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Comic request

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I'm looking for these comics here, do someone know where I can find them for free? unfortunately I don't have access to DiGiket...

Name: Ma Ken
Publisher: Nakata Shunpei

Ma Ken (remake)

Ma ken ZERO

Ma Ken ZERO 2 (remake)

Ma Ken ZERO 3 (remake)

I've been looking for them everywhere but I can't find a single bit of them...
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Can we get a new CBT thread started please? The last one I saw on here was awesome
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Fagtard Faces

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teary eyed boys screaming, slobbering, eyes rolling or full smile cumslut
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Barachan Server Link?

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Can't find it anywhere and the only other one I found here is expires
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Teachers of UA Academy

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Post art of the big buff men of UA. No small tops!
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Historical thread

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There's just something about history that I love
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Bakudeku thread

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Ok let's start anew. ABSOLUTELY NO TOP DEKU!!
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Miritama thread

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These pairing is so cute! No top Tamaki!
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Can we get a faceless thread? For some reason this is really fucking hot to me.
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Visual Novels

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Needed a separate thread to filter out the tech illiterates.
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