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What does this tell you about gender differences?
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If artificial wombs were developed, would it be right that the norm should be in using them given the dangers of natural birth for mothers and babies or would something be lost? Should the state instead pump infertility drugs into the water supply and then take over the business of making and rearing children?

Not an appeal to nature but because of the hormonal imprinting that goes on for a mother in childbirth.
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What should I do today if I want to live forever? is there any technology that might prolong my life long enough to reach the time were science will make me eternally young?
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Most math majors don't enjoy mathematics. They either couldn't get into their intended major and opted out for math, or theyre just good at test taking and think that math is just plug and chug (and when they realize it isnt their world falls apart). Also, I heard an anon on here talk about how they never read math publications outside of their coursework textbooks and course content. This is soulless and absolute faggotry. That is all.
>but some good people in math do exist
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Kim Ung-yong, former Korean child prodigy that could solve differential equations at the age of 4 and speak Korean, English, French, German and Japanese by 5 now has 2 kids and none of them are math prodigies

>Professor Kim Ung-yong said, "These days, schools don't do IQ tests," and he said that he did not know the children's IQs. "Kids don't seem to be interested in math and science," he said. "The older son likes sports and the younger one likes to dance."

How do the IQ experts of /sci/ react to this?
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Obscure books

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Post obscure/forgotten science and math books you have.
Check out this signal processing book I got from my grandpa
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Books on Quantum Physics

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What are the best "introduction to quantum physics" books? My current knowledge is equivalent to a highschooler's so I remember a little about quarks and the uncertainty principle. I think math played a fundamental role in QM so it would be great if the book also held my hand with the explanation of the mathematics.
Also, do recommend more advanced titles for future studies.
pic unrel
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“Paradoxes” exist in math because infinite sets are retarded. Throw them out, and there are no problems
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My life has greatly improved since I stopped caring about mathematics and science. I do what I have to do and then relax for the day. Why should anyone today go for a PhD or waste their time in the pure sciences or mathematics? There seems to be no point.
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Redpill me on Nuclear power.

Why are so many people against it if it's so good?
How is a nuclear time bomb of a facility better than just installing large solar panels on the desert or some shit?
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