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Watch them make Pietro, Wanda’s murderer because Her character has done nothing but fuck everything up for everyone else?

Keep that STD laced bike away from Pietro, he’s suffered enough

Do you all prefer Quicksilver when he's running with the Avengers, Inhumans or X-teams?
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Air Ace Picture Library Storytime - ? 120, 123-4, 127

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So, are people ready to admit that Back in Action was the best Looney Tunes movie?
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>~10 He-Man threads
>~5 Owl house threads
>singular tamers containment thread deleted
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ITT: trigger /co/
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/croc/ Creator Owned Comics Geiger Edition

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Thread for discussing creator owned western comics including webcomics
Today's NCBD discuss your pulls or weekly reading in general
>Currently Reading
>Planning on Reading

Pic related is what I'm currently reading.

Last thread was huge success and it hit the bump limit. Let try to continue that momentum.
last thread >>124615398
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>Be a small town in France
>Beach keeps getting littered by Garfield phones for 30 years
>Scuba diver finally locates an old shipping container underwater that got caught between rocks decades ago, filled with Garfield phones that keep washing out to shore
>Government says it's too expensive to remove, they'd rather just let you deal with it
>Estimates say you have 50 more years of Garfield phones to go
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Jen 10

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What if instead of its usual wearer, the Omnitrix was found by Jen Tennyson, an alpha bitch who rules her school...
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What do you hope to see in this one? please no more schizo posting for this thread.
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Archie Sonic Storytime #55

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Hello and welcome to storytime! First, an announcement:

Sonic Storytime Op has hardware problems and won't be able to host for some time. I'll be storytiming for at least a few weeks if need be until he gets those issues solved; We happily await your return Sonic Storytime Op, and best of luck; get back to us soon!

past threads

Interim pastebin to keep track of these current threads in the meantime

Tonight we're doing 147-159! To those in the know, keep it a surprise. Let's go!
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