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Cleopatra in Space

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Hypothetically, if I was a pent up aggressive teenager and Cleo was a pumpkin? Would she let me Smash?
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Now that Sonic is a huge hit

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Will this be a success too?
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I'd choose Candy.
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Does anyone else think Ziard have too high a opinion about the importance of his dark magic(like believe in it evolve them from "lesser beings"? They humans had a city and today seems to be more technologically advanced then the eif and I don't think dark magic is that hopeful with that.
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This is peak female character design
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Name a less likeable protagonist.
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QPWOYA thread

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Quit procrastinating, work on, and post your art
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>is called Punchline
>people say it's in bad taste because The Joker beats her
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What historical figures do you think should show up in comics or cartoons more often?
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