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Is Buddhism the truth? If you got studies to support Buddhist beliefs please send them and if you got the opposite do it too.
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Something about campfires

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There's just something about them that pleases the human mind. What is it from an evolutionary perspective that makes them so... interesting to stare into? My friend brought this up when we were sitting round the campfire, do you think it has to do with the caveman mind?
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How are high IQ peoples brains wired? How do child genuouses learn so much shit in such a short amount of time?
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>designing secret plane
>put big blinkenlights all over it
>flying secret plane
>slowly cruise low over people's houses
Why does the government do this?
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I've had >pic related saved on my pc for years, can anyone provide context?
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Why did he do it?
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/mg/ - maths general

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Formerly >>11947815

Periodic solutions of hamiltonian systems edition.
Talk maths.
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Ok why do femboys have 7 inch cocks on average?
Are small penises indeed a masculine trait?
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Kurzgesagt Thread /kurz/ - The Kardashev Scale EDITION!

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This is a kurzgesagt thread for /sci/
New video from kurzgesagt!
It talks about the 'Kardashev Scale' and how it's the scale for progress, and aliens too...
More info in video, WATCH IT!
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