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Does the race of the voice actor matter?
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Anyone else invest in books?

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Or just me
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I find it so funny that Marvel writers only ever use Jean when they are pretty much forced to, while anytime a book needs a telepath or a Krakoan council member it's always Emma. Jean never shows up outside of the books she's in, and is probably only there because editorial demands that she be important, not cause anyone wants to use her.
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The beast
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Nickelodeon announces Avatar Studios

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Amazing Spider-Man Issue #60

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I've never felt more pumped about a comic book in my life
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You know it's neigh impossible that he traveled with her all that time without at least thinking about it.
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He got away....
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>Calls himself The Joker
>Doesn't tell any jokes
What were they thinking?
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White Vision confirmed. S.W.O.R.D. still has Vison's body and has made White Vision. The Vision in the Hex is an artificial magic construct created within the Hex.
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