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/slg/ Self-Learning General

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Welcome to the /slg/, the place to discuss what parts of /sci/ people are working on learning, discuss progress, give recommendations etc.

Brainlets tolerated.

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So what is /sci/ learning this time?
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If spacetime bends then what is it composed of?
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Imagine the conversations that Edison and Tesla had

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pic related. two young studs, with iq's both well above 170. I would assume not any slang would be in the conversation. A book with tesla and edison having a private conversation would be one the most read/published pieces of art in collaboration. Just an open dialogue of these two, Holy shit man, the conversations these two had were PEAK HUMANITY. Easily in the top 50 most provocative, propelling conversations that shaped our current reality that we live in. Imagine how concise the conversation would have been. No stuttering. I know edison had a temper problem, so he probably spoke as if he wanted to punch tesla in the mouth, except in a sophisticated manner.
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Just started Khan academy with Algebra I. How long will it take to finish all the math there and will it get me ready for Engineering majors?
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What is a "coronavirus"?

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I have never heard this term before.
What does it infect and what are the symptoms and side effects?
Is this just some made up name to sound scary in the media?
What does /sci/ think of this? Im sure theres doctors on here.
I think its just a new form of the flu and the media is calling it something scary to push more vaccines.
Pic semi-related.
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Mineralogy thread

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let's give some affection to random stones that look cool
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Mind Sports problem Solving:

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Hello fellow anons, this thread is dedicated to the pursuit of competitive problem solving as a mind sport and hobby.
>The Art and Craft of Problem Solving (Paul Zeit)
>How to solve it (G. Polya)
Competitive programming:
>Competitive programmer's handbook (Antti Laaksonen)
>List programming problems to solve
>Olympiad physics training material: (none as of yet)
Today's problem: Mexico 2019 Olympiad Problem 4
A list of positive integers is called good if the maximum element of the list appears exactly once. A sublist is a list formed by one or more consecutive elements of a list. For example, the list 10,34,34,22,30,22 the sublist 22,30,22 is good and 10,34,34,22 is not. A list is very good if all its sublists are good. Find the minimum value of k such that there exists a very good list of length 2019 with k different values on it.
Remember to show your work. Suggestions welcome.
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I'll be doing an EE major with a Physics minor, these are the courses I'll be taking if I go on this route. Are they looking good? If you want to know more about a specific class I can tell you the description which includes what we'll be learning.
EE Courses:
Data Structures and Object-Oriented Design
Digital Logic Design
Electrical Courses
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
Signals & Systems
Systems Analysis
Electronic Circuit Design and Analysis
Power Electronics
Digital Integrated Circuits
Communication Systems
Optical Engineering
Semiconductor Devices and Nano structures
Electrical Engineering Design I
Electrical Engineering Design II
Math Courses:Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Elementary Differential Equations, Probability, Introduction to Complex Variables, Partial Differential Equations
Physics Courses: Mechanics I, Mechanics II, Introductory Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (Already taken for EE), Statistical and Thermal Physics, Fundamentals of Physics I, Fundamentals of Physics II.
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Scifags explain this?

What power is responsible for this rejection of gravity