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Who would win?

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I hate being black

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>can't have original characters
>Can't have adaptations of black characters because they're not mainstream
>Can't criticize because “ fictional character” and “treason”
>All you can do is applaud the corporates for being so “progressive” for casting a actress for her race even though she's shit at acting
Just make it stop...
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I want Korra to smother me to fucking death with her abs.
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Of all the things you could make a Scooby Doo movie of..........
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Emmy the Robot Thread!
Shopping for cards edition

>You did remember to buy your Nandroid a birthday card this year right? Her little mechanical heart couldn't handle you forgetting two years in a row...
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Dark Crystal cancelled

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In all honesty, do you ever get tired of being horny over characters? Are there any female characters that you genuinely enjoy as characters past their design and fanart? It feels like people can latch onto any female animated character and call them their waifu and spam threads with them. There’s always gotta be a thread on mothers, a thread on funbags, a thread on whatever weird fetish comes up, it’s tiring.
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There are MM&O fans right now that do not have a bunch of MM&O fantagraphic novels on their shelves RIGHT NOW NOR ARE THEY POSTING THEM IN THIS THREAD!
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Just started watching this show and I wanna hug and or fuck this thing. Does she stay alright? I'm on episode 3 and don't give a shit about spoilers.
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