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Why does this fucking thing look both rotten and diseased even though it isn't even an organic organism? Fucking gross.
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Is this actually true? Kinda worried
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Considering water pressure is exponential, and buoyancy (to my understanding) is caused by the water pressure being higher on bottom part of the object than the top part, why isn't the buoyancy increasing proportionally to the water pressure?
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Why does Nigeria beat other countries in competitive Scrabble?
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is something like the reverse magnet in pic mathematically/physically possible?
I know it's possible to get the same effect just by strapping something with a positive charge inside a massive hollow positively charged ball but thats not what im talking about
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The Flesh is failing, for it is weakness and hate. Only by GRAIN will we survive the plague. Only a posthuman state will save us.
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4D Cube

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You wanna know what a 4D cube looks like? Look at pic related. Thats it.
The only difference is that the 4D cube can move between 3D planes. So if its on plane A and we are on plane B, we won't see it.
If its halfway between plane A and B, we could see a variation of things depending on how its split.
Thats if the cube has a 4d length of 0. If its longer than 0, there would always be a part of the cube thats not in our plane. But to us it would look no different.
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What's next for him?
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Relevance of medicine in science.

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Wouldn't the most effective way to advance science be to invest in medicine?

Right now we depend on absolute geniuses for making groundbreaking progress, because these people can do by age 30 what it would take a normal person 90 years to do. However, let's say that we could live to age 150 with an intact mental condition, then regular people would be able to gather enough expertise to advance science significantly, and those who already are geniuses would have even more time and experience to make even more groundbreaking discoveries. There is a lot that is lost when an old and experienced scientist/engineer dies, one's brain builds connections and patterns through an entire lifetime but there is limited time to build these connections, and some connections are never made because of a shorter life. A guaranteed longer life would encourage normal-IQ people to pursue a difficult area of study, as in, the feeling of "I'll never ever understand this" would be reduced dramatically.
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The new Cosmos season is science fiction instead of science.
I'm disappointed.
The whole point of Cosmos was to teach fundamental scientific concepts to the masses. Now every science show on tv is about "parallel universes" and fantasizing about evacuating our home planet. I personally resent both of these ideas.

Neil "The Grass" inspired me to study physics but I'm disappointed now.
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