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When did it become a meme to shit on Steven Universe despite it being a harmless show about a boy wanting to become a true Crystal Gem?
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Wiki/fandom thread.
Post your favorite pages, wikis you wish existed and other dumb shit you find funny.
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This show was fuckin awesome
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who is best sister and why is it Lucy
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Share, rate, compare
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Last thread archived before I could answer.

He was 19 when they met, and she retired after a career as a cop, once her arm was blown off.
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Fly high
Be up for all you believe
Be up for all you don't believe
But be the day to stand to be

Fly high
Even if it's only make belief
Even if it's all meant to be
It feels real, crystal clear

Fly high
Even if it's only a fantasy
Be like in a dream so let me be
Even through it all I'll always be
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How do we feel about JamieR?
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So /co/, what's the final verdict on Star, notorious cuck and genocidal maniac?
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