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Waifu Thread

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Share your chosen waifu(s), please! Why did you make the choice that you did? Can you see them being a good choice for a wife and mother to your children?
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ITT: tropes you love
>character hums the show's main theme
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Would you answer her call, /co/?
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Is it me or are The Incredibles (excluding Jack Jack) jerks?
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>Back in full glory in the comics.
>Major presence in the Stargirl TV show.
>Major role in the Black Adam movie with the possibility of a spinoff.

Is it finally their time to shine, bros?
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Johnny Test is returning and there is now footage of the reboot.
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Daria was an awful person who made fun of people with eating disorders.
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/co/ Superheroes - Let's Get it Right Edition

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Its time for another /co/ Super Heroes thread
Make your own Superhero or Supervillain !
Roll for a random power.
If your digits ends with an even number, you're a hero.
If your digits end with an odd number, you're a villain.
Try and be respectful and responsible with overpowered rolls, be mindful of others posting and try not to flood the thread with too many of your own characters to let others join in.

Make friends, save/conquer the world, forge alliances and have fun.

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