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Voihon updated, ep6
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100% Wolf

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>human boy is a werewolf
>gets turned into a dog instead
>falls in love with a girl dog
Isn't that kind of fucked up? He even keeps her as a pet at the end.
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Today, I will remind them.
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ITT: Oh yeah, that happened
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Most of the characters are just stupid. I just want to slap his face.
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>sexy former princess with big tits
>no kids
What went wrong?
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The main character/s of the last /co/ related media you watched/read is now a part of the One Piece world, what faction are they part off and what rank would they be?
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Give me your ideas for the next Avatar

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The next Avatar after Korra will be a native Earthbender and, judging by the progression of Korra's 1920sish society, be born into a world similar to the mid-late 20th century.

What would you want to see from him?
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