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What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at this picture.
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Did Ted Turner disappoint with this fighter pass?
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Hey, what if Gabby went full yandere after this and kidnapped Harmony, and Woody and the rest had to stop her? Would that have made the movie good?
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Does /co/ prefer their ladies with muscle?
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100% Wolf

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The descriptions of the book this is based on and its sequels make me think its written for deviants
Freddy Lupin’s noble family is in trouble again. Thanks to his disobedience, a TV reporter has captured a Fangen put him in the zoo, and strange visitors are snooping around Farfang Castle looking for the mysterious Blavendoch. Before he can protest, Freddy is packed off to camp. He’s looking forward to all the extreme sports and adventures – until he’s handed pink tights and dainty ballet slippers. Freddy has a choice: face the ghostly blood-sucking demon outside … or dance.

Great horned toads! How’s Freddy going to get out of this one?
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Did this dumb fuck get fired from being EiC at Heavy Metal? I remember they made a big fuss about him taking over but he hasn't been in the magazine for years.
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Best version of Black Canary?
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>it's a fart episode
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>Raven is the best goth gi-
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