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Hilda Thread

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Elsa x Anna

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Elsa is touch and affection starved.
Anna is eager to love and be loved.
Who gets the most from the relation?
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What did they mean by this?
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ITT: write a backstory/origin for Miles Tails Prower and how me met sonic
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>that Simpsons couch gag where the whole family dies in a home invasion
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Robin #13 Storytime

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>Robin and Ravager have caught up with Deathstroke and Respawn! Can they convince Deathstroke to turn himself in…or fight to the death? And what startling revelation does Robin learn that shocks this story to its core? Plus, Batman goes deep into the conspiracy behind Ra's al Ghul's death and discovers it's bigger than he thought. He must call in backup…just not the backup you'd expect!

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Superman Reccomendations

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So I am a bit of a Superfag. I loved STAS and the Justice League cartoons. All-Star Superman, For the Man who has Everything and Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow are some of my favorite comics but I freely admit most of his comics are mediocre as fuck and I am getting a little tired of re-reading the same few stand-out stories.
What are some of /co/'s favorite Superman comics? Superman knock-offs are also acceptable.
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how would he fare in the Marvel universe?
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Okay, so Luthor took 40 cakes. What exactly is terrible about that?
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