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>Animaniacs 2020
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Pure /co/ creators

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What are some examples of pure cartoon creators? Stephen Hillenburg seemed like a pretty awesome dude from the little we know of him, he's the only "celebrity" death that's destroyed me.
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/co/ Christmas Cheer Thread #5

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The days grow colder, the nights grow longer, it's time! The /co/ Holiday Cheer is back in town! Storytimes, Streams, Traditions, Food, Contests, Puzzles, Gifts and of course /co/mradery and cheer all around! So Grab some cocoa, turn on the music of the season and get comfy while we hang out and get into the holiday spirit.

As previous years share your Amazon wishlist and some random Anon may purchase a holiday gift for you. If you frequent the threads please don't spam your list number, once per thread is good enough. Just because you've posted your list doesn't mean someone will purchase you a gift. It's random how Anon's will choose who to buy for. But please take a look through some of the lists and see if there's anyone/thing you want to gift.

To share a list click on “Send lists to others” in the top right of the wishlist then click “View only”. If you use the “View and Edit” Anyone using that code will be able to add and remove items from you list.

If you are using one of the international versions of Amazon please let us know when you post your list.

Stream links are in the pastebins.

We're at 75 registered and 38 gifted!

Every list:
Ungifted list:
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Batman/Catwoman #1 Storytime

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"I Got Screwed" – Alex Ross On DC Comics and Kingdom Come

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>Co-creator of Marvels and Kingdom Come, Alex Ross, appeared on John Sientres' essential podcast Word Balloon in a video interview. In which he stated his displeasure that he is no longer getting paid for designs and character concepts he and Mark Waid created for Kingdom Come and other ideas they've used on the CW TV shows based on DC Comics titles. He states;

>"Well, the thing is they were borrowing my Superman costume but it was only to get (Brandon Routh) in, as his version of Superman and the truth of the matter was they must not have been able or willing to do a deal based upon the production he was part of with Brian Singer. Presumably that they didn't want to have to pay out to them."

>"So instead I got screwed. They didn't pay me or Mark (Waid) … I don't see any money for the Wonder Woman movie using my armour or… I designed Batwoman for heaven sakes, and she's got a whole damn show."

>"But you know these are some the issues that I have not working with Warner Bros. anymore. You know they can recycle my content and they used to pay. And I'm not kidding, they paid a year ago for different things that were kind of "discretionary bonuses" is how they called it. Where they give you a gift of money, so that you're not out there effectively complaining like I'm doing right now. I got taken advantage of."
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Jucika Thread

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Hungarian Poontang is infectious
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ITT: "Context needed" images
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What Guillermo Del Toro's JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Could Have Been

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Is it kino?

>Constantine is part of the Shadowpact, formed by Doctor Fate, Phantom Stranger, Black Orchid and Pandora, but gets kicked out for being a cunt.
>Constantine recruits his ex-girlfriend Zatanna to help him prevent mad scientist turned plant monster Jason Woodrue and immortal witch boy Klarion from stealing the Books of Life and Death.
>Swamp Thing joins them after Woodrue and Klarion kidnap his girlfriend Abby Arcane.
>Constantine recruits Deadman to possess Carl Carnahan, the deceased owner of the books, and unlock the safe where they are stored.
>Carnahan was an associate of Jason Blood, who joins the group to protect the books.
>Klarion attacks them in the morgue and Blood is forced to turn into Etrigan so they can escape.
>Woodrue confronts them at Carnahan’s penthouse. Constantine fucks over the others to win, but fails and Woodrue and Klarion leave with books.
>The group flees to the Oblivion Bar and go their separate ways. Deadman learns Constantine is being such a cunt because he is dying from cancer.
>Deadman meets Madame Xanadu, who reveals that Woodrue and Klarion plan to sacrifice Abby to awaken the magic bull Gugalana to destroy the world.
>Deadman convinces the team to work together and they confront Woodrue and Klarion at Gugalana’s tomb in Iraq, where Deadman saves Abby and Zatanna and Etrigan defeat Klarion.
>Gugalana awakens and begins rampaging, so Swamp Thing becomes a giant and sacrifices himself to wound it.
>Constantine tricks Woodrue into spreading oxygen everywhere and sets off an explosion that consumes Woodrue, Gugalana and himself, saving the world.
>Abby’s tears revive Swamp Thing, and the team mourns Constantine’s death.
>Constantine actually used an orb given to him by Madame Xanadu to teleport away at the last second.
>Constantine later approaches Deadman about getting the gang back together for a new mission.
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The first three seasons were gold

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Then it just went to hell after that.
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