is not BS, this is straight up facts and based on real evidence. So enjoy your memes, because I do. Your "happening" will come soon enough. Start stockpiling now because I am.
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Why monke teeth so sharp and strong if they eat fruits and veggies?