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Love thread

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Why not post the things that give your heart that aching feeling? The feelings of warmth, happiness, and longing. The feelings of love.
> New edition
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My husband Minato is so cute
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Onyx Equinox

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New Crunchyroll original just aired. Looking for quality /cm/ content.
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Supernatural #5

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Continued from >>3515157
Who knows what bizarre new information will come about next?
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Touken Ranbu

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Light Clothes Edition
Previous >>3493926
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Pokeboy thread #8

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All welcome. Last thread >>3486730
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cute doctors/nurses(male)

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or anything vaguely medical related

I can't be the only one into this
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Deltarune / Undertale Thread

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9th fluffy boy edition!
Old thread >3432115
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Boys and nature

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Tsuritama part 7

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I don't see a reason to end these threads
Last thread >>3446198
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