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Adventure Time

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Hopes, dreams, expectations for pic related?

Would you want to see Fionna and Cake join the real universe? Do you want to see Finn again? Anything from Distant Lands you want to see return or expanded on? How long would you want it to go on for?
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Fanta-Sea edition

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Make your own Superhero/Supervillain!
Roll for a random power.

If your digits ends with an even number, you're a hero.
If your digits end with an odd number, you're a villain.
Who even knows? You might even roll on the map in the post below to see what district you could favor.

Try and be respectful and responsible with overpowered rolls, be mindful of others.

Make friends, save/conquer the world, forge alliances and have fun.

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Will she pay for her crimes in season 3?
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Just tell me when it goes to shit
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Seems like his Twitter has been hacked. He’s been posting really odd stuff over the last couple of months.
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What the fuck is up with this character? I see her everywhere, so I assumed that she had a major role. She's in a single episode, has like four lines and zero plot relevance. Is it just one guy who's horny for commissioning all this art?
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>Luna was right yet again

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Happy Gwednesday all you people. Show her some love.
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>mother gets killed protecting him
>tracks down wolf that killed her
>asks wolf to teach him how to be strong
>says he'll kill the wolf one day
>wolf agrees
>horns are now his fangs
>has been with wolf so long that he now sees him as a father
>thick as thieves
>return to his birthplace
>wolf tells him to kill all the sheep
>gets reminded of childhood
>cant do it
>defends them from wolf
>kills wolf
>finally avenges mother
>wolf is proud
>other sheep saw it all
>are now terrified of this creature that can kill a wolf
>he is suddenly all alone
>regrets killing his one companion in this hard life he'd chosen
>now must live forever alone with his burdens
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