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What would you rather?

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Would you rather all knowledge about why things are the way they are or.

Would you rather all scientific knowledge on how things work.

Perks on why:
You might find out about god, meaning of life, maybe some other fantastic shit including stuff that happened before the big bang. Religious people might love this.

Perks on how:
You basically get all facts about how things work, but you don't get any why's. This will unlock unlimited technological ability obviously.
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new /med/ still no pasta lamoooooo
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just learned that brown algae and green algae are more genetically dissimilar than camels and wasps
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Reminder NASA is fake

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What is the /sci/ approved flu mask?
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Cyclic universe

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How likely is it that the universe is just an infinite cycle, and you never truly "die" as the universe goes through an eternal loop of death and rebirth, while "you" make the exact same "choices" in every single iteration, forever?
Pic unrelated.
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why you don't like computer science in here?
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Is penis size connected to any other physical attributes? Meaning are there any other body parts who's size is correlated with that of the penis. I've heard about hand size and digit ratio but I'm not too sure if they're true
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/chem/ general

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Post problems, answers, and cool lab pics!
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String Theory, what is it all about? M-theory, what is that all about? Is it good? Or is it whack?
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