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Is he the Jordan Peterson of physics?
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Based molecules ONLY
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You should be able to solve this.
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> failed an interview because of this
> sitting for five hours depressed
> can't figure it out
> /g/ is struggling as well


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Career choices

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I am a bit lost, /sci/.
I’m 18, no clue what to do with my life.
I’d be interested in doing something related to how drugs affect the human brain, which I’ve looked into and would fall under neuropsychopharmacology, I think. I’d wanna look into alternative treatments for mental disorders, things like that. Which sounds kinda fucking stupid to my friends since I barely did any drugs myself.
What do I take in uni to go into this field? Is it even worth it salary-wise? How likely is it that I’d even land a job in it? (EU, btw)
I’m also interested in nuclear energy, and I’m generally interested in chemistry too, drugs aside. What could be a good career choice if the above one isn’t good?
I’ve heard people say that Chemistry is not the best thing to take in university.

I don’t really know at all, I’m just very lost. I just know I like Physics and Chemistry and want to do something interesting related to it, but the more I look into academia and future career paths the more grim it gets. Threads like this probably get posted all the time, and for that I apologise.
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Lets see if we have any geniuses on here.

Whats the answer to 1^x = 2?

Picture unrelated.
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Comp Sci fags, have any of you read this yet? It's probably the most important CS paper in years. Mods, this thread is dedicated to discussing the compsci aspects of a fundamental technology and not investment or finance.
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He did it. The crazy son of a bitch did it.

SpaceX win the bid for the NASA lunar lander.

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May be some memes?

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want some?
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