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A show about adults trying to murder children.
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Questionable Content

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Another page for your viewing displeasure
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Oh that dirty mechanic
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ITT-based screenshots/panels
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Transformers: Escape #4 storytime

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As the Autobots and their allies negotiate with an uncooperative Straxxus, Hydradread and Rage discover the full extent of the Insecticons' betrayal.
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Tushy Tuesday

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How do you think he's going to invade the 616 universe ? Who is going to ally with him from 1610 universe ?
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Saudi Arabia anime

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Today, the first locally produced anime "The Journey" is being released in Saudi cinemas. The motive of the cartoon is based on folklore.

Earlier agreements were signed to distribute the product in cinemas in the Middle East, North Africa and Japan itself. [Open]

What do we think of this, /co/
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