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Emmy the Robot Thread!
Shopping for cards edition

>You did remember to buy your Nandroid a birthday card this year right? Her little mechanical heart couldn't handle you forgetting two years in a row...
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I hate being black

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>can't have original characters
>Can't have adaptations of black characters because they're not mainstream
>Can't criticize because “ fictional character” and “treason”
>All you can do is applaud the corporates for being so “progressive” for casting a actress for her race even though she's shit at acting
Just make it stop...
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Growing Around: Party Panic by The Mysterious Mr. Enter

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Growing Around: Party Panic
Alternate Title: Dicking Around With A Stupid World

A young girl named Sally Dunn is tasked with throwing a party that she doesn’t want to throw and eventually decides that throwing the party is the best way to upstage the bully girl Talula. Wait, you’re wondering, this story sounds a bit boring, but it doesn’t sound BAD. What’s the gimmick?

Well, here it is. The book takes place in a universe where kids rule the world and adults go to school, but everyone still ages normally. In other words, once they grow up, adults are forced to surrender their freedom to their kids – but this is supposed to be a happy, whimsical world.

Just let that sink in.

Ho boy, this little self-published wonder is a special kind of bad. Before we start, in case you were wondering, yes, I am going to return to QueenNaberrie’s other Star Wars fics, but sporking The Courtship of Princess Leia is getting REALLY stressful, so I thought that to help alleviate the stress, I’d start a spork of something that actually has nothing to do with Star Wars. For once my favorite characters aren’t getting butchered.

First off, a little bit of backstory. TheMysteriousMrEnter is a YouTuber best known for reviewing cartoons. If you like his reviews, fine, I have nothing against you. This spork isn’t about his reviews (except for how they might pertain to the book) – this is about his own work. This idea spawned from a Disney short called Flip-Flopped, which was part of their short-lived “Shorty McShorts' Shorts” series.
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Rate the latest episode, what did you think of it?
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Including this much lesbianism in children’s cartoons will turn young girls everywhere into dykes, mark my words
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Looks like Jason ended getting up Dick's sloppy seconds lol

> From Three Jokers
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Is it just me or is this constant push of lesbians and only lesbians starting to feel forced and a bit hostile?
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Miraculous - New York

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Even although we are 12 hours before it comes out on USA (ironically), it seems Disney+ añready has it and some stuff has been revealed. Can somebody put info complete about the story for those of us who can't wait any longer?
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What's the worst animated film you ever watched?
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Star Trek

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Why don't Mariner respect boundries? Does she have 'tisms?
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