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How was it so good?
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Lois Lane is best.
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Do you think a Touhou cartoon could work?
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Here's your The Authority, Bro.
oh, so they're like all Heavy Hitters
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In the era of wokeness, the people behind comics and cartoons try their hardest to make the characters as unsexy as possible so they can't be objectified... And yet it isn't even slightly difficult to find sexualised fan art.

Makes you think, right? Why even bother trying to be woke like that if the audience are just going to be turned on by the characters anyway? Horny is part of human nature, anyone who claims not to be controlled by their libido or can overcome it are liars.
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I'm making my own cartoon

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I'm making my own cartoon. It's going to be 3D animated though, so no one will like it. How much waifuing would I need to insert to a side character to make people watch this guys show?
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What are your honest thoughts on Dreamworks Animation?
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Let’s say they try to revive Batman Beyond for at least one more season:

How would you handle it?

What villains return and how would you continue their story?

How much ties to other dcau entries do you throw in?

How would you do the finale?
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