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Mega Man Thread

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post the cutest robots!

All series (Classic, Legends, X, Zero, ZX, Battle Network, Star Force) are welcome~
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Sonic the Hedgehog

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Share some cute Sonic boys. I thought it'd be worth a shot, since Kirby and Undertale threads can stay up.
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The Owl House - Collector edition

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Previous Owl House thread reached its post limit
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Armin Arlert

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Pre-TS edish.
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Link / Zelda Boys Thread

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dark edition

previous thread
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Previous Thread: >>3731241
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Males With Long Hair #5

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Previous >>3682102
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Yugioh Part 14

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Last thread
reached image limit
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Sakana Thread No. 12

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King of fighters/SNK

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New thread since last one reached limit. >>3687620
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