X-Men TAS Apocalypse

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Why was apocalypse like a cyborg in this show? Is he always kinda robotic? I'm only at the beginning of season 2, don't know if this is something that gets addressed later on. I also noticed that mr sinister is also robotic, is that accurate to the comics, both of them being cyborgs?

Anyway, general x-men and x-men tas thread.

What are the best x-men comics? I'm very familiar with the x-men generally, seen all the movies and most of the cartoons so I'm familiar with the stories and all of the characters, watching through this one for the first time tho so no huge spoilers please.
I haven't read very many x-men comics tho, I've read days of future past and x-men vs avengers, along with a handful of ultimate x-men issues. What are the must reads?