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Susie, back on track

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Susie thread, lads, let's do this.
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What original villains from the Adam West Batman show would you like to see in the comics?
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Inspector Gadget

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So you like Penny?
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Things no one has said ever

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New Warriors #1 is going to be great
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Just saw Frozen 2. What is the narrative significance of Elsa getting a new sparkly dress?
Her "Let It Go" dress symbolized her new confidence or whatever, but this time it seems like it was just given to her by some outside force (the spirits?)
Am I overthinking this?
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So which orange alien is objectively the best girl /co/?

Who was more useful?
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Bruce Wayne: Playboy Billionaire

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So what went wrong?

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>Okay how are Phineas and Ferb step brothers??? If their parents have been together for 15 years. Candance is 15. phineas and Ferb are younger or idk how old? Why does ferb have green hair? Guys I NEED ANSWERS !

>The parents have been together 8 years, not 15. Ferb’s paternal grandfather had green hair and that skips a generation.
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