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Ms Marvel

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Thoughts on the rumours about them changing her powers?

>yet another superhero property will likely end with people shooting beams at each other.
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Doug Funnie! - Doug Universe! - Doug in Bluffington! - Doug Funnie! GXP

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Was Doug wasting his time chasing Pattie?
She was the worst option available to him and not even the most interested in him.
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Avatar Friday

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Post Avatar girls
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First Episode. The Falcon smokes 15 Frenchies in Tunisia and quips about it
Fifth Episode. "You killed a terrorist in a foreign country, give up the shield."
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what is /co/ favorite story of a villain turning permanently good?

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selfposting but fuck it
you guys should watch my cartoon
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I bet you all Zutarans became wine aunts.
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OTP Thread

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First Meeting Edition
How did your OTP react when they first met each other anons?
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WOY going to Disney+

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it was already on hulu but nice of disney to acknowledge this show even existed