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ITT we list all the animated Peter Lorres

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Post any and all characters who look or sound like Peter Lorre
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Robin #7 Preview

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Sweet potato pie time
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who is best mermaid
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>have sex with a guy
>don't tell him explicitly this is a one time thing
>Surprised Pikachu when he thinks that you two are dating
The weirdest thing about this is that the show didn't present her as in the wrong for leading him on, only for ghosting him the morning after instead of letting him down gently. Shouldn't the lesson be to NOT have sex with dudes you don't plan on seeing again?
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ITT: non-/co/ images that remind you of /co/ stuff.

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Just for fun, post with no context and let others try to guess what you're referencing.
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Emmy the Robot - Official Comic

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The typical OP is late so I'm gonna take over this one for him.
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Help me try to find this meme image.

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Hello can you try help me find that one meme where it compares animation then and now and features that the american animation during the golden age 30s to 50s are better than the japanese animation but today they say that japanese animation right now is better than western animation can you help me find this image? There are also thick black borders to present each era of animation in each countries. I tried to find the meme by searching everywhere but I have no luck.

Image is there to reveal what it looks like.
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Wazzo Wednesday

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It’s that time once again, dear anons, for the weekly thread where we discuss everyone’s favorite Intangible Gal from the 31st Century and her friends, the Legion of Super-Heroes
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What is up with this obsession with labeling anything too serious or dark "edgy"? Especially in regards to things such as children's storytelling mostly created by mass media companies? The people who say these things demonstrate a serious lack of serious lack of awareness of children's literature and storytelling throughout history. Asserting that putting mature themes in a children's story is wrong or misguided is basically at odds with most storytelling throughout human culture in almost any other time period and is probably the perspective of a sanitized person brought up on junk television and media, or whatever their excuse might be. Kids are human beings not some other creature, they've been able to experience and appreciate fairy tales with so-called "mature" themes for centuries in cultures all over the world. Coddled westerners raised on corporation-created dopamine-delivery-vehicles are the anomaly here.

Essentially there's no fucking way that they would ever appreciate or recommend to a child Hans Christian Andersen, Liaozhai zhiyi, Brothers Grimm, Ozaki's "Japanese Fairy Tales", and so on. They admire a sanitized, simplistic world and consider the introduction of any supposedly "mature" themes a tonal intrusion. What they don't recognize is that this position is genuinely a 20th/21st-century sheltered-kid puritanical position that goes against the entire history of children's storytelling. Their criticism of pieces is focused solely on the fact that depression and grief has no place in a cutesy fantasy worlds, but when cute animals dealt with these things in stories all over the world for centuries, I have to wonder how many other works in how many other cultures would be considered to be shit by these people.
The answer is of course: none, because they're is almost certainly culturally illiterate and their only other point of comparison for children's stories is shit children's video games like Super Mario or awful Superhero comics.
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The Amazing World Of Gumball

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Which one, anons?