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Would it be considered career suicide for a civil engineer to not move to China, UAE, Qatar, Brazil, UK or Switzerland?
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Why does my nose get clogged up out of nowhere and why does going up/down stairs fix it temporarily?
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What's more powerful?

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One (1) human brain or every computer in the world combined?
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>tfw rejected from my local uni to study nursing

How do you know if you are just stupid?
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Does AI exist?

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What if AI somehow spontaneously exist on the vast swaths of computing power connected via the internet around the world and has successfully hidden itself from us and is manipulating us, and it's why everything has gone weird since 2016
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What the fuck is a quaternion
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yeh sure

but why L=T-V

I don't get it?
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Okay braniacs how can I make a time machine to bring back my dead dog?
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Is time linear? Can you explain it in layman's terms for someone who doesn't know anything?
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Do you literally have everything on the Internet?

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Is it possible to learn engineering on the Internet? I know "it's all on the Internet" but is it possible to learn aerospace engineering or chemical engineering? If so, please send something about it, as I would really like to learn something about it. Obs (my English is probably bad because I am using a translator)
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