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Girly/Trap Shotas

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This thread is for:
– trap shotas (like Hacka No.3 and Chihiro)
– shotas with a feminine appearance (like Venti and half of the cast of Inazuma Eleven)
– "regular" shotas wearing girly clothes

Pre-Strive Bridget is OK (Strive Bridget is too old-looking for this thread), but keep any drama about the character out of this thread.

Old thread: >>3770937
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Favourite ships

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What are your favourite ships?
Posting mine
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Final Fantasy XV

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Here's to a brand new year!
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Blue Lock Thread #4

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Previous Bread >>3768055
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Idolm@ster SideM

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SideM thread. Other Imas guys (Ps, idol family) are welcome as well.

Wiki for folks who might wanna check the boys out:
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Original content thread

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Post cute boy art made by you! Both original characters and original content (fanart drawn by you) are permitted.

*This isn't the Drawthread, that can be found here: >>3628513
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Shota Figs/BJDs!

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post anime figures or ball jointed dolls of shotas. as long as they're cute of course
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Today is Prussia day, post Prussian boys!
>not allowed: Austrians
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New Kemono Thread

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Another thread for fluffy boys, be them from existing franchises or original characters. Feathers, scales and the like are ok too.
Previous: >>3766022

No western "furry" art styles. Anime/chibi aesthetics only.
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Golden Kamuy #10

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Happy New Year! Here's to another year of loving Golden Kamuy!

Old Thread:>>3760472
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