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>Bartleby gives you this look
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Storytime of Pain: Heroes in Crisis

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The Eternal Suffering of Wally West
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Funbag Friday

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No bitey.

Thread question: If you are familiar with Bastien Vives work, do you think we will receive a Part 3 in the Magalie/Petit Paul series?
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>Female character acts like a cunt to the MC doing hero shit
Why is this such a prevalent trend lately
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Why don't they ever make cartoons based on Disney Parks or its rides?
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It get worse, anons. Trust me. You don't want to see the new Chizu, Kitsune or Gen.
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>300 million views for just one song
That's a lot. And "Let It Go" from the first movie has nearly 3 BILLION views.
Maybe Disney should just make a Frozen music album instead of another sequel. What do you think?
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>She-Ra is in a relationship with her abuser/sister and her show was a flop
>He-Man died twice and got replaced by her girlfriend that isn't a girlfriend anymore but She-Man and she is a lesbian now
Holy fuck the MOTU franchise can't catch a break.
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Lily Spectrum

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I want a cute french autistic gf bros
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