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Justice League #75 Storytime

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Journo confirms a bit from the Shazam 2 leaks (the wizard posing as Wonder Woman)

Fuck, it's over
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What did she mean by this?
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this man is the reason their will never be another white superman
cringe or based
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Batman TAS s3e9: "Lockup"

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Surprised more people don't talk about this episode. I really like how TAS focused on Bruce's pledge to rehabilitation for his rogue's gallery, he always was willing to give them a second chance. Lockup was kind of the antithesis to that idea, and I think it's how a lot of casual viewers see Batman these days. Anyway Lockup for The Batman 2 when?
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What are your hopes for the next season of Animaniacs?
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Lazy Superman and Lois Talkback thread

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Tonight we meet the Bizarro world or something
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>"Just turn off your brain and enjoy it."
>"it ain't that serious."
>"Why does it have to take itself seriously all the time."
>"Just have fun."
As a writer myself, nothing pisses me off more than these four phrases and they've lead to the death of good writing in general.
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The Owl House - What is the collectors goal

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