Homosex theory

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This thread only covers homosex because this site is filled with homos. Heterosex theory (and the unified Theory of Sex) is more complex because it involves women and will be covered next semester.

> Introduction and Motivation
Homosex theory is a branch of systems theory developed by gay /sci/entists that allows us to study homosexual systems. All sex boils down to the penis of one sexual participant exhibiting periodic motion (usually simple harmonic) inside another sexual participant which in turn induces sexual pleasure for both participants. Accumulation of sexual pleasure beyond an orgasm threshold results in orgasm, rendering the participant unable to have sex for the duration of his refractory period and unable to receive further pleasure. The goal of sex is usually to have all participants orgasm at the same time.
We begin by introducing definitions used in our theory.

> Definition of a homosexual system
We define homosex (short: sex) as a system of one or more homosexual individuals where at least one penis undergoes periodic motion. We define the order of a homosexual system to be the number of individuals deriving sexual pleasure. Masturbation and oral sex are thus examples of homosexual systems of order one. Homosexual system of order equal to or higher than three is called an orgy (commonly: threesome, foursome, ...). Most common systems in practice are of order two.

> Definition of a homosexual participant
A homosexual participant (short: homo) is a closed system characterized by four inputs (oral, anal, left hand, right hand) and one output (penis). The penis is associated with a periodic function of motion . Two homosexuals are said to be connected (having sex) if the penis of one homosexual is connected to the mouth, anus, left hand or the right hand of another homosexual. We define the symbol for a homo to be pic related which will come useful in orgy diagrams later.