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i need help with matlab code, is this a good place to ask?
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I don't understand the double angle identities and I'm writing a python script to solve them for me. is 1/sin(2x) = csc(2x)
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whats some simplest way to plan/write elliptical trajectory in math? so that something "moves" in ellipses to a center of 0,0, that is xy screen coordinate/2d cartesian euclidean whateber
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Just a general question about complex

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I had no problems with complex numbers in high school. Just as I progress I think there is something, basic, yet fundamental I am missing.
When you derive according to a complex variable. What are you actually deriving. Pls explain without abuse of notation. Leibniz was an error to mankind :l
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We need to solve the hard problem of consciousness for all living beings as soon as possible. How exactly consciousness appears from matter and how it's influenced by it. This is more important than quantum physics or space.
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I don't remember A NY THING i ever learned in school.
Maybe arithmetic and the basis of mathematics is what i still use today, and not even that. Geography is google for me and biology is irrelevant. My own language is the last thing i need in specifics, French is useless -i couldn't save myself for one moment in Paris without asking Parlez vous anglais?- German is essentially the same.
Economics.. zzzz who gives a fuck
and music is redundant. The Beatles didn't even know how to read notes.
English is all self-taught through movies and internet.
All schools should be banned and nuked.
I wonder what stuff like princeton or harvard in actual fact contributes to a student's life, except socializing and feeling elite.
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread

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Formerly >>14381845

>what is /sqt/ for?
Questions regarding math and science. Also homework.
>where do I go for advice?
>>>/sci/scg or >>>/adv/
>where do I go for other questions and requests?
>>>/wsr/ >>>/g/sqt >>>/diy/sqt etc.
>how do I post math symbols (Latex)?
>a plain google search didn't return anything, is there anything else I should try before asking the question here?
>where can I look up if the question has already been asked here?
>how do I optimize an image losslessly?

>where can I get:
>book recs?
>tables, properties and material selection?

Tips for asking questions here:
>attach an image (animal images are ideal. Grab them from >>>/an/)
>avoid replying to yourself
>ask anonymously
>recheck the Latex before posting
>ignore shitpost replies
>avoid getting into arguments
>do not tell us where is it you came from
>do not mention how [other place] didn't answer your question so you're reposting it here
>if you need to ask for clarification fifteen times in a row, try to make the sequence easy to read through
>I'm not reading your handwriting
>I'm not flipping that sideways picture
>I'm not google translating your spanish
>don't ask to ask
>don't ask for a hint if you want a solution
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>mfw when everybody in the unit forums are roasting the professor for being a shit teacher and marking inconsistently
Shitty proff thread
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Assuming that imperfect philosophical zombies are possible what is the evolutionary advantage of subjective experience(qualia)
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Is there really no risk to living close to a nuclear power plant? Any studies on people who live within a close radius to one?

There's a park near where I live and it is near a power plant and a lake. You're so close you can see the fencing around the power plant down the coast with WARNING: ONLY AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ALLOWED" signs on it. As I walked through this park, I felt this weird stinging pain that lasted for only a few seconds and then went away, but it was such a specific pain that I have never felt while walking/running/exercising before, and I am a very active person. Could it have been a radioactive particle that flew through me?
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