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Haikyuu!!! thread

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Old one got pushed off so let's start anew. Remember boys and girls: No small tops!
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BLmatsu/Osomatsu san thread

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I really like Osomatsu san
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Guilty Gear thread

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Love this game! Post the best you got, girls, boys, and nonbinaries!
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Blue Exorcist thread

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I've been itching for my favorite demon
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Belly Bulge/Cum Inflation

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Alright folks, I want Belly's full of Cum and/or Cocks; Don't go overboard and post weird shit.
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Touken Ranbu thread

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Let's get some sword boys in here. No shota shit!
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Bottom pov

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Trying to make this thread. Seems to be super rare but maybe you all can help.
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Eruri thread

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Let's get some hot Eruri in here. No top Levi. None at all.
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Laxus Dreyar

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