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This was awful, holy shit.
Characters would often just sperg at non-issues that the writer gets ticked off with.
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>Tfw people say SU is a bad show because MUH SJWs
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Why is nick spamming commercials for this stupid shit? Who wants to see a series about a bunch of zoomer kids in space?
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Thoughts on Joker's Punchline?
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Primal is nice and all, but when can we got something with more accurate dinos?
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Death Metal: Last Stories of the DCU Titans preview

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TAKE YOUR BETS TAKE YOUR BETS, IT'S A DC EVENT AND THERE'S A FUCK LOAD OF TITANS GATHERED! We all know it's a real event if a bunch of random Titans aren't killed off!

Who's Gonna get shock Death'd

Who's gonna get an actual meaningful Death?

Just how many Titans will die?
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In Disney's Frozen II, Anna attempts to control Elsa with unilateral promises. This article suggests that people who try to control others in personal relationships are deflecting responsibility from themselves and rendering their happiness contingent on others.
It claims the controlling person does so because they want to avoid addressing the real root of their problems, which is internal.

While Anna may have confronted her worst fear of losing Elsa, that was an external problem. While she did get up and continue aimlessly, Anna never got to meditate on her fear. She kept her problem an external one until everything was resolved Elsa ex Machina. So what does Anna really fear that even she is in denial over? Does she fear being alone again? Can she not handle solitude? Is she so dependent on others that if she was in a vacuum she would seize to exist? Is Anna not the person she wants to or knows she could be?
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How do you read your long running capes? Do you try to read every issue or do you skip around only reading the major storylines/events?
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Things you're still mad about

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I want to see her again, but I can't even bring myself to revisit the show.
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