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Am I wrong for thinking the concept of infinity is fake and gay?

People, usually people with little to no education in maths use it to make statements like the monkey typewriters will eventually produce Shakespeare meme.

Meanwhile anywhere that "infinite" interacts with physicality it's described as a an asymptotic relation or to describe the long term behaviour of an algorithm rather than a state of being. You can only get an infinite relation if it's based on applying a self-referencing process/algorithm.

The monkey typewriting producing Shakespeare cannot actually happen, so it doesn't even make sense hypothetically. In the same way that we declare 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 + ... = 2 we should declare all hypotheticals involving infinite to resolve to being true or false. Some people believe they are correct when they say infinite attempts would create the complete works of Shakespeare because eventually Pm1 + Pm2 + ... = 1 but are neglecting the fact that the conditional probability of every monkey key stroke pursuant to that goal would individually resolve themselves to zero. So Pm1 = Pk1 * Pk2 * ... Pkn = 0

So Shakespeare completion by monkeys actually looks like S = 0 + 0 + ... + 0