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Why is there no effective cure for microphallism yet?
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Why is integral calculus so hard?
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Which is the best language for math students? With graphics support? Python's graphics are scattered and Pascal seems all in one already? Are there other options?
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Prove you are not a midwit board, /sci/.

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There are 12 beautiful ladies and 1 trap(a man who looks like a lady, one of the side effects of letting LGBT+ degenerates thrive) in your garden.
The trap obviously does not want to reveal his true self, and the ladies have no idea who it is.
How do you get the trap to reveal his true self, doing one and only one very simple thing?
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You are smarter than engineers right, /sci/?
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What is science's best answer to what happens to us after we die?
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Hey /sci/, I'm looking for a bit of help here on safety with elements.

I want to build my own periodic table walmount display with like idk 10"x10" boxes for each element, and I would like to get samples of elements to go in them. I'm having trouble nailing down what elements i can/should do this with.

Since a bunch of elements are radioactive, I found a periodic table that showed elements by reactivity and removed them since I wouldn't want them in the house with me.
And gases and liquids would be a PITA to contain so i removed them for now as well.

After that I just started trying to research what is dangerous to handle, and apparently everything is depending on who you ask. Is there a resource that can better nail this down for me? I keep geting OSHA links when i try to research it.
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What's the best book on Quantum Mechanics for a retard like me so I can truly understand how reality works?

I got scientists telling me we're living inside a computer hard drive, and some saying the Universe is a hologram, and others telling me there's a trillion different versions of myself in other universes that aren't virgins, and I'm the only one that is.

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Quantum Mechanics

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Could somebody please explain to me what this is and how we know it is correct? I would appreciate if you put the concept in terms such that somebody absolutely new to the area can understand them.
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