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All hail the Fourier Transform edition.

What are you working on now that you have free quarantine time, anon?
Im doing DFT implementations on matlab
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Is there an edge of space?
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Wtf is Calculus II and III used for?
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Why the hell are you scientists so god damned stupid? Coronavirus has been around since NOVEMBER and you're telling me you don't even really know what it is yet? You can't tell us clearly what the symptoms are. You can't tell us what the death rate is, whether it's 3% or 1% or 10%. You can't tell us how to know for certain if we've got it. And you can't find even ONE effective treatment or medicine that will work to alleviate it? What the god damned hell is wrong with you scientists? Are you all severely retarded?
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Does there exist, or can there exist, a hormone that when rubbed on the clitoris of a female, induces very strong orgasms and pleasure, that can then be excreted from the pores of the male in his sweat?
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>zhang et al.
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Forget about nuclear fusion. When will we see room temp superconductivity?
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Not racist, just curious.

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But why are all the famous scientists of the past, the game changers who really pushed forward human knowledge, white?

>Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, and all the Greek philosophers. The inventors of science.
>Newton and Leibniz started calculus and physics as a mathematical subject.
>Lagrange, Hamilton, and Gauss solidified classical mechanics in a rigorous and general fashion.
>Clausius, Boltzmann, and Gibbs founded modern thermodynamics and our understanding of heat transfer.
>Maxwell, Volta, and Faraday laid the foundation of electromagnetism.
>Fourier and Laplace created methods to solve the equations governing fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and electromagnetics.
>Schrodinger and Heisenberg built upon the previous works to describe the wave-like nature of particles at small scales, thus founding quantum mechanics.
>Planck, Bose, Einstein, Fermi, and Dirac applied methods of quantum mechanics to describe the behavior of various systems, thus further solidifying the field.

The basis of all physics is basically a bunch of white people. Why is this? Did any other ethnic group make contributions to classical mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, or quantum mechanics?
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