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Been a while since we had a TWST thread, and what with Book 7 being released slowly but surely in JP and Book 6 finally getting an EN translation, it's the perfect time to make a new thread!
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A new year full of new opportunities.

Fansubs are now available for FS2. FS2 BD slated to come out in April.

Special 10th Anniversary Events are set for April and August. The MAYLA promos continue with the recent release of the Style 5 high heel line. Great Eastern Entertainment recently revealed upcoming plushies for Nagisa, Rei, and Hiyori with promises to add other characters as licensing permits.

Listen to Free!

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South Park #61

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holiday season edition
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Beautiful boys with dainty tumbies (Schroddy eddition)

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Post soft boys with cute bellies ITT
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I love white haired boys
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Cute Boys & Suspenders Thread

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Hero academia boys

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If the image features Deku, consider posting it here: >>3711732
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Backs are hot

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Winter boys thread

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