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transformation scenes in comics and cartoons.
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Dumbing of Age

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Leslie is gonna go Negan on Becky
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/co/ feet thread GO
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Lex Luthor’s psychology

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Let’s discuss Lex Luthor’s psychology.

I’d argue that he’s a sociopath, but not a psychopath. Would you agree?
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What was Darth Vader probably planning to do if Ahsoka did surrender to him?

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what does /co/ think of Overly Sarcastic Productions?
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ITT: Iconic pages or panels

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Ms Marvel

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I love her so much.
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Movies aside, it seems comic fans seem indifferent on them at best and tend to dislike them or find them boring. Why?
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It's Pony

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>Gets 0.75, making it the lowest so far.
>Loud House gets 1.01
>SpongeBob gets 0.9
This ain't looking too good.