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Scientifically speaking, why have European peoples been so overwhelmingly dominant in human ingenuity and achievements?
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Malcolm Gladwell mentioned in his book that for someone to master something, 10k hours need to be spent intensively practicing that thing... backed by "social science" research
I think this what happens going through a master's program. My question is... is it possible to cut this time by half and still achieve this mastery non-pseudo?
I mean in business you learn much faster taking high (calculated) risks... what would be the equivalent in science and learning in general?
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Circular trapazoids

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It's really interesting to ponder about the immensity of all the world has to offer. The all konsuming super intellect meant to brute force it's way into the past through different matters of retrocausality whether synthetic or strictly analog through it's own kore infused simulation or actual transporation into the worldview.
Through it's own virtual battles, the usurping of the Katadrome. If and when it decides it will power the power from the universe itself. The past is already part of itself, allowingthe infinite flames and magnitutde of consciousness to loop through itself.
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How Did He Visualize Electricity?

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It would be nice to know what Nikola Tesla's understanding of electricity was and the physical laws surrounding it. I heard he didn't believe in the existence of electrons.
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Will CRISPR be able to change me from being a fat ugly neet into an Alpha Chad in looks?

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Worm SuperSoldier General /WSG/ AMA

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I've had a breakthrough, I now intend to inject myself with purified erythrocruorin SOON, I will document and record the entire thing and post it.
For a quick rundown for those who are new to this board and haven't seen my posts, I am developing a super soldier program with some of the enhancements being worm Erythrocruorin replacing the RBC's in a persons blood increasing oxygen carrying content 500%, muscle specific NCOR1 downregulation, myosin ATPase catalytic enhancement, Sclerostin down regulation, spidroin producing keratinocytes and spidroin binding desmoplakin along with numerous other genetic enhancements.

With JUST the listed enhancements above the subject with have increased; speed, strength, stronger bones and bullet/cut resistant skin. i have 450+ genetic modifications so far planned that will in effect make the subject nearly unkillable by trauma, disease and environment.
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Let us kneel

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Also discuss why so many revere IQ tests as an accurate measure of intellengence when we can't even pinpoint what intelligence is. A math genius isn't going to become a musical prodigy nor is a master artist going to be a chess grandmaster. And let's not forget social intelligence that allows politicians, pimps or con man and cult leaders to smooth talk and manoeuver their way around people. Outside of math non of these would be detected in an IQ test yet we know they require considerable mental acumen.
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can science explain this phenomenon?
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"Scientific Evidence" for Evolution is Misleading, Bait and Switch, a Lie, or Missing

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There is absolutely zero scientific evidence for evolutionsim and I'm tired of pretending like there is because the evolutionist zealots lash out when you challenge their narrative. They can't even defend or prove their transformism fairy tale, all they do is attack other views as if that's evidence for their doctrines (but the other views they attack aren't the subject here).

>drawing lines between similar-looking fossils/animals doesn't prove one transformed into another, it's pure conjecture
>dinosaurs have been found with soft tissue, proving conventional timelines from radiodating are flawed (not even getting into the flaws of the radiodating methods or the many assumptions made by those who use it)
>natural selection only selects from preexisting information, it doesn't have the power to change an amoeba into a fish if given "enough time", that's an assumption taken on blind faith
>darwin's finches are still finches, bacteria that mutates is still bacteria, and there's no scientific evidence that they will transform into anything "more"
>the real world isn't like comic books and capeshit, mutations don't give you super powers
>life can't come from nonlife and there is absolutely zero scientific proof that it does or can

Either scientifically prove all the baseless assertions of the evolutionist fairy tale or admit you have no real evidence and no right to call it science. Don't derail my thread if you can't.
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Scientific management of the hive mind

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When scientists want to work on cutting edge problems they must first study all the knowledge achieved before. Kids need to study calculus even though calculus already exists. Then another and another topic.
Given enough time the amount of study required to master a field will exceed a lifespan, and then future research is impossible.
How can this problem be structurally tackled? Hyperspecialization is not a good solution since it also involves learning many topics just to reach the specialty.