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Fate/Type Moon Thread #15

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Older Men Thread #2

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Last thread
Same criteria as last time. Just middle-aged to older men, or could be just ruggedly handsome.
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/cm/ lit

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Post cute boys and handsome men from literature here.
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Rec list from the older threads:
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Umineko thread

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Other 07th expansion stuff like Higurashi (I don't think K1 is very cute) or Rose Gun Days is fine too
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OT3's, Trios and Triads

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Cloud Strife

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final fantasy best boy. I don't see any threads for him or for ff7 so. :^)

preferably no art of him in a dress. not my cup of tea, sorry.
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Jakurai Jinguji Thread

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Genderswap / Genderbend / Rule 63

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These threads are pretty fun. The less or no traps, the better.
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Obscure Boys

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Are there cute boys you've always wanted to post, but never had the chance to? Boys who aren't popular enough or don't have enough fanart to warrant a thread? Well, this thread's just for them!

First up's Euini from Witch Hat Atelier.
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