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Another Elinor thread because I don't want the love to dry out now that the show is actually over (for right now...and hopefully just for now)

I encourage conversation about:
>Thoughts on the series as it currently stands (really, it's only season it got)
>Will a season 2 come out or not, and why do you think it will/won't
>Elinor content outside the main series (the comics, the irl/animation hybrid shorts, etc)
>Has the show helped you out with life (be if some facts you otherwise wouldn't have known or the innocent and carefree nature of the kids literally preventing yourself from going towards harms way)
>(SFW) R a n g e r worship

What I don't encourage conversing over:
>How Elinor (or any character, just to be safe) is, for some reason, 'hot' to you. Genuinely, leave that shit at home so we don't get this canned.