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>It has been 18 years since the release of Disney's treasure planet, and gaslamp space opera still isn't a thing.

It hurts, bros...
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New episode of Bluey today at 2pm PST ("The Show"). Are you ready?

>Bluey S1 (51 eps)!kREziYzD!OaX9lZtI1CsugAbMwE0QnA

>Bluey S2 (so far)!C4VUmayC!IdajkuE4HfJTdbBOtFhRiw

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JSA Storytime: L.E.G.I.O.N.

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Good evening owls,

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>This is the hill Marvel Comics is going to LITERALLY die on.
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Toonami General #1

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coraline Thread

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Mom edition
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Another day, another set of survivors and more lambs to the slaughter. Question for the thread: Would you join up with Cassie Hack to fight Slashers, or at the very least, support Hack/Slash Inc?
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>causes a world war
>gets a slap on the wrist with house arrest
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