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Climate change

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Should we take action to try and prevent climate change, /sci/?

I would say the US, Latin America, Africa, most of Asia, and Australia all have an incentive to change (pic related).

But Canada, Russia, and northern Europe don't.
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How true is this?
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kung flu sluething

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State health department isn't releasing any info on PUI's in my state, or are bobbing and weaving the topic to keep thing under control, I want of trying to do some expedient open source intel research to find out how many potentially infected people are coofing up my state. What's the best way to do this? I was thinking about trying to see what the local hospitals are doing, EG: buying disproportionate amounts of influenza supplies despite "everything being fine".
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Explain it to brainlet

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This literally makes no sense
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ok explain this

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if the earth is spinning really fast and its also rotating around the sun even faster then how come the stars at night look like circles of light? shouldn't the sky look like pic related?
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I have visual snow.
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/mg/ - math general

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Previously: >>11310872

What are you working on /mg/?
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College degree tier list

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LMAO why did he put math in B tier
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