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I live with a neet and I can't stand him

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Title says it all. I live with a bunch of mates but a friend of theirs lives with us and is a neet. I am a med student who would kill for more free time and he graduated 8 months ago and is still on welfare, and just wastes his life gaming. Pic related resonates with me and why I'm so pissed off. Should I just get over it?
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How could this happen?

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smoking cigarettes and learning performance

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Does smoking cigarettes improve learning? What are some impacts of smoking on cognitive functions? I want to relax and focus on studying and I'm considering to smoke just one or two cigs a day.
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Are there particles that exist in multiple places at the same time?
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trump bros....
Why are /sci/entific geniuses always left wing?
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Hoping to squash a terrifying discovery

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Was just contacted by a friend about a potentially terrifying discovery pieced together about the vaccines regarding Illumina sequencing of the genome, reuters, FDA and pfizer.
Im brewing more coffee and trying to dig through again but wanted to share what was presented to me in the next post as it isnt my specialty and maybe I just am spooked.
I didnt expect a discovery like this to come from /pol/ but I wanted to share it here despite the fact that some may dismiss it due to the source and also due to crude language at times.
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One simple pill guarantees an A+.
It's bewildering that some students choose not to.
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this has to be the most retarded video ive seen in a long time
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Every discipline/field is just a subset of math, so why even teach them? Everyone should just be a math major and then theyll be able to figure everything else out on their own.
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What board has the highest percentage of people who actually know what they are talking about? (I know none of them are over 3% with 97% retards but which has the least retards)

Also because fuck jtranny annies and their bullshit bans. What is the solution to Rheimann
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