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/co/ cosplay thread
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I ship them
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Oh, boy...

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Ultimatum Storytime

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>After thousands of years humans have done nothing but destroy this planet. War. Famine. Ecological ruin. When God didn't like what he'd created he washed it all away in forty days and forty nights. I will do it in three.

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FXX takes full rights to FG. AS is screwed,

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>Family Guy‘s entire back catalog is moving to FXX.

>Nineteen seasons of the animated Fox comedy are joining the cable network’s lineup starting on Monday.

>The move makes FXX and Freeform the exclusive cable home for past seasons of the show while Hulu continues to be the show’s streaming hub.

>FXX points out that the addition of Family Guy gives the channel a comprehensive collection of modern animated comedy hits, including Archer, Bob Burgers, Cleveland, King of the Hill and The Simpsons.

>In addition, Futurama joins the line-up in November.
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Adventure Time

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Hopes, dreams, expectations for pic related?

Would you want to see Fionna and Cake join the real universe? Do you want to see Finn again? Anything from Distant Lands you want to see return or expanded on? How long would you want it to go on for?
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Will she pay for her crimes in season 3?
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Just tell me when it goes to shit
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Seems like his Twitter has been hacked. He’s been posting really odd stuff over the last couple of months.
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What the fuck is up with this character? I see her everywhere, so I assumed that she had a major role. She's in a single episode, has like four lines and zero plot relevance. Is it just one guy who's horny for commissioning all this art?
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