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Males With Long Hair #4

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To all those who are undertaking the cursed yet rewarding task of growing your own hair out, what's your progress and who embodies your "hair goals"?
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Where's the cute bunny boys!

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It seems there's a lack of cute bunny boys. I need more for my bun boy folder.

Keep the Furryness to a minimum.

Bonus if cute / wholesome / Dressed
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Do you think Disney would litigate for a Big Hero 6 thread?
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/sm/ - shota thread

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Strong seed shota edition
For feminine/traps shotas >>3729396
For figs and dolls shotas >>3731038
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Sousuke birthday merch available for preorder.
Kaede/Hiyori, Nagisa/Rei, and Natsuya/Nao CDs had their covers and track titles revealed.
KyoAni announced there will be a 10th anniversary event in 2023.

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Sad / Crying / Hurt boys

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I know not everyone likes it, but these always make me feel better when I need it
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Dark Skin

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Edits and OCs welcome
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Hello. I will be maintaining this thread dedicated to Sandalphon.
Previous thread reached image limit.
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