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comfy & scenery thread

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you know the drill, pretty guys in pretty places

related thread:
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Animal Crossing Thread #3

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Pokemon / Pokeboy thread #6

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General Kemonomimi thread

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Dogboys, foxboys, bunnyboys... post all your boys with animal ears and/or tails! more obscure animals good too. (catboys also fine but there's already a thread)
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Makoto Yuki/Minato Arisato thread

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Aka the Persona 3 protagonist. He a good boi
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The announcement has me nostalgic.
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Melan Blue

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IT Chapter 2 #11

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Still getting fresh content edition.

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/yoi/ Yuri on Ice

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Yuri on Ice thread!
Been a while since I've seen one of these here
Bonus points for high-quality screencaps
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Astolfo thread

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Astolfo thread (this is my first time on /c/ sorry if I do anything wrong)
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