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Who is the protagonist of The Simpsons? Homer or Bart?
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Is the Wreck It Ralph franchise dead?
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Xavier Renegade Angel

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How do you convince your normie friends to watch this show in 2 minutes or less.

I tried to explain it quickly but was at a loss of words.

What is this show about and what is the appeal?
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Everyone's favorite blue space elf comic updated
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Who was more irredeemable?

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The Sweet Elite: weird Willy Wonka AU thing

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A Willy Wonka thread brought up the interesting concept of a superhero AU involving the ticket winners being superheroes, using the abilities they gained from their accidents. I figured we could expand upon that idea.

I made a pastebin detailing the plot, kids and episode concepts to work off of, I highly welcome ideas for adventures and other concepts to add to it.
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Would Super-man had been allowed by DC to support Honk Kong?
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Literally what did they mean by this?
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