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am i supposed to end my emails with professors with fancy shit like my phone number, major, job, or email? I just put my name.
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i really wanna know what my skull looks like

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is there a way to find out without being a ghost floating around a cemetary
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Seriously, what the fuck is the Aether?

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I understand that there are a multitude of layers of understanding needed to comprehend metaphysics and the EWS, but what exactly does that mean? By that, I am referring to the existence of aforementioned Aether. Can everything really just be broken down to waves and particles? Can we control that? I am not asking what is right, I want to know what isn't wrong.
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Fuck Chem Majors

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>be me
>Undergrad bio major with minor in chemistry
>Join chemistry club because my friend is in it already
>Go to the first meeting
>Everybody mulling about, talking about random stuff
>One of the members starts asking everyone what their favorite molecules are
>Bunch of names I don't recognize quickly enough so I can't recreate it in my head
>Comes to me
>"What about you anon? What's your favorite molecule?"
>"Oh uh....b-benzene I guess"
>Sudden hush in the room, the person asking is trying not to laugh
>"Oh uh yeah that's a...that's a good one anon"
>Open my mouth to say something about it's importance to Organic Chemistry
>They've already walked away
>Spend the rest of the club meeting standing in the corner, nobody making eye contact with me
Fucking Chem Majors are the worst, I like benzene
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Thinking about making an app that lets you tickle the dragons tail. I am going to do some research about it but as a starter thought I might ask some smart guys. What were the exact objectives of the experiments with the demon core? Like what measurements were gathered by getting the darn thing into such a dangerous state.
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Anyone got a quick useful source on understanding Antenna gain? Specifically Antenna gain pattern
I need to model Antenna gain for an assigment and I've never took a course about Antennas before.
They gave us chapter 6 of constantine but it was overwhelming and I don't think I understand it.
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Quantum computing and Scott Locklin

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I can't figure out if quantum computing is a complete scam or if it's a good but slow moving field. Based on the huge progress in the last 4 years, things seem to be picking up on the experimental and engineering side, but it's hard to shake the skepticism off. Is quantum just nanotech 2.0?

Similarly, I can't figure out Scott Locklin actually brings up good points, or he's a bitter experimentalist-turned-financebro who's operating on really rusty fundamentals. Dude seems to have a chip on his shoulder for literally anything that isn't space age or on the shoulders of WWII. Everything of his that I read seems to subscribe to a macho man "my raised eyebrow is better than your hopes or hardwork" attitude.

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The science is changing again, brace for impact

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Massive paradigm shift is coming to the sciences as a result of Elon Musk's hostile takeover of Twitter. Nothing that SpaceX has done or will do will ever come close to what Musk is trying to pull off with Twitter.
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Is climate change as bad as they say? I see retards saying that things will get catastrophic by 2050, on the other hand, retards saying that climate change will barely affect us. What are your thoughts, /sci?
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