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Boy maker/picrew thread

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I found this anime boy creator and since there's no picrew thread atm, feel free to SSA also post picrew here
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>no fire emblem thread
Let's fix that.
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Endeavor #2

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Last thread here >>3412058
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Boys in tank tops

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kimetsu no yaiba

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Specially looking pics of the fog pillar.
shonen ai ships are ok, but dont post too graphic stuff.
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today is 9s birthday

lets all wish him a happy birthday
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Madara Uchiha #5

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Festive edition
Last: >>3413077
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Tim Drake/Red Robin

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Canonically the hottest Robin
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Bungo Stray Dogs

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Post your best boys!
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Witcher thread. Books, games and Netflix series all welcome. But I must say I'm surprised /cm/ hasn't jumped more on the twink/bara ship Netflix has graced us with.
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