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What is the best way to survive biological warfare?

Is there something I can put into my body that will make my immune system stronger than everyone else's?
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How do I time travel?
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Learning fluid mechanics from papers/journals instead of textbooks

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I’m trying to learn fluid mechanics and I heard it’s better to learn from journals and published papers rather than textbooks. I want to do this for fluid mechanics. Where would I start?

My first thought is Navier-Stokes, but I’m having a lot of difficulty finding papers from G.G. Stokes and Claude Navier which aren’t paywalled.

I heard this idea from Nassim Taleb, so tell me if this is a retarded idea or not
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why you don't like computer science in here?
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elite /sci/ software

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name a piece of science-related software that you consider elite-tier. i'll start: FeynRules

two guys i know who use it are hot shit in physics theory
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How to fight racism using science

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Is Adam Rutherford correct in this article?

>But for the sake of argument, let’s pretend that genes were selected that related to power and strength. Why then do eastern Europeans dominate weightlifting, yet are absent from sprinting? Why do African Americans dominate in boxing, but not wrestling? Where are all the black sprint cyclists? Why is it that in the 50m freestyle in swimming in the whole history of the Olympics, the number of African American finalists is… one? None of these facts align with the slavery explanation for African American dominance in the 100m.

>The transatlantic slave trade also imported millions of West African people to South America. The number of South Americans of any ancestry to have competed in the 100m finals? Zero.

>The point is this: sprinters in the Olympics, or indeed any elite sportspeople, are not a dataset on which a statistician could draw any satisfactory conclusion. Yet it is precisely the data on which extremely popular racial stereotypes are based. Elite athletes deserve better praise than the belief that they have auspicious ancestry.
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Optimal inbreeding, kissing cousins, and Mediogamy

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Should we be marrying within 4th cousins?

I've recently come across the work of esteemed anthropologist Robin Fox and his research on marriage customs and fertility including varied levels of incest.

And Agnes Helgason et al's 2008 paper "An Association between Kinship and Fertility of Human Couples" does strengthen the argument.
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How does The Observer Effect manifests itself in everyday life?
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If I have a random number generator which generates numbers between 1 and 100, how likely is it percentage-wise that it generates 4 90-99 numbers in a row in 100k rolls?
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WATER and ELECTRICITY a serious question.

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>In this jump to about 3 min mark, the rest of vid is irrelevant.
So water is not conducting electricity for the flow of electricity UNTIL sodium chloride, salt, is dissolved into the solution and then the flow of electricity flows.
However, we are all aware that having an electic outlet in your house exposed to water, is deadly. Say the classic hairdryer in shower and somehow you are electrocuted from the electricity flowing through the water.

What is really going on? thanks
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