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does it matter If I used an Adblocker on 4chan? I don't ever click the ads anyway, so is there a difference?
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Homestead Claim on Zenoribbon

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Homestead Claim
Claim Type: Original Creativity Claim (Ocla)
Unique Identifier: Zenoribbon
Full Property Name: Zenoribbon of Rainbow Road
Abbreviations: ZR, Zenoribbon
Description: Zenoribbon is a Mobius ribbon which exists as an ethereal entity. At the heart of Zenoribbon is an inclusive voluntary bond by which participants agree to exchange pieces of the ribbon specific supportive ways by consensus which are expected to benefit everyone on average in the long term. Zenoribbon is encouraged to be shared or otherwise exchanged with anyone as our freedom of association allows.
Claim Restriction: Only one Zenoribbon will be honorable as original so long as even one participant has memory of its existence. No further Zenoribbons will be created by me or those who extend this voluntary bond.
Energy Invested: Wrote "Rainbow Road" as first published 2020 Feb 13, which describes Zenoribbon as one of many ways to decentralize social power structures.
Time of Claim: 2020 June 26
Claimant Name: fractalosopher
Claimant Sharing Key: hqXdZnrTvicitWv4V/LH/9qA3nUMcl5PIbbdgclZ9cY=
Hash to End of Above Line:
Hash: Application: SHA-512 by TweetNaCl:
Hash: Hash: 26HCsa7MldWXjplJMd6Js++bitjDw+ILhkQ1rn9/2R+6DVmh/EX43vEYIrYzppabv8DKy5OSglHwPYq4GbPIwg==
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Is there any way to get "since4pass" in the "Options" field to not reset after every post?
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Post obscure internet crap

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I don't care how obscure, just share something cool or interesting.
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4chan Hotline

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Hello, and welcome to the 4chan hotline, your call is very important to us.

If you know the 4-digit number of your group, you can dial it at any time
Si conoce el número de 4 dígitos de su grupo, puede marcarlo en cualquier momento

Please choose from the following options.
If you would like to speak with a moderator, please press 1.
Si desea hablar con un moderador, presione 1.

If you would like to see a directory of the boards, please press 2.
Si desea ver un directorio de los tableros, presione 2.

For media and advertising questions, please press 3.
Para preguntas sobre medios y publicidad, presione 3.

To make a payment, please press 4.
Para realizar un pago, presione 4.

For all other inquiries, or to speak to an operator, please remain on the line or press 0 to hear these options again.
Para todas las demás consultas, o para hablar con un operador, permanezca en la línea o presione 0 para escuchar estas opciones nuevamente.

Thank you, and have a chantastic day!
¡Gracias y que tenga un día chantástico!
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sup bro just here for you're watermelon
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>Spend hours trying to find a bitcoin trading site that will just let me send btc to my wallet immediately so I can buy a 4chan pass
>takes more than two hours and I wasted $25 on a site that wouldn't let me send it to my wallet and didn't tell me until after I had bought the btc
>finally get the btc needed to buy a pass
>go to buy the pass
>find out you can just pay using Coinbase
I am a fucking moron. Any other anons had similar experience buying a pass?
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Religion board

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>No Religion board
c'mon we need one
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