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Word processing really helps!
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What's she going to be like?
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New Clone High coming

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What was his problem?

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Remember in Martin Mystery when Martin ended up having a tomboy gf? And then 1 episode later, he got dumped by her because he got kidnapped by a Djini and he didn't make it to their date? He even says to her that he got kidnapped but she doesn't believe him. What the fuck? It would be understandable if she didn't know that he was part The Center, but she knew this in her first appearance. What the hell was wrong with the writers? Why can't tomboys ever win?
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So /co/...
loli or trash?
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Episode ideas for the B&B new season.

Beavis becomes a Let's Player.
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Nahuel and the Magic Book

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What's your opinion on Chile's "Nahuel y el libro mágico" (Nahuel and the Magic Book), /co/?
Will it be great? Will it suck? Will it suffer from the same problems all Chilean Animation Project suffer?

Here's the trailer:
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