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The /med/ generals are just med students jerking each other off over money and status

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Which specialization pays the best, which offers the best work-life balance, which has the hottest nurses...
No actual interest in curing diseases.
Same thing with the student doctor forum, or any place where quacks or quack hopefuls congregate.
When physicists get together, they don't just discuss things like which posts offer the best shot at tenure or the hottest coeds to sexually harass.
No wonder medicine is so primitive and ineffective:
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>psychology is majorly guesswork
prove me wrong
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charles lieber ARRESTED for being a CHINESE SPY

hope the feds drain the rest of the HARVARD swamp
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/sfg/ Space Flight General

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J-2X Edition

Old: >>11328778
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Venus Thread

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Hypothesis as to what it was like in the past, future exploration, past moons, etc.
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Why there's such a denial of hypergamy?

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It appears that nowadays there’s a big denial of hypergamyamongst women, often labeling it as misogynistic or/and as an argument used by beta males to justify their failures. However hypergamy is widely accepted as an heritance from our ancestors, being common among most of the animals we come from. I personally consider that feminists are concerned in silencing hypergamy because we live in a society in which the most animal masculine traits are (justifiably) punishedby law, since you can't murder, hit or rape to prove your worth, while women can keep up by living like if the world owes them something. In my humble opinion, if more women considered fighting the impulses of hypergamy, we would have a generation of more mature and stable women, since most of them hide such inclinations in emotional bursts. That's just my opinion, what do you think? Can science offer any backup?
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Who is the smartest person in the world?
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the ugly truth

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does andenochrome exist? Not neccesarily in humans,but in other mammals. If I violently beat an animal to dead and then drink its blood,eat it's organs and meat;will I get some benefit?
this questions may seem inmoral but facts are facts.
I want to know if a diet of meat,organs and blood will make smarter or strong or both.
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Why are guys so insecure about penis size when the average vaginal canal is only 6cm (2.4in) in length and 10cm(4in) at most? Some smaller ones can even be 4cm. Guys shouldn't even want to go that far past the vaginal canal because then you risk poking the cervix which is actually painful/irrigating.
You literally just have to not have micro penis(penis <2in) to not be able to penetrate the vagina well. Besides, isn't it all about stimulating the clit?
Basically most guys on the earth meet that threshold, no??
I mean, I'm a "femcel" to be honest but still. In theory this makes no sense.
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