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The Brain Computer Interface field is in dire need of a decentralized community

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Anyone with a passing knowledge of the cypherpunk (cryptocurrency) community in the early days can appreciate that one of their main contributions was to preemptively mitigate the risk of those technologies falling into one set of wrong hands by decentralizing their efforts and making them open source from the beginning.
Also, anyone with a passing knowledge of the progress being made in brain computer interfaces (BCI's) can apreciate that to avoid a dystopic worldwide society, the progress in this field must be decentralized, open sourced and with a very strong focus on limitation and attenuation mechanisms for the capacities of these systems. Don't think so? Go downlowad the Oxford Handbook of Hypnosis, read it, think about what someone can do with that knowledge and perfected invasive BCI's and come back when you have stopped crying.
So, I am looking for any community of people in this field contributing in their own pace, my faith in humanity tells me there must be something like that already: a bunch of serious researchers bouncing around their wildest ideas and personal projects.
I haven't been able to find something like that, and I dread the inmense responsibility to create it from the beginning if necessary. However if I find that there is no such thing up until now, I will.
I would apreciate a discussion and anyone pointing me in the right direction in my search.
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how long until dollar collapse acording to math

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Any math/econ guy here?

I don't want to ask /pol/ because they're retards who are into conspiracy shit.

If we keep going how we're going up to now, how long until the US is bankrupt or suffers a severe debt crisis?
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Will science ever cure idiots?
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Covid vaccine causing 82% miscarriage rate?

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Help me understand this paper. Am I understanding it right, and does it really imply that the vaccine causes almost all women to miscarry
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What's the current consensus on dreams within the scientific community? Why do they show us these elaborate and surreal windows of a pure emotional reality? Why are they so powerful? What does it suggest of conscious reality if we're processing both realities the same way?
I have been dreaming every morning for a long time. They are always extremely vivid and adventurous. They rarely lead into nightmares which have been frightening in the past.
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There was a post last week asking about raising a child properly, one response mentioned type of food and linked a video about food quality and effects on generations of cows. I can't find it anymore, does any one have the link?
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I’m a retard

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Can someone with a brain please explain why there are two doses of the vaccine? Why two separate shots?
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Anyone understand 3D Scanning From a Tech View?

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I am sure it is not this simple but I will ask anyways: there is a video telling you how to 3D scan for free at .5mm.
I was wondering if I got a 4K res camera would that help lower the resolution to .0x? Would a magnifying glass help lower the mm?
If not why or how could I make it work?
I would like to get it down to .01mm.
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Hypothetical marijuana

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Say a 6’0 155lbs male ate a 10mg edible on sunday. How much longer till it not show up in da piss
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How did Jim Simon of rennaissance technologies do it?

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do you guys have any idea of how james simon used math to beat the market? I hate how all these hedge funds got magical leaders that somehow make it all work. would mastering mathematics give me a key to figuring out how they do it? Its all connected somehow these quants, physicists, applied mathematics, imo kids like the leader of 2 sigma john decker leading his own hedgefund. read somewhere that the market is inefficient and that its this inefficiency that is being exploited by these guys? also name something that you think can make me smarter?
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