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STORYTIME: Maus: A Survivor's Tale - Part I: My Father Bleeds History

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Okay /co/, storytime weekend of pain is over and now it's time to cleanse your palette with something good. Originally serialized in Raw Magazine from 1980-1991, then collected and published in two parts, Maus: A Survivor's Tale is one of the most famous graphic novels ever written. But I know there are still some newfags who have never read it, so this is for them. I don't think we'll have much to learn from it though, since 4chan is well known for being one of the least anti-semitic websites on the internet.

Here I'll be storytiming the first volume, My Father Bleeds History. The second volume will be posted when this thread archives.
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The Owl House

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Are you liking the coven leaders so far?
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Where is Anne Frank?

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Storytime of Pain: The Deal/God's End

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ITT non SJW lessons in cartoons

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>That episode where KOTH brings up the systematic anti-asian racism that exists within colleges and how it disincentive asians from working hard in America
>17 years later the problem has only gotten worse and KOTH was the only show willing to bring attention to it
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/croc/ Creator Owned Comics Geiger Edition

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Thread for discussing creator owned western comics including webcomics
Today's NCBD discuss your pulls or weekly reading in general
>Currently Reading
>Planning on Reading

Pic related is what I'm currently reading.

Last thread was huge success and it hit the bump limit. Let try to continue that momentum.
last thread >>124615398
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This movie was definitely about little gay kids and their gay problems, but it was an absolute blast. Great movie would watch any time
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ITT: Villains who need to die

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People always harp on about the Joker, but there's tons of other villains with monstrous body counts that keep escaping from prison to kill more people, but neither the system nor the heroes ever take them out.
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Imagine if instead of going full bull dyke, the new He-man cartoon went full Bara homosexual. It would have not only gotten SJW points but would have been manly as fuck. People have been making the "hurr durr they gay" joke for decades anyways. Might as well just put two gay muscle men as the MCs and have them do manly bara adventures.
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>Feminist show in 2005 made by Bryan konietzko
>Feminist show in 2012 made by Bryan konietzko

You have zero reason to hate korra.
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