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Captain Planet

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>Actually shows kid dying from overdosing on drugs
Why don't people talk more about how fucked up that shit was?
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ITT: The Chaddiest of Chads.
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>Still no Tron Uprising season 2
>Still waiting.
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Redpill me on this show.
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>chained with jasper
>chained by twin lapises
>often use chains as a symbolism when speaking with Steven and Peridot
You know all that chain allegations might indicate something about Lapis' past.
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Better version of the character than the memegremling

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Prove me wrong, protip; You can't!
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ITT: Characters who def fucked off screen

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Hey /co/, I'm looking for some comic artist recommendations. I know plenty of heavily stylized cartoon cheesecake artists (like the ones on the booru), but I know like none that do more realistic comic art. I'm not necessarily looking for full comics, just (preferably modern) artists that do lots of nude art of women that are in a comic book style. Cheesecake or pinup style stuff, no actual sex. Think like what Herny does but more realistic and less cartoony. And I'm not asking anyone to post anything NSFW in this thread, just names.
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One of these fucking threads

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Alright /co/, let's do this game again.
>Post a character and rules surrounding them
>After 100 images, we stop posting
>We argue about who wins
>Only /co/ allowed
Fight takes place on the moon with everything needed ported there.
>Is ready
>Is dreaming
>Has the pencil, quickster powers, his spatula, and the TV box
>Gary has not finished his dessert
>Will absorb blows like some sort of spongy material
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What are some essential star wars comics both canon and legends
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