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What do you do math with?

>ball point
>felt pen
>fountain pen
>paint brush
>hammer and chisel

I am still indoctrinated from school and use a pencil by default but I wanna get woke. What’s the highest IQ utencil
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submit to master bitch
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what frequency of light is pink? aka whiteish red. it doesnt ever show up in a rainbow, so does that mean this color doesn't really exist???
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Damn this was kino
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What if…

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What if I told you that 7/0 is actually 7????

Would you believe me?
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Could there be life at the sun? How can we really know if the sun doesn't have a terrestrial surface ? Theoretically an atmosphere could exist and provide shielding from the heat at the lower levels.
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I request your help to conquer myself

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Greetings, anons
I am faced with a problem I have been facing for years. I have found myself addicted to Interracial porn, and several other genres. In all sincerity, I ask this as question: what is the psychology behind a fetish, what are its variables, can I change or control my fetish, and can I eliminate it? Surely there must be a scientific approach I can take to rid myself of these ills.
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Will the right pheremones help me attract the ladies?
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When will humanity crawl out of the abyss of emotional indulgence?

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How many of you actually believe emotions are illogical? There's nothing illogical about them. People like to indulge in their emotions. The fucking end. But there is moar over the fucking horizon and we are being held back from reaching it on behalf of everyone stuck in the cycle of repetitive indulgence in the redundant petty shallow nonsense that has plagued us for a solid 50 years of modernity. There is emotional energy beyond our wildest dreams awaiting us, and honestly i think the only avenue is to shove as much indulgence into people's veins as possible to burn them out on the redundant played out greed and shallow hedonism they are only familiar with so that the only thing left is that hollow emptiness that haunts you into caring about the real things that matter. How do we do this?