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Evangelion Thread #119

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Happy Birthday, Kaworu

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Smash Bros Thread

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The Hero and Banjo are confirmed as playables.
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Hands-Free Bubble Tea / Tapioca Challenge Thread

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I see this trend everywhere but it's mostly girls doing it so let's start one for boys.

Post boys balancing bubble tea or other drinks on their chest while drinking it.
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Yamikumo Thread

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The character roster for a light-hearted Super Smash Bros-type Disney fighting game. Yeah, I know, it'll never be made and all that, but meh, whatever. I was bored.

For those interested, how the multi-character fighters function:
>Chip and Dale: Ice Climbers.
>Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather: Pokémon Trainer.
>Huey, Dewey, and Louie: Pokémon Trainer. There is also a rare chance that you'll receive Webby instead of one of the triplets at random.
>Jafar and Iago: Rosalina and Luma/Duck Hunt.
>Lock, Shock, and Barrel: Bowser Junior. They're all riding their walking bathtub together.
>Pain and Panic: Ice Climbers.
>Russell and Kevin: Kevin does most of the fighting as Russell rides on her back.
>Timon and Pumbaa: Pumbaa does most of the fighting as Timon rides on his back.

>Chitauri Leviathan
>The Crocodile (Peter Pan)
>Earth Giants
>Giant Ursula
>Hydros the Water Titan
>Jafar (Cobra)
>Jafar (Genie)
>King Candy (Cy-Bug)
>The Kraken
>Lythos the Earth Titan
>Maleficent (Dragon)
>Master Control Program
>Pyros the Fire Titan
>Stratos the Air Titan
>Te Ka
>Tyrannosaurus Rex (Fantasia)
>Willie the Giant
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Ensemble Stars!

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Series premiere was like a day ago and I still don't see an EnStars thread on /cm/. Unacceptable. Post cute idolboys.
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IT Chapter 2 #7

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Reddie is still real.

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Golden Kamuy #7

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TsuTsu edition! aka the vastly superior Golden Kamuy ship

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Apex Legends

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Noticed that there was no thread for this. Octane pics highly appreciated, but feel free to post any other Apex males.
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Boys with nice abs <3

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