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Anyone else read this guy's book? Is it sad that politics has become entrenched in literally everything?
A book that's supposed to be about the science of aging is 60% whining about politics.
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Covid vaccine will NOT make women infertile

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Pic is symptoms for the large & small percentage of vaccines comparively.
So I used to think that we should be cautious about giving covid vaccines to young women, but I now believe that it is riskier to go without the vaccine for young women (when it is available). I know for young men, covid can cross the blood brain barrier & the testes blood barrier, & was found to cause infertility in two men, so I've always believed that it was better for them to get the vaccine vs getting full blown covid.
The original paper written by wolfgang based on his postulate that the vaccine would cause an autoimmune reaction. Summary: the protein, syncitin-1, "glues" the placenta to the womb looks similar to a covid spike, which is what the vaccine fights. Covid looks more similar to an ACE-2 receptor spike, which is why it causes so many symptoms related to "lung flooding" & clotting. If it was so similar, we would have seen problems in women getting full blown covid, but we haven't. It lead me to look up the protein structure of covid vs ACE-2 vs. the "protein glue" of the womb & placenta. It looks more like covid's entry spike is similar to ACE-2.
There has been one case of someone with womb inflammation, but it might be due to normal endometriosis that she previously had. Pfizer in their trials found people with the vaccine had less infertility than those who didn't get it. This was 23 people that got pregnant during their trial after getting the vaccine. However Pfizer has in the past done some extremely unethical things, especially when it came to a meningitis treatment they did in Africa. It is also assumed they held their release of the vaccine due to political reasons, which is unethical b/c they allowed people to die in the meantime (the FDA also did this by placing an arbitrary 2 months waiting period, it's anot just pfizer). All vaccines have now a "no liability" clause, which also weird, but that seems standard. Also Bill Gates sr. wrote on eugenics, so...
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I just want to thank american colleges for uploading their courses to YouTube for free.

It allows poor thirdies like me to learn.
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I get extremely infuriated every time I encounter imaginary numbers.
How is that allowed? It’s literally introduced a tainted, absurd object as a building block and then building logic on top of it, of course you will come up with weird shit like Riemann hypothesis.

Any anon can change my mind? Why imaginary numbers have a right to exist? Why not also create 2+2=4 mathematical objects, mix them into real math to create ((complex numbers))? I just don’t see how that’s not absurd, this absolutely infuriates me that math cucksois literally take this at face value.

Also I’m particularly interested in foundations of number theory, eg why people think the initial distinction between 0 and 1 makes the solid foundation for all the modern math we have right now, why we even make this distinction and never question the foundation of real math as well (besides it being useful in our everyday life to operate on our primitive world concepts).
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hello /sci/ i'd love to learn math by myself, i've learnt enough programming that now what keeps me from getting any better are my poor math skills, ialways ignored the subject but now i'm fascinted to it.

Writing something like a rotating donut in my terminal, an audio compression algorithm and maybe a game engine applying 3D graphics fascinates me SO DAMN MUCH.

But i don't know where to start.
I did learn some stuff by myself like what are functions, inverse functions.. log and other basic stuff.

At school we started trigonometry but the way they teach it sucks, i'm just applying formulas and i don't feel this is the right way to learn the math.

How and where should i learn? It's my first thread on 4chan pls be gentle
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Why does evolution keep turning different branches into crabs? Is God an autist?
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> 22 years old
> Have a great software dev job.
> Have been programming since age 14.
> But I started feeling burnt out.
> Contemplating becoming a doctor / a degree in chem/bio and getting into pharma/research

I have some type of romanticized idea about being a doctor that somehow it will give me meaning and a "worthwhile purpose in life", or that if I work in pharma I will be developing a better future for people and curing people's pain. Am I delusional ? should I just take a break from work and calm down or do I have a point?
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/cspg/ Computer Science Plus General

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The /cspg/ general was created to help others learn how to get into computer science and programming starting from scratch. This thread hopes to serve both autodidact and traditional students of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Math and more. Upper and post graduate discussions such as Programming Language Theory and math needed for Machine Learning is also welcome as well. If you want a job, want to create video games, or want to build something larger than a toy cli, this thread will help you. Every few months, the discord server is working through a new book as a study group, this month, it's chapters 1 and 2 of SICP (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs)

Complete self taught pathway:
Structured pathway:
AI focused pathway (warning: functional programming ahead):

The first link recommends SICP as an entry, but if you want a gentler introduction to the world of computing, I'd recommend How to Design Programs. Before you complain, read:

Free books:

Not sure if programming is for you? Try:
Word of warning though, the new edition was just released, so you can either wait for someone to upload it, or buy it yourself.

This month's study group: SICP
We'll be running through SICP chapters 1 and 2 as a board while everyone else talks about grokking algorithms and debating Stewart vs Apostol vs Spivak

SICP start day: 11 January
SICP end day: 15 February

Remember, you don't need to be a computer scientist to be a good programmer, but it sure does help
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