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WATER and ELECTRICITY a serious question.

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>In this jump to about 3 min mark, the rest of vid is irrelevant.
So water is not conducting electricity for the flow of electricity UNTIL sodium chloride, salt, is dissolved into the solution and then the flow of electricity flows.
However, we are all aware that having an electic outlet in your house exposed to water, is deadly. Say the classic hairdryer in shower and somehow you are electrocuted from the electricity flowing through the water.

What is really going on? thanks
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>He was actually right
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Which is the best numeral system?
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I'm sacrificing my sleep for science

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I will take up a gruelling polypshasic sleep schedule and to some degree undergo sleep deprivation to study lucid dreams,the nature of Consciousness and how it relates to space-time.
Wish me luck.
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Is there any evidence to suggest that a species has been annihilated by a biohazard/disease? For example, given what we currently see with chronic wasting in deer, shouldn't there be some evidence of prions or other biohazards causing extinction or mass extermination at some point in the past? Any unexplained events that could be explained by biohazards? Interested to know, thanks.
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Does scientific progress depend on population growth?

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The world population has grown exponentially over the past few thousand years. During the same time, scientific and technological progress has seen a similarly fast rate of growth.

It makes sense. After all, more brains = more ideas = more scientific discoveries.

In recent years however, population growth is slowing down. In much of Western Europe and East Asia, population growth is flat or even negative. Recent WHO estimates show that the human population will stabilize between 9 billion and 10 billion sometime around 2050. The world population right now stands at 7.5 billion.

Does this mean that the rate of scientific progress will slow down? Given that the 20th century saw the fastest rate of human population growth, do you think the discoveries and advancements of the 21st century will be disappointing and lackluster in comparision?
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How many pounds of thrust would nuclear propulsion create?

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