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>snowflake and safespace
Is this a joke? Are these really their names?
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Greetings /co/, there will be a tournament between every universe and I'll need your strongest contenders.
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All 90s cartoons were complete and utter trash. Ugly, headache causing animation styles with cheap, idiotic stories that had little humor and no real plot other than “how many bright flashing colors can we spam until the children watching get a seizure?” Clearly the only people who enjoyed the abhorrent filth of these cartoons were troglodytes who became ridden with ADHD as a result of the screeching voices and rapidly flashing frames. Ignore the millennials and their “nostalgia” whom, coincidentally, comprise one of the worst performing generations, likely in part to the brain rotting garbage they were exposed to in their formative years. Instead, I implore you to attempt to watch an episode of this Dexters Laboratory, Cow and Chicken, Billy and Mandy, Power Puff Girls, and so forth, and honestly tell yourself that these cartoons are anything but putrid foulness to view.
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ITT: Tropes you love

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>its a "literally too angry to die" character
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Gunnerkrigg Court

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30 Mar 2020 | 12:00 AM
Chapter 75: Page 16
And more besides.
Hey! Fancy something to watch during these current times? We are continuing the retrospective video series with the side comics! Here's Annie In The Forest Part 2
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Star vs. The Forces of Evil

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Reminder the queens of Mewni are so shitty they couldn't stand living together as spirits.
So they chose to die for real, because eternal darkness is a better option that dealing with them in the afterlife.
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Ollie's Pack thread

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Ollie's Pack - new Nickelodeon cartoon has premiered.

1080p WEBRip with subs:!9EIGTaCT!zU6yAGRYQNE1cZbJMIrXd3hqP__NZ-SHLOao61uiKBc
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Why is Joker so good at fighting? Why can he stand his ground against Batman and other non-powered heroes when he's just a crazy clown man?
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HULK Thread

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Talk all things Hulk. Dr. Banner, She Hulk, Betty Ross/Harpy, Doc Samson, Abomination, The Leader, whatever! I'll start; Where can I read some good Rulk material?