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What characters deserved their deaths and what characters did nothing wrong?
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I miss all the stupid 90s crossovers between DC and Marvel back when they weren't so anal towards one another.
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Amazing Spider-Man #63 Storytime

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King's Ransom: Part One.
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Who are some kid characters who actually act like kids? Pic very related.
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New internet OCs thread.

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Old thread (>>122132056) hit the bump limit. Let's continue this here. I'm also thinking that we should make it so the most replied-to OC of the previous thread becomes the new one's image. Previous thread's winner was Kitchy.
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>Muh Phoenix
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So what does Jay think of Alan coming out? And how does he feel that he may have been getting perved on for decades every time they were using the JSA locker room?
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Identity of Tom King's Rorschach Revealed

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It's Frank Miller
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Is she a good strong independent female character? Could she be a good waifu like Power Girl?
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