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I'm in love with the figure of The Presence

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He is Yahweh;

The Presence is the One and Only really omnipotent being on the DC Multiverse;

He is the God who created everything and is beyond time and space;

He is the One who manifests through The Voice and The Hand;

He is the One who predestinated all being and all the incarnations of the multiverse;

He is the One who made Earth the core point of all the universe;

He is the Father of Jesus Christ, who manifested in the infinite universes to save all the human beings in all universes;

He is the One who made Judas Iscariot the Phantom Stranger amd Jim Corrigan The Spectre;

He is the One who can deal with Perpetua and banned her, because He is above her;

He is the One who made Heaven, the most powerful plane of existence on the Sphere of the Gods;

He is El Shaddai, the commander of the glorius Pax Dei;

He is The Supreme Judge of The Source;

He is the embodiment of The Source;

He is God.
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Who's their father?
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Does anyone else ever rewatch this scene from Tangled The Series and wonder what would have happened if this vibe had been continued? I don't have any genuine complaints about the show. I really enjoyed the conclusions it ended with. I like where Rapunzel and Eugene and Cassandra end up. Yet there are times I think that the setting and the lore hint at something greater, something that the actual episodes don't follow through on. I feel like the show is constantly restraining itself from becoming some kind of Lovecraftian dark fantasy, because it has to continue to be a show for 8-year-old girls. Yet the groundwork is there for something grander and more horrifying and more beautiful.
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ITT: Music you associate with /co/ characters.

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When will we get the episode where she finally decides to settle down and go husband hunting ?
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How would he fare in the Marvel universe?
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Why did they retcon him to have PTSD and give him issues he already dealt with in the previous series again?
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>It has been 18 years since the release of Disney's treasure planet, and gaslamp space opera still isn't a thing.

It hurts, bros...
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How did /co/ react to this?
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