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Help /co/ anons make their cartoons

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>What's LHAMTC?
Just a fun idea I had for up and coming cartoonists, be it from comic artists to full on show runners, to get critique and/or connections for their projects.
>What to do?
Shill your projects if you are a creative lead, be it character designs, comics, scripts, current voice acting etc. and other anons will critique the work to make it better for you
>Do people who critique have to hold back
Nope, be as harsh as you like, depends on the anons shilling whether they take it or not
>I'm interested in one of the projects, what can I do to help
It depends on you and the one posting their works.
>You're doing this to shill one of your projects aren't you
Nope, I just genuinely like anons sharing their ideas and others giving tips on how to make it. Besides, gotta balance out the lesbian threads some how.
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I fucking hate fart jokes and would make sure none get written on my future cartoon. All it does is make kids dumber or become brapfags. I will be known as the fart joke destroyer.
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Reign of X Storytime Thread: Cable #7, X-Force #16

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Where Cable goes to save some babies.
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Was she justified for telling Tom to be more dominant?
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So will Bill finally get to tap that?
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Say something nice about this four eyed loser
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If Wonder Woman were to officially made bisexual in the comics and given a girlfriend, who would you have as said girlfriend?
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Will Minh's waistline be affected by becoming a redneck wife?

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Black Cat 002 (2020)

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Time for a storytime of costume changes. Reminder for anyone that doesn't know this is a direct continuation of the previous run that got cancelled by the pencils down.
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Astro Boy

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Why did they design her to look like a lesbian ?
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