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Post characters that Superman can never beat and which make Superfags seethe. I'll start.
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Why isn't licensed music used more in /co/ shows?

It can make for some memorable moments if used correctly
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Amazing Spider-Man (1962 - 2020) Storytime

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Legend of Korra season 4- hey it really wasn't that bad and the mech fight this time was actually pretty cool. Sure the show could've been a bit more focused and would hugely benefit from getting more episodes per season and Korra-Asami relationship came completely out of the left-field but overall it had great action, some touching moments and a very likeable cast. Korra could be a little less of a pushover for everyone seriously she doesn't ever win any 1v1 but other than that it was pretty enjoyable. Sure, atla I still prefer ATLA but if we ever got fifth season of korra instead of new avatar/fourth season of Aang I wouldn't be too angry
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I was thinking about Miraculous Ladybug recently and I was wondering why the voice acting was so bad. I initially thought they might be all new VA but most of the cast are veterian anime and cartoon VAs who have done some great work in the past. Why is it so bad?
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Doom Patrol Episode 4 is out.
Discussion thread for the new episode. The episode is called Sex Patrol.
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So what’s going on in the world of this show outside the four nations?

There... is more than the four nations... isn’t there?
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Aw fuck, not the Bowler Hat Guy as well
Not him too
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Why did people love Peridot again?
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