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AI Boys Thread #16

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>Easily generate them online!

>Find inspiration for prompts

>Make a nice collage of your results

>melt your GPU and install the software
( More information can be found in the stable diffusion general threads here:>>>/g/sdg)

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So what this thread >>3811633 has showed us:
A) Jannies will leave up pictures of literal females willingly, as they will delete other posts from the thread
B) the doge poster is attracted to these troll threads like a fly to shit, continues to spam
C) this website is dead
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/cm/ Reaction Images Thread #19

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Previous one reached image limit. >>3722203
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Wizarding World/Harry Potter:

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Boys from the Wizarding World/Harry Potter universe. Bonus points for Hogwarts Legacy boys
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Guys that look just like girls thread!

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Real men are ugly anyway.
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I haven't seen a Naruto thread in a hot minute so give me all your ninja boys.
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Males with long hair #6

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Last: >3738081
Post those guys with luscious manes
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Haikyuu thread

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post haikyuu boys
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Suits/Dress Clothes

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Bring out ye salarymen, ye grooms, ye sharply dressed criminals.
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Post cute male that need more appreciation.

Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener, Gren, from Cowboy Bebop, god i love this character, so lyrical
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