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Comfy Friendship Thread

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This is a thread for posting aesthetic pictures of boys being friends, preferably of the comfy variety.

>it is not for pictures of boys being romantic or sexual with each other
>It is however okay to post pictures from gay/romantic series, as long as the image can be easily interpreted as platonic on its own (just no kissing, hand holding, etc)
>Do not post little girls who the artist claimed are boys
>When in doubt feel free to post the picture asking if it crosses the line or not, I would rather see some gay shit than miss a good friendship picture
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these two fucking idiots I love them
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Ouran High School Host Club boys

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Come on post our posh boys UwU
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I love the Nordics a lot. Let's give them some appreciation! I'll start us off with a few of these sets I found.
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Yu Narukami thread?

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I'm completely new to 4chan as a whole, so my apologies if I'm not supposed to post this, haha.
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Doppio/Diavolo thread
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Post meeeesta
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Dungeon Meshi Thread
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SNK #4

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Last thread >>3393719
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formalwear thread
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